Top 4 Reasons to Get a Bernese Mountain Dog

30 May, 2024

Top 4 Reasons to Get a Bernese Mountain Dog

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If you are a pet lover and are considering your next dog, like many pet owners you may have wondered which breed to go for. A Bernese Mountain Dog will bring you many rewards. Read on to learn our top four reasons to choose a Berner to be your family pet.

4 Reasons to Get a Bernese Mountain Dog

bernese mountain dog
There are so many great reasons to choose a Bernese mountain dog as your family pet

Image by othmarsigrist on Pixabay

A Bernese mountain dog, or Berner, is a large, gentle giant from Switzerland. The pet is instantly recognizable by its unique white, black, and rust tricolor coat. Bernese mountain dogs are known for being faithful family companions thanks to their affectionate and calm nature.

While this breed can get along with the whole family, they’re incredibly gentle with kids. However, they usually get more attached to one human. Discussed below are four reasons to get a Bernese mountain dog.

a bernese moutnain dog running in the snow
This breed is very energetic

Photo by ArtTower

1.   Bernese mountain dogs are highly energetic

Although Bernese mountain dogs have limited stamina, they’re highly energetic and were bred to pull carts, look after livestock, and more. As a working dog breed, Berners require at least an hour of daily exercise broken into two or more sessions.

Your Berner’s physical activity should be adjusted based on their energy levels and age. Bernese mountain dog puppies shouldn’t be overexerted to avoid damaging their muscles, joints, and bones before they can fully develop. Ensure their exercises don’t strain their young joints.

seated bernese mountain dog
Berners have a good temperament and are easy to train

Photo by Alexander Dummer

As Berners age, they gradually become less active, and some may experience health issues. As such, you should create a balance between low-level activity and relaxation. Activities for a Bernese mountain dog include:

  • Daily walks
  • Cart pulling
  • Digging
  • Swimming
  • Hiking

Keeping your Berner active not only helps them remain healthy but also ensures they don’t develop destructive tendencies while alleviating boredom.

2.   Berners are easy to train

bernese mountain dog on a leash
The Berners are easy to train

Photo by ArtTower

Bernese mountain dogs are intelligent and have a gentle temperament, which makes them fast learners and easy to train. They enjoy outdoor activities, and some can even take part in drafting and carting competitions. Berners excel at agility and obedience, and consistent training can help ensure you and your canine friend are ready for competitions.

Note that these dogs can be sensitive to brutal correction, and being left alone doesn’t do them any good. Considering specific milestones and training can help you better cater to their needs. Online resources and experienced breeders can help you learn how to train your Bernese mountain puppy or dog.

3.   Bernese mountain dogs have a great personality

bernese moutnain dog photographed among flowers
Berners are such beautiful dogs and usually calm and compose

Photo by guvo59

A Bernese mountain dog is usually good-natured, gentle, and eager to please, qualities that make them ideal for families. They’re patient and affectionate and even protect children where necessary. Berners are friendly to strangers, exuding a calm, welcoming attitude instead of aggression. However, they’ll bark to alert you of visitors’ arrival and calm down again soon after.

When introduced to other household pets early, they’ll live together happily. Berners are highly sensitive and respond excellently to human emotions. Since these dogs thrive on family interactions and companionships, prolonged loneliness can result in undesirable behaviors or anxiety.

4.   Berners are good with kids

Berners’ affectionate, gentle, and patient nature makes them good with kids. They’re usually caring and protective towards children. They develop strong bonds with them and can be attentive when it comes to their safety. This quality makes them excellent family pets.

Since Berners are large, consider supervising their interactions with young kids to ascertain safety and help create a positive connection. Introduce the pet to them in a calm, controlled setting and teach them how to approach and relate with the dog.

Final Thoughts on Why You Should Consider a Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese dogs make great family pets. Familiarize yourself with the reasons for getting a Bernese mountain dog to determine if it’s worth investing in this breed as your chosen family pet.

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