Top Tips for Taking Good Care of the Fish

24 Jan, 2020

Top Tips for Taking Good Care of the Fish

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Care of the fish in any home is a much overlooked theme, but all the more important for it.  As a housesitting platform at HouseSitMatch we occasionally get asked by housesitters if there are guidelines for the good care of the fish in a housesitting assignment.  Homeowners are usually pretty good at preparing guidelines and ‘how to care for …’ documents, but it is always good to have a refresher. Here is a blog with some top tips for good care of the fish in a home or a housesit.

care of the fish
Caring for fish is key whether they live in a bowl or aquarium

If you have a fish tank in your home, it is paramount to learn how to take care for the fish. Sadly, most people have a cursory idea about the best practices regarding how to handle and ensure the fish’s safety. They mostly buy the fish for how attractive they look and they just want to have it the same way they have some painting in their home. This isn’t the right way to approach things, and it will be detrimental to your fish’s health and it might even result in their death. This article will help you and teach you about tips and tricks you can use to take care of your fish with minimal cost and effort.

Install a Filter

Installing a filter is really important if you want to not deal with multiple headaches: replacing the aquarium’s water regularly, not worrying about debris and pollution making the fish unhealthy, and ensuring the water’s quality is always decent. You can take care of all of these problems automatically without wasting any time simply by installing a filter in the tank. Now, which type of filter you should get is a different story.

The Filters

There are a lot of different types of filters out there that have different uses:

  • Biological: biological filtration consists of those filters that have bacteria inside of them that operate on the water and ensure it is high-quality. Depending on the type of filter and the type of bacteria, these can do multiple jobs. They can reduce the PH of the water, they can absorb the harmful chemicals and debris, and much more. Although, they also have some drawbacks.
  • Chemical: this type of filtering uses chemicals that interact and affect the water in their media. There is a multitude of chemicals used for this purpose and each has different effects on the water. The drawback of this type of filter is that the chemical will run out sooner rather than later. You’ll need to replace it. Some chemicals can be expensive.
care of the fish
Managing the cleanliness of the tank is key to healthy fish
  • Physical: This is the most common type of media filter you’ll see – physical filtration. As its name suggests, relies on the physical properties of the media to filter out the debris, leftover food, etc. You either need to clean or replace the filter every so often, however.
  • A combination: most advanced filters use a combination of the three types. Most have a physical filter because it is cheap to install and really useful. But they also complement it with a chemical or biological filter to take care of the harmful soluble chemicals that accumulate in the water over time.
  • Moreover, asking Pet Fish Experts is always the best idea to learn the right way in taking care of your pet fish.
    After this sentence: This article will help you and teach you about tips and tricks you can use to take care of your fish with minimal cost and effort.
care of the fish
Caring for your fish aquarium matters, even when you are not there

Get Fish that are Easy to Take Care Of

The types of fish you can put in your aquarium is really diverse. Fish aren’t like cats or dogs where they almost all behave exactly the same way. There are freshwater fish, saltwater fish, fish that loves shallow water, fish that loves the ocean, fish that can’t survive without sand, fish that only eats meat etc.

Depending on what you value, you should decide what kind of fish you want in your aquarium. If you value aesthetics over all else and you don’t mind spending an extra hour or so taking care of them, go for it. But, if you prioritise saving  time and you want a relatively painless experience, then buy fish that are easy to handle. In either case, you need to do your own research before deciding.

Make Sure They Have Enough Space

Ensuring your fish have adequate space to survive and thrive is important. A larger aquarium can benefit you on multiple fronts. Due to the volume of the water, it takes more time for a larger tank to get dirty. The fish will have an easier time growing and resting. They fish won’t be in danger of jumping out of the aquarium (in case you have an open fish tank). On the whole, it is definitely easier to take care of  fish if they’re living in a larger aquarium.

If you look up aquariums for sale, you might even be able to get one relatively inexpensively.


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