Top home design ideas to transform a home

21 Jun, 2021

Top home design ideas to transform a home

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From time to time, every homeowner gets a little tired of the look and feel of their home. How do you stave off that feeling of dissatisfaction and tired familiarity? You make refreshing tweaks and changes to your home to keep everything interesting and as you want it. Here are some great design ideas to transform a home, on a budget!

Top design ideas to transform a Home 

design ideas to transform a home
Sea or landscape wallpaper creates a fabulous feature wall

The pandemic has forced us all to stay home for close to 2 years now. This has truly affected how we view life at home and how we decorate our surroundings. When it comes to interior design, you must take on some creativity yourself and commit to finding your style so that you’re able to translate it and show off your personality through your home’s design. Taking your comfort into account, we have gathered you the best home design ideas for 2021 to give your house the look it deserves and the new work-from-home functionality it needs.

1. From the outside to the inside

Moving outdoor design aspects into the living room does not mean big palm prints on your walls or flashy green hues. It is easy to create an outdoor feel with simple touches like adding wood surfaces, natural woven fibres, and subtle natural inspirations in the design of the interior. Your material finishes and the texture selections you make can easily lend to an outdoor vibe while still maintaining the comfort of your home.

2. Wallpaper comeback

There is no quicker method to alter a room than with wallpaper, that is why it is making a big comeback. For a design to take over and to harmonize a whole area, you must have variation. Do not be afraid to choose items that truly reflect your personality. Line painting and abstract styled portraits have been fashionable in recent seasons, all with a focus on accessories. This year, the ostentatious trend is spreading to walls, with the patterned designs being reported as one of 2021’s biggest sellers. This bold and gorgeous wallpaper style is a strong statement of self.

design ideas to transform a home
Make space around feature furniture to create a fresh new look

3. Fabric focus

Bold designs with soothing materials can offer a look and feel like no other. There is a craft to choosing colors, and warm tones come to mind like all shades of beige, burnt orange, and soft greens. The texture of a material is just as important as its color. Tactile materials including linen and velvet serve to soothe and cocoon, making these soft, robust textiles very diverse.

We will also be looking forward to a renewed focus on your home’s furnishings, as contemporary modern furniture offers longevity, quality, and durability. Fabric selection extends past your walls and furniture — don’t forget about your flooring. The trends in carpet design have developed with other 2021interior design trends, with the use of strongly eco-centric materials. Natural fibre tapestries are thus becoming increasingly common. Deep stack tapestries in undyed wool are popular for bedrooms, for example.

4. Get some plants 

Plants are a very easy introduction to a living environment. They can help you create fabulous design ideas to transform a home. Natural light provides warmth and comfort and allows you to bring nature home and grow beautiful greenery around your home. While fake plants were easy in the past, you should go for the real thing this year. With everyone confined to their homes, these little things offer you delight. Plants are easy to care for and can take your mind off of everything else that is going on. 

Plants in the home improve the air quality

5. Nesting tables

A great space saving idea is using nesting tables. Not only do they add a very contemporary style, but they are also super practical and handy for most home environments. Nesting tables come in all manner of styles. You can have warm styles carved in wood, and crisp modern styles shaped from metal and glass. They offer an ever green idea for space saving in any home environment, whether your home is a modern apartment or a traditional country cottage.

6. Cottage style

This new decorative trend in interior design has become more prominent this year. Cottage style trended through social media and through quarantine, as it gives better energy. It makes you feel like living in a cottage in the countryside. This style also focuses on a warm vibe that offers simple life pleasures. This style is also called farmhouse, as it includes gingham color schemes, iron beds, and kitchen stoneware.

7. Installing bidets 

Many individuals have started installing bidets in their bathrooms, and we believe the trend will continue this year. Many are realizing the benefits of bidets, and others are attributing their desire for one to the pandemic’s toilet paper scarcity. The best thing is that you don’t need to replace your toilet-related accessories; instead, you can buy the bidet itself separately to be installed. 

A final note on the design ideas to transform a home

Now that you have a foundation and a better idea of how this can be carried out, you should have much more confidence when it comes to designing your home according to your style. Remember that comfort is key. We are trying our best to rest to have a sanctuary and more than just a house in 2021. Make sure to follow the styles and trends that suit you best as applying any element in your house that will lift your spirits is what matters the most. If you feel that the red wall is giving you a headache, maybe a new paint job can help. If you feel like buying a new chair, do it as we encourage you to take all the necessary leaps. 



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