Top 4 gift experiences in home crafts

6 Jul, 2023

Top 4 gift experiences in home crafts

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Gift experiences vary widely and more and more are available these days. For a new homeowner it can be a wonderful gift idea to offer them one of several options to create or craft something special for their new home. Whether you are choosing for a friend or relative, the option to learn a new craft and create an item they can use at home or to decorate their new living space is a lovely gesture.

Read on to learn some top ideas for gift experiences in home crafts.

Top ideas for gift experiences in home crafts

gift experiences
Gift experiences enabling you to craft gifts for the home create treasured memories for the recipient

What are gift experiences?

Gift experiences are a gift option offered where the recipient chooses to take part in a class to learn a craft, a new skill or to experience an usual event or outing. They can make top housewarming gifts too for new homeowners.

Discover the delightful idea of gift experiences, they might just make gift-giving easier, more personal, and genuinely rewarding.  They can also create fun and creative experiences for women friends and relatives but they also offer unusual birthday experiences for him.

gift experiences
Learning a new skill like working with glass can be a wonderful creative experience

What kind of creative gift experiences are there?

You might be surprised by the remarkable variety of gift experiences where your recipient can learn a creative skill in a supportive fun environment.

Beyond the conventional gift types

Let’s cross the unconventional route of ‘gift experiences’ that your loved ones can savour right at home.

We’re going beyond the conventional store-bought presents to explore the magic of shared creativity and learning, something that not only nurtures new skills but also infuses warmth and love in every corner of your home. From fused glass art workshops to pottery, handbag making, and cookery classes, let’s dive into a world of experiences that will make perfect gifts for any occasion!

4 Top experiences to consider

Fused Glass Art Workshops

gift experiences
Glass by Sue McGillivray classes in glass fusion in Northern France

Art has an indomitable spirit of capturing our hearts, and what could be better than creating your own masterpiece? Fused glass art is not only a creative outlet, but it also cultivates focus, patience, and a keen eye for detail. By gifting a workshop kit or an online course, you’re introducing your loved one to a beautiful world of molten glass, vibrant colours, and unique designs.

Sharing the gift

One fun option is to go with your friend and enjoy the experience together

Make the experience extra special by joining in and spending a creative afternoon together. At the end of the day, you’ll both have some fantastic pieces of art to display around the home, each a tangible testament of your shared time.


Pottery Workshops

gift experiences
Gift experiences in pottery classes can be enjoyed by people of all ages

There’s a certain meditative quality to moulding clay, a joy in shaping it into various forms. A pottery workshop, as offered with WonderDays experiences, is a hands-on activity that not only results in beautiful artifacts but also instils a sense of accomplishment. With a home pottery wheel and some clay, you can also create a pottery station right at home. 

Fun gifts for all the family

They also make fun experiences for kids, because they are tactile, absorbing and creative and work for children of most ages.

Opt for an online class that teaches the basics and nuances of pottery making. The best part is that your gift can eventually lead to the creation of functional household items—planters, vases, mugs, the list is endless! Not to mention the fun of getting your hands a little dirty together!


Handbag Making Classes

If your loved one is into fashion and loves a good DIY, handbag making classes would be a perfect gift. These workshops can range from basic sewing lessons to complex courses on creating sophisticated bags from scratch. 

Providing them with a comprehensive kit—featuring various fabrics, tools, and patterns—will ensure they have everything needed to create their bespoke handbag. Add a personal touch by participating in the classes, and together, you can craft trendy handbags that are practical, beautiful, and totally unique!


Cookery Classes

delicious thanksgiving meals
Seasonal cookery classes can offer great gift experiences

Let’s not forget the heart of our homes: the kitchen. As gift experiences cookery classes are not just about learning new recipes. They are also about exploring different cultures, bonding over shared cooking experiences, and ultimately creating mouth-watering memories. 

Face to face or online gift experiences

handy kitchen items
Cookery classes make excellent gift experiences for either social interaction or online skills learning

Gifting a specialised online cookery class—like Italian cuisine, baking, or even vegan cooking—can inspire a whole new world of culinary delights at home. You can spice it up by including a hamper filled with exotic spices, a set of professional-grade kitchen tools, or a beautiful cookbook to go along with the course.

The cookery class gift experiences are wonderful because they fill the stomach and warm the heart and create skills that can be enjoyed for years to come!

Final thoughts on gift experiences in home craft

delicious thanksgiving meals
Whatever the gift experiences you give whether cookery classes or flower arranging they are a lovely gesture

In a world where our homes have become more than just living spaces, creating experiences that bring joy, build skills, and foster relationships has become more important than ever. These gift experiences also make great activity gifts for adults.  So next time you’re considering a gift, think beyond the usual, and consider these creative home experiences. 

A final note on gifts

After all, a present is not just about what you can hold in your hand—it’s about what you can carry in your heart. These gifts of experiences will last far beyond any physical object, leaving behind not only the skills learned but also the treasured memories of the time spent together. So here’s to making our homes the birthplace of creativity, learning, and love—one experience at a time!



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