Top 3 Handyman skills – What you must know

25 May, 2021

Top 3 Handyman skills – What you must know

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Many homeowners spend more than they need to in home maintenance. After all there are some simple skills that are fairly straight forward to learn, if we only took the time. Here are the top 3 handyman skills that can save you a lot of money if you just invest a little bit of effort.

Learn The Top 3 At-Home Handyman Skills Today

top 3 handyman skills
Keep some handy tools to hand where you can reach them

Homeownership involves constant upkeep and renovations. If you want to keep your house in tip-top condition without breaking the bank, take the time to learn vital handyman skills on your own!

You might even fall in love with working with your hands and consider a career in contracting. Contracting is different in every state, for example, there are few requirements for the Pennsylvania exam, but the Florida contractors business and finance exam prep is notoriously difficult.

So give yourself a leg up, break out those old tools, and start fixing up your home today!

What are the Top 3 handyman skills

1) Start Caulking

Leaky bathtub? Water under your sink? Bugs marching in under your wall? If any of that sounds familiar, the best bet is to break out a strong sealant. Make sure to use a putty knife to scrape off the old failing caulk or sealant before you apply a new layer.

Choose a caulk made with silicone to prevent mildew growth, so you never even have to think about mold propagating. The application process is fairly straightforward:

  • Apply masking tape to the areas you don’t need to seal.
  • Push slowly on the tube as you drag the gun across the crack.
  • Smooth down the wet caulk with your finger.
  • Wait 48 hours before any exposure to moisture.
  • Enjoy a tight seal!
  • Reapply once a year for maximum protection.

2) Never Hire A Painter Again

Do you have an ugly colored wall or cupboard in your home that makes you question the previous owner’s sanity? Well it may surprise you to learn that learning to paint your home is definitely in the top 3 handyman skills that is guaranteed to save you money.

Don’t waste money hiring a professional painter for a new coat. It is easier than you think to apply a fresh layer on your own!

Before you even pick up a brush, spackle any cracks in the walls, so you have a nice flat surface. Then cover anything you don’t want the paint to touch with canvas or old newspaper. Apply painter’s tape along the ceiling and floor to get a sharp edge. Apply a coat of primer and let it dry completely before painting, primer will make your chosen color pop and make the paint last longer.

Paint the corners and edges first with a brush, shoot for about a 2-inch border. Finally, use a roller to fill in the rest, use M and W shaped motions to ensure even application. Let the paint dry for 24 hours and relax with pride every time you look at your bright new paint job!

top 3 handyman skills
Running toilets annoy everyone with the noise and wasted water

3) It’s Not A Race — Stop Your Running Toilet

Does your toilet sound like it is constantly flushing but never shutting off? Lifting up the lid and fiddling with the syphon has made it into the top 3 handyman skills that will save you time and money, and nervous energy trying to work out what that noise it. Well, here are a few steps to test out before calling up the plumber.

  • Learn how to turn the water off. Often this switch is located behind the toilet but occasionally hides along the pipes. You do not want to try at-home toilet repair without shutting off the water first, lest you hit the wrong spot and spring a leak.
  • Take the water tank top off and adjust the float and arm until the tank is properly plugged and flush again to see if worked. Luckily, replacing these parts is quite easy, as they will snap into place without any tools.


Conquer your fear of do-it-yourself repair and get started turning your house into a home. Make sure you master the top 3 handyman skills, it’s not that hard. And as the homeowner paying for home maintenance it will save you a lot of money. Take on the challenge of painting a room or stopping a leak all on your own!

You might even have fun fixing up around the house and consider helping out other people in need. Everyone always needs a handyman, and with your new skills, you can make a living doing something you love!

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