TOP TIPS – Away From Home For Work or a Nice Holiday? Think House-Sitters

18 Feb, 2022

TOP TIPS – Away From Home For Work or a Nice Holiday? Think House-Sitters

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Away From Home for a While? Need home security? House-sitters help!

The key to home management in your absence
The key to home management in your absence

There will often come a time in our lives when we leave home for a few weeks, traveling off on holiday or on business, entrusting our houses to house sitters or simply leaving them empty. This can, understandably, be a rather stress-inducing process.

Our homes are our sanctuaries. During the day to day normality of life we’re fine leaving them unattended for hours, days at a time, but any longer period and the mind sometimes begins to race, thinking of all of the terrible events that could befall your most treasured possession. How, then, do we put our minds at ease?


Unplug non-essential electronics

Unplug non-essential electronics

This is the most important tip in this article. If you want to avoid electrical fires, short circuits and, less importantly, a large electricity bill when you get home, then make sure that every single plug in your home is firmly switched to the ‘off’ position, and, if possible, turn off the electricity at the mains. This tip is especially important in older homes with antiquated wiring and plug systems.

Find House-Sitters

House-Sitter Vet Nurse Jo
House-Sitter Vet Nurse Jo

If you can’t stomach leaving your home alone, find house sitters, get someone to stay in your house whilst you’re away. This service can often be free – it’s free accommodation for the house sitters, after all – but there are a couple of things you should do before entrusting them with your property.

Create a welcoming space for your house sitters

Make sure you know for sure where valuables are in the house, so in the extremely unlikely event of theft you can be certain the worst has occurred. Next make sure the sitter has a comfortable, clean bed to stay in. If all of your mattresses are beat, perhaps think about getting a clearance item from an online to arrive before your house-sitters get to you for the assignment.

It won’t cost as much as you think.

House-sitters can help with chores around the house

House-sitters can be a discrete presence for security

When you have house-sitters in your home for a period of time for security they can be discrete. You can brief them to maintain a low key presence so as not to attract attention. However, their presence means that while you are away they will keep appearances consistent. Your garden will be maintained, curtains will be drawn, lights will go on at night it will look like someone lives at your home.

Don’t Broadcast the Fact

You may feel the urge to broadcast to the world, via social media, that you’re heading off on a wonderful, long, holiday. Don’t. Criminals nowadays are increasingly tech savvy, and your efforts to inform (or inspire envy) may act like a massive arrow pointing at your completely empty house!

Throw Away Perishable Foods

Milk, bread, meats and vegetables; all of these should definitely be thrown in the trash before your house-sitters arrive and you head off on holiday, lest your home smell decidedly disgusting when you return from your trip. Imagine having to deal with that on top of the post-vacation blues!

Want to become a house sitter?

Being a house sitter presents you the chance to explore new places and live in fabulous homes. And sometimes you may even end up getting paid for it. You’ll need to have a genuine passion for caring for pets and housekeeping.

Sign up on a home sitting website to get started. You can have resume writing sites prepare your profile and message to land an interview for your next home sitting job.

Sign up as house sitters on a house sitting platform

You’ll need to sign up for a house-sitting platform online like to begin your journey. Many of these websites, but reading through their reviews and services can help you decide the right fit.

Create an outstanding housesitter profile

There are many house sitters out there, so you’ll need to convince homeowners that you’re suitable for the job. There’s a problem; you can’t appear before everyone to tell them how great you’d be at taking care of their homes. But your profile can achieve this feat. This is why many home sitters have some of the best resume writing sites to prepare house-sitting resumes for them.

This way, they know they are putting their best foot forward.

Housesitter profile

A house-sitters profile that stands out features the following information will help you become a house sitter more readily.

  • A clear picture of you.
  • Your previous job and pet experiences
  • The qualities you bring to the table
  • Your relevant skills and qualifications
  • Your passion for pets
  • References

Having a unique house-sitters profile can significantly improve your interview call-ups and help you to become a house sitter. Many house sitters who get assistance from top resume writing sites don’t even have to send applications anymore. Their profile and introductory messages attract homeowners to shortlist them for interviews right away.

To start you housesitting pet-sitting journey or to find reliable house-sitters and petsitters


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