Top housewarming gifts for a new home

1 Jul, 2022

Top housewarming gifts for a new home

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If you are visiting a new homeowner or someone who has just moved house, plan housewarming gifts carefully. Whether the home is their first living space or they have more space to play with, think about their needs. Here are some top ideas for gifts to take with you on your visit.

Lovely housewarming gifts everyone will love

housewarming gifts
Indoor plants make fabulous gifts for a new homeowner

Housewarming gifts are a fun way to celebrate a friend or family member’s new home. If you’re looking for the perfect gift, look no further! Here are six housewarming present ideas that are sure to please everyone. 

Living housewarming gifts – Indoor plants 

Houseplants are something every household needs and getting one packed in a pleasing outfit is a fantastic idea. New homeowners would love to receive a terrarium as a gift because it simply looks great and would help inject some life into their home.

Green gifts for non gardeners

If you know that the person you’re gifting doesn’t have a green thumb, go for a cactus or succulent instead! These plants are incredibly easy to care for and would make a lovely addition to any home.

For example, the Aloe Vera plant is not only easy to care for, but it has many benefits. Aloe vera can be used to soothe burns, heal cuts and scrapes, moisturize skin, and more. This makes it a perfect housewarming present for someone who may be prone to accidents in the kitchen!

If you’re looking for a unique housewarming present that will be sure to please your friends, indoor plants are a great option. 

A wine rack 

housewarming gifts
A wine rack is a practical gift for a new homeowner

Everyone loves to drink a high-quality glass of wine, and a wine rack is a perfect way to show off your collection. A wine rack can come in many different styles and designs, so you can find one that fits your home perfectly.

If you are looking for unique and stylish housewarming gifts, a wine rack is a great option.

Practical housewarming gifts are always welcome

Most importantly, a wine rack is a practical housewarming gift that will be used and appreciated for years to come. If you know the new homeowners are passionate about wine, this is an ideal present. They will think of you every time they open a bottle from their collection. 

There are many different ways to style a wine rack. You can choose a simple design or go for something more elaborate. If you want to add a personal touch, you can have the wine rack engraved with a special message.

A case of wine is also a fun gift

Cigar and alcohol boxes

Some types of spirits, such as whiskey, wine, cognac, or champagne are always great housewarming gift ideas. But, what about pairing them with cigars? You can start with choosing the drink, then find the perfect type of cigar to pair with it.

For a light and refreshing option, you can opt for a bottle of sparkling wine or champagne and pair it with Davidoff Cigars, known for their robust taste and strengths among cigar lovers. The bubbles will help to cleanse the palate between puffs, and the acidity will highlight the delicate flavors of the cigar.

Alcohol offers some traditional housewarming gifts

If you’re looking for something a bit bolder, a glass of scotch or whisky is a great choice to pair with Camacho cigars. The smokiness of the cigar will be echoed in the drink, and the rich flavors will complement each other perfectly.

No matter what beverage you choose, cigars are sure to impress. So next time you’re looking for a housewarming gift, reach for a box of some world-famous cigars.

Kitchen equipment 

Moving into a new home means that they will usually lack a lot of equipment and you can compensate for that during the housewarming party. It’s essential to have high-quality kitchen equipment so think about getting them some of the following:

  • A kitchen scale
  • A set of measuring cups and spoons
  • A can opener
  • A vegetable peeler
  • A cheese grater
  • A set of kitchen knives

These are just a few ideas but kitchen equipment is always useful and it’s something that the new homeowners will definitely need. Plus, it’s a practical present that will come in handy on a daily basis. kitchen equipment is always useful and it’s something that the new homeowners will definitely need. 

Throw blankets 

Make their home feel more like home with a throw blanket. They can throw it over the back of their couch or keep it in their bedroom to snuggle up with. Choose a throw blanket that matches their style and personality.

This can create a much cozier feel in any room and can make a big difference on colder days. Plus, it’s always nice to have an extra blanket around the house.

For example, if they’re into earthy tones, go for a throw blanket in tan or brown. If they prefer brighter colors, opt for a throw with colorful stripes or patterns. Personalize the gift by having their initials embroidered on the corner of the throw blanket.

A portrait frame 

The new home is always ready to be filled with memories and buying a beautiful portrait frame is a perfect way to help the new homeowners fill their home with love. A portrait frame can be a thoughtful and lovely housewarming present that everyone will love. 

The frame should be of good quality so that it will last a long time, and it should be a style that the new homeowners will love. You can find a frame to match any décor, and you can even have a custom frame made. 

If your friends have moved house before consider the things they will already have and plan accordingly

Scented candles

A home scent is something that can really make a house feel like a home.

Candles are an easy way to do this, and they make lovely housewarming presents too.

Make sure to match their taste with the type of scents they like. For instance, if they prefer more fresh scents, then choose a citrus-scented candle.

Or, for a cozier feel, go with scents like vanilla or cinnamon.

Many people love scented candles because they can really change the atmosphere of a room.

They can make a space feel more inviting and welcoming, which is exactly what you want for a housewarming present.

Final thoughts on housewarming gifts

A housewarming is a great opportunity to help someone upgrade their new home so get some indoor plants for aesthetics and health or a wine rack where they can put up their favorite drinks.

Get them some kitchen equipment or throw blankets to make their house feel cozy. Buy a portrait frame to make memories or some scented candles to make sure the home always smells beautiful!


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