Top 5 Trendy Garden Design Hacks for Your Home

11 Jun, 2024

Top 5 Trendy Garden Design Hacks for Your Home

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We all want our gardens to look their best. Homeowners often look for garden design hacks to help them manage their outdoor space and also often also to match the interior feel of our homes. These trendy improvements to your landscape will help you ensure this is the case. Read on to learn more.

5 Trendy Garden Design Hacks for a Modern Home

garden design hacks can improve your garden presentation like this garden seen through a doorway
Garden design hacks can help you improve the presentation of your property with minimal effort

Image credit: Pedro Ramos

Most home outdoor or gardening activities

Around 80% of American households are participating in lawn or gardening activities, a five-year high. It may be no surprise that in a landscape often characterized by rigid structures and minimalist aesthetics, there’s a subtle revolution underway. Gone are the days of stark, paved expanses dominating the outdoors. Today, the modern garden is a blend of innovation, formality, fluidity, and structure with spontaneity.

Embracing the principles of modern garden design isn’t just about following a trend; it’s about reimagining outdoor spaces as extensions of our homes. So, let’s look at some easy ways to make this happen, shall we? These garden design hacks are really useful for first time gardeners and experienced gardeners with a new property alike.

Garden Design Hacks #1: Adding a Garden Shed

Sure, extra storage space is great, but versatility and convenience right in your own backyard are nearly priceless. With the right design and sturdy construction, a shed for your garden is more than just a storage solution; it’s a modern statement piece that adds character and style to any yard.

pretty painted garden shed with statue in front
Installing and decorating a garden shed is one of the top vegetable garden hacks keeping the practical attractive

Photo by cocoparisienne

Sheds are solid structures today

These days, sheds have pressure-treated skids and joists, making them built to withstand the elements, with pressure-treated wood or metal exteriors to give a contemporary yet timeless look.

Opt for a shed with double doors for easy access and a locking door latch for added security. The higher, the better (based on your space), so you have plenty of headroom to move around comfortably and store tall items with ease.

Garden Design Hacks #2: Clean lines reign supreme

long neat and tidy brick garden path creating straight lines in a garden
A long neat and tidy garden path can create a sense of organisation and depth in your garden

Photo by JR Harris

Crisp edges create a good impression and adds character

A modern garden has crisp edges and defined borders that lend a sense of order and sophistication to your outdoor space and serve as the foundational canvas upon which your garden masterpiece unfolds.

Use pavers and paths for clean lines in y our garden

One of the most effective ways to introduce clean lines into your garden is through the strategic use of pavers, they are among our top garden design hacks. Opting for square or rectangular pavers in a neutral tones palette helps delineate your outdoor space with precision and elegance.

The clean, crisp edges create a sense of spaciousness and provide a sleek backdrop for the lush greenery and vibrant blooms that will adorn your garden.

Trim the edges of your garden

white painted fence with decorative climber
Neaten and trim the edges of your garden with decorative partitions and trained floral climbers

Photo by Tracy Adams

When selecting pavers for your modern garden, prioritize materials that look good but are also durable and easy to maintain. Look for slip-resistant options to ensure they are dog-friendly, and consider incorporating esplanade pavers for added drama and contrast. This how it works – You use them as a neutral base to showcase pops of color and texture throughout your garden oasis.

Garden Design Hacks #3: Add depth and dimension to your modern garden

plants in a garden arranged around large rocks and pebbles in a lush garden
Using large rocks and pebbles arranged around your garden with varied planting creates a rich structure

Photo by Pierre Bamin

Consider incorporating decorative bulk pebbles, versatile elements that complement the clean lines of your pavers, and retaining walls to provide a striking contrast to soft scapes and greenery. From natural whites to earthy tones, pebbles offer endless possibilities for ground cover, garden mulch, and decorative accents, allowing you to customize your outdoor space with style and sophistication.

Once again, additions like pebbles form a foundational element that sets the stage for a modern garden masterpiece. Pair them with straight or curved retaining walls, which provide the strength and stability needed to sculpt your outdoor space with precision.

dog sitting on a pebbled garden path
Organising your garden and planning your paths helps to crate a pet friendly garden

Photo by Mikołaj Maciocha

With their clean, minimalist design and textural elements, these pebbles and retaining walls serve as architectural focal points, improving the overall aesthetic of your garden design.

Garden Design Hacks #4: Understand that planters are not just functional

Planters are essential architectural elements that define and enhance the overall aesthetic of modern gardens. The goals are simplicity and strong, clean shapes, and the plants you choose must harmonize seamlessly with the space’s architecture.

This is where planters shine as one of the best garden design hacks. They offer a contained, organized way to introduce greenery into your design without compromising the clean lines and balance that are hallmarks of modern style.

large plant pots are good garden design hacks
Using large garden plant pots is among the best garden design hacks for depth and structure

Photo by KRiemer

Harness the beauty of plant pots and planters

The beauty of planters lies in their ability to make a statement without overwhelming the space. A single, well-chosen planter can transform an area, serving as a focal point while adding a touch of nature to the structured environment.

Consider the mother-in-law’s tongue (or snake plant) for a plant that complements the modern aesthetic. Its upright, structured shape and variegated colors contrast the planter’s sleek lines, adding a natural yet contemporary touch to the space. 

Garden Design Hacks #5: Use garden edging to define spaces, add structure, and simplify maintenance

In a minimalist garden, edging serves both an aesthetic and practical function, creating clear boundaries that enhance the garden’s clean, organized look. 

the side edge of a garden is adorned with a garden bench and planters
Adorn the edges of your garden with neat floor tiles a garden bench and planters

Photo by Bernhard_Schuermann

Metal garden edging is an excellent choice for a modern touch. Its sleek, urban look, especially in copper tones, adds a contemporary flair that complements the neutral palette often found in modern gardens. Metal edging provides a durable and long-lasting border and integrates seamlessly with other modern elements, such as pavers and architectural planters.

metal frames and fencing trims in a garden adorned with plants
Use metal structures in a garden to create structure and you can adorn these architectural shapes with colourful plant pots

Wood borders, brick mowing strips, stone, and even recycled rubber are viable options as well. Stone edging can add a natural, earthy element, while recycled rubber offers a practical and visually appealing eco-friendly solution.

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