Top Money Saving Tips for Homeowners

13 Sep, 2023

Top Money Saving Tips for Homeowners

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Today homeowners all over the world need money saving tips. We  are all running mortgages, vulnerable to price hikes in energy bills and rising interest rates and rising costs of living in general.  Read on to learn our top money saving tips for homeowners, to help save precious resources while living well.

Top Money Saving Tips For Savvy Homeowners

money saving tips
Saving money can help you live well and save resources

Money has always been a vital part of our lives, and its importance has only grown with time.  This makes taking care of money an important practice. As are the money saving tips that help you do that.

We find ourselves on a never-ending journey to make more, save more, and spend wisely. But did you know that by making just a few changes in our daily habits and choices, we can save a significant amount of money?

This isn’t about denying yourself the things you love or living a Spartan lifestyle, but about making smarter decisions that can add up over time.

Our list of money saving tips

Let’s dive into some of the most practical money saving tips to save money at home and in daily life. You’ll be surprised as how quickly you can reduce your spending.

Master The Art of DIY

We live in an age of information, with tutorials, videos, and blogs available at our fingertips. This means that many tasks we once paid professionals for can now be done by us with a bit of research and patience.


Home Repairs: Instead of hiring someone to fix that leaky faucet or paint a room, consider doing it yourself. Basic home repairs can be quite simple when you follow step-by-step instructions, saving you the cost of labour. When you own a property and you need to be careful with money how to save becomes a key factor. Always ask yourself if you can do the home repair job rather than hire someone.

Personal and beauty

Beauty Treatments: Salons can be expensive. While it’s great to pamper oneself once in a while, everyday beauty routines like facials, manicures, and even hair dyeing can be done at home with store-bought products or natural ingredients. The advantage of doing these therapies at home is you save a lot of money in the comfort of your own home.

money saving tips
Home DIY decorating is one of the most popular money saving tips

Upcycle Before You Buy

Before throwing something away or buying a new item, take a moment to consider if it can be reused, repurposed, or repaired. Upcycling can breathe new life into old items, making them as good as new, if not better.

Furniture Facelift: That old coffee table can be sanded down and repainted, or perhaps that worn-out chair just needs a new cushion or cover. The key is to look at items with a creative eye.

Tech Repairs: Instead of shelling out money for a new phone or tablet every time there’s a minor issue, consider getting it repaired. Services like Likewize Repair offer quality repair solutions for mobile phones and tablets. Not only does this save money, but it also promotes a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly approach to tech.

Mind Your Energy Consumption

Energy bills can take up a significant chunk of monthly expenses. By being more conscious of how we consume electricity, gas, and water, we can not only save money but also make our homes more eco-friendly.

Smart Thermostats: These devices learn your schedule and preferences, automatically adjusting the heating and cooling of your home to save energy. Over time, they can cut down your bills considerably.

Unplug Devices: Even when they’re turned off, devices can consume what’s known as “phantom” energy. Make a habit of unplugging electronics when they’re not in use or consider using power strips which you can switch off completely.

Stop Wasting Money by Eating Out

It is all too easy these days to eat out night after night after night. There are so many tempting options with cafes, restaurants, bistros of every possibly culture and flavour. Try shopping for home cooking and making planning and eating regular meals at home with family and friends a real event.

Plan Your Meals

while housesitting
Home cooked meals are often healthier and always cheaper than take away foods

Food expenses can quickly add up, especially when we indulge in takeouts or dining out. Eating in is one of the most important money saving tips to note. By planning your meals, you can save a considerable amount.

Weekly Meal Prepping: Dedicate a day to prepare meals for the week. This ensures that you always have something ready to eat, reducing the temptation to order food.

Buy In Bulk: Purchasing items in bulk, especially non-perishable ones, can lead to significant savings in the long run. Look out for deals and discounts at wholesale stores.

Embrace Second-hand

money saving tips
Recycling and upcycling furniture is a great way to save money

There’s a misconception that second-hand items are of inferior quality. In reality, you can find gently used items that are just as good as new, but at a fraction of the price.

Clothes: Thrift stores, garage sales, and online platforms offer a plethora of options where you can snag great deals on clothes, some even with tags still on.

Books & Games: Instead of buying new, consider swapping books and games with friends or purchasing from second-hand shops. Buying pre-loved is one of the best money saving tips around. Not only is it cheaper, but it’s also a sustainable choice.

Cut Down Subscription Services

It’s almost too easy to sign up for subscription services, from streaming platforms to monthly magazine deliveries. However, over time, these can add up, and you might even forget about some of them.

Audit Regularly: Every few months, review your bank statements and see which services you’re paying for. If there are any you no longer use or can live without, cancel them.

Bundling Services: Some providers offer bundled packages where you get multiple services at a discounted rate. It’s worth checking if such deals are available and if they meet your needs.

Find Housesitters to care for your Home and Pets

Find house sitters

One real way to save money is looking for kennel alternatives for your pets when you go away. Find house sitters. If you join a housesitting website and collaborate in the housesitting community you can find checked house and pet sitters who will move into your home to care for your pets and home for free.

Looking for an ideal petsitter

Depending on the assortment of pets you have you may be looking for a specific skill set.

Finding dog sitters is easy through a housesitting and petsitting network like

Live in pet and house sitter

To make this transition even easier for you and your pet, consider sourcing or hiring a pet house sitter. These individuals work by solely looking after your pet inside your home while you continue to make the most out of life outside. The services of a pet house sitter can be very beneficial as it doesn’t require your pet to travel from your house, reducing their stress and anxiety.

Join a housesitting network to find Free Housesitters

For pet lovers like you, your pet is more than just an animal. Your pets are your friends. They are your confidantes and family members to be cherished. This is why you would always prioritise their safety even if you’re not around to care for them yourself.  

If you join a housesitting network like HouseSitMatch as a Pet Homeowner you can post an advert as soon as you know the dates you’ll be away and try to find a free checked pet housesitter for this assignment. Or by using alternative networks you may also be able to find a good professional pet housesitter.

Whether you join a network or find a good pet house sitter it is basically a great investment. This investment allows you to be productive without risking your pet’s safety, and keeps pets safe at home.

Our top money saving tips in Summary

With these strategies and money saving tips in place, saving money at home becomes not just a possibility, but a reality. Remember, it’s the small changes that make a significant impact over time. So, whether it’s upcycling that old piece of furniture, unplugging unused devices, or shopping second-hand, every bit counts towards a more prosperous and sustainable future.

As savvy savers, it’s about time we make the most of what we have and spend wisely.


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