Top Tips for Home Bathing this Summer

14 Jun, 2020

Top Tips for Home Bathing this Summer

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Whether you are a homeowner staying at home, or a housesitter on the road, many of us suffer from a range of Summer related issues. Managing bathing routines can help to mitigate sleep issues and manage heat and Summer related issues like sweating. In the summer, when care for the beauty of the skin is more relevant than ever, do not give up the pleasure of taking a tonic, refreshing bath. To restore energy after a hot summer day, you need a bath that would wash away all your stress at once. In this article we offer top 8 tips for home bathing this Summer. These tips will make this Summer more refreshing than ever.

home bathing
Create a lovely atmosphere in the bathroom

Top Tips for home bathing –

Take a bath in the bathtub

Fatigue creates substances that cannot be expelled by simply sweating.

It’s important to regularly dilate the peripheral blood vessels and improve circulation throughout the body. The best way to do that is to take a bath! Even in the summer, it is important to take a slow bath in a bathtub, not just in the shower.

And by taking aregular bath you will allow your constitution to recover more easily from thermal stress in both Summer and Winter.

Manage the timing of your regular bath

Allow 15-20 minutes for a really relaxing bathe.

Ideally time your bath each day between one to two hours before going to bed at night.

Remember to rehydrate, taking a glass of water before and after bathing and before going to bed if you can.

Take a one minute shower in the morning

To feel great and help to manage body odour Sebum, which is the body odour you experience waking up in th emorning, it is recommended that you take a morning shower in 40 – 41°C water for just one minute.

The amount of sweat and sebum that comes out while you sleep will flow down, and the amount of sebum that comes out afterwards will be suppressed. This way body odour will be less likely to occur compared to when you go out without bathing. It takes only one minute to get the full effect, even without using soap.

Choose bath salts and oils you find either stimulating or relaxing

Consider how you wash your body

In the hot summer, your skin gets dirty gathering sweat and dust. If left untreated, you may develop a skin rash or dermatitis.

First, remove dirt from your skin with hot water or a shower, and then slowly soak your skin in warm water.

It washes the surface and spreads the sweat glands sufficiently to make it easier to sweat. Put body soap on the sponge and start rubbing.

Be careful not to rub too hard because it could hurt your skin.

Plan counter-measures against heatstroke

In the Summer, when physical strength tends to weaken, there is a risk of heatstroke during or after a long hot bath.  You need to manage the temperature of your bath water.

Heatstroke symptoms include elevated body temperature, low blood pressure, unusual pallor to the face, nausea, headache, dizziness, and fainting to name a few. Ventilate the bathroom well, put a wet towel on your head, and hydrate to prevent this from happening.

Immerse in lukewarm water (37-40 ° C)

Immersion in bath water can be therapeutic

In Summer, the immune function declines due to high outdoor temperature and accumulated fatigue. During intense heat, the body’s functions heighten and more active. In addition, the tension of the “sympathetic nerve, “which suppresses the work of the gastrointestinal tract, increases.

Immerse yourself in lukewarm water (37-40° C) to make the parasympathetic nervous system dominant, lower blood pressure and heart rate, and activate the gastrointestinal function.

Choose bath salts with menthol

If it’s too hot and you don’t want to take a bath…try adding a bath salve or bathing salts that contain menthol. It has a refreshing sensation. You will feel refreshed after your bath!

For halo therapy, we recommend peppermint essential oil, which contains menthol. Eucalyptus, lemongrass, and citronella also have a refreshing scent, so it makes you feel GOOD! Mix 3-5 drops in the water.

bath towels
Choose your bath towels carefully

Select your Summer bathing towels

Use large bath towels for a bath in the house or a pond, river, etc. You can also these kinds of towels to go swimming or on a beach during summer. You can easily find these towels on any towel reviewer sites on the internet.

Bathing for well being

These tips can help to manage fatigue and enable restful sleep and will manage the odours of sweat. Make the most of your bath time and survive summer more comfortably!

Bonus tip:

For a more relaxing shower, use the best shower head filter from AquaBliss. Knowing that you are showering with a much cleaner water would make your bathing experience much more peaceful.



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