Top kitchen ceiling decorating ideas

2 Aug, 2022

Top kitchen ceiling decorating ideas

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If you are reviewing your home with an idea to redecorate consider which room can make the biggest impact. Every homeowner knows the best parties happen in the kitchen. And as it happens the kitchen is usually the busiest place in the day. So when you are refreshing your home consider these top kitchen ceiling decorating ideas. They will make an impact and will become quite the talking point…

Kitchen ceiling decorating ideas to consider

kitchen ceiling decorating
New stylish light fittings can make a huge impact

When it comes to renovating your kitchen, don’t overlook the ceiling. From adding light to making the room bigger, your kitchen ceiling decor can have a big impact. Below are 5 cool approaches  for kitchen ceiling decorating that could be worth considering. 

Experiment with artificial lighting

If your kitchen contains nothing more than a single overhead bulb, you may want to consider adding some extra lighting as part of your kitchen ceiling decorating ideas. Providing more illumination could make it easier to complete kitchen tasks and could make your kitchen less gloomy. There are all kinds of different lighting styles to consider including:

  • Recessed lighting for a clean, minimal, modern look
  • Track lighting as a minimal and affordable option
  • Hanging pendant lights to provide a more focused light (these can work well hanging over an island or breakfast bar)
  • Fairy lights or Edison bulbs wrapped around beams for a rustic touch
  • A showy statement chandelier containing multiple bulbs. This could be something traditional or modern, depending on the style of the kitchen.

Let in natural light with a rooflight

kitchen ceiling decorating with skylights
Kitchen ceiling decorating with skylights and big windows

Photo by Jessica Hearn

If your kitchen doesn’t have another room above it, you could consider installing a rooflight. Rooflights or skylights create uplifting kitchen ceiling decorating ideas. This could allow natural light to flood the kitchen, making it brighter without having to rely on electricity.

Sites like can help you design and build the right rooflight for your kitchen. The cost of installing a rooflight can vary depending on the size and style. 

Go rustic with wooden beams

Installing wooden beams on a kitchen ceiling could help give the room a rustic feel. Wooden beams can also help to make a high ceiling feel lower, potentially giving your kitchen a cosier feel. Wooden beams can work well in older and modern properties. They can be painted over or you can maintain their exposed wood texture. 

Keep it cool with a kitchen ceiling fan

Want to stop your kitchen getting so hot? Installing a fan in the centre of the ceiling could help to cool down your kitchen. Ceiling fans can be made from wood, metal or plastic and come in a variety of different styles. Many have a light in the middle so that you don’t have to sacrifice overhead lighting.

Take your time to explore different styles and find one that fits in with the style of your kitchen. This post at delves more into ceiling fans. 

Paint your kitchen ceiling a striking colour

yellow painted ceiling
Painting a ceiling yellow can be a warming colour

Photo by Stefan Steinbauer

It could also be worth considering new colours for kitchen ceiling decorating ideas. Most kitchens have a white ceiling. White is effective at adding a sense of height and can also make a room feel brighter, which is why it’s so popular. However, other colours could help to make your ceiling more noticeable. Why not try something new and surprising for your kitchen ceiling. For example:

  • A blue ceiling can give the impression of an open sky and can also add a sense of height and adds an element of surprise.
  • A yellow ceiling can make a kitchen feel bright and sunny and particularly striking when contrasted with white walls. Pair with yellow accessories such as a yellow kettle and toaster. 

Kitchen ceiling decorating ideas in summary

So when you are reviewing ideas for your kitchen ceiling décor don’t forget to consider these options. Whether you paint the ceiling a striking colour, or add new lighting or ceiling fan you an make an impact with your project.

Creating a new look in an important high traffic room like the kitchen whether it is rustic with wooden beams or contemporary with sleek new luminaires can be good value for money. Take courage and try something new with your kitchen ceiling decorating ideas!


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