Top Tips for Successful Writing and Academic Essays

18 Dec, 2019

Top Tips for Successful Writing and Academic Essays

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When writing scholarship essays for admissions or even for a college course, whether you are a digital nomad on the road with HouseSitMatch, a housesitting student or at home preparing for an education, we need to make each piece of writing count. Read this blog for some top tips on how to write scholarship essays successfully, to get the most out of your educational experience.

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10 Essay Writing Top Tips to Help You Be Successful

In case you’ve wondered how much money it takes to attend college, wonder no more because here is the answer: too much. Spending money on education can get super expensive because of the high-demanding university rates, so if you don’t want to end up broke or in excessive debt, applying for scholarships might be your best bet. In the end, all you must do is write an essay and state the reason for applying. The rest will take care by itself. Here are the most intriguing scholarship essay tips that you’ll get this year.

Top Tips – The Topic

1. Understand the topic before applying

The first thing you must understand before starting your application is your topic. If you review it quickly but don’t get the real gist of it, you will not be able to touch on the main points that your reviewer is expecting you to. Therefore, you might lose valuable information that needs to be encompassed. Here are two questions that might help you understand your topic thoroughly: “what is the main idea that the reviewer would want me to talk about?” and “which points that I’ll discuss directly correlate with the reason for why I should get the scholarship?”

Top Tips – Get organised

2. Organise well before starting up

The second thing to have in mind is organizing well. If you are unable to stay structured, you will probably end up missing deadlines and confusing important dates. Thus, write down all the scholarships that you will be applying for and mark them in your calendar. Make sure you leave enough time to be able to write efficient essays; these scholarship tips will not help you if you don’t help yourself.

3. Write an outline to make sure you stay on track

The next thing you’ll want to do is write an outline of your work to help you stay efficient. You should divide your work into three parts: intro, body, and conclusion. For each one of the parts, write down the main ideas that you will include. For instance, let’s say your essay delves into your best high-school experiences. For your intro, write down the reasons why your experiences were important in shaping your character and how they helped you evolve, briefly. Within the body part, include at least three arguments on how they helped you become a better person, expanding on the reasons you’ve just mentioned. For the conclusion, recap everything you’ve discussed, reassessing its importance.

Sharpening your focus and getting organised will help

Top Tips – Understand your Brief

4. Respect the instructions

Reading your topic thoroughly is not the only important aspect of your work. You must also respect the instructions rigorously if you want to raise your chances of getting well-paid scholarships. So, follow the instructions to the last detail, making sure you include everything that is necessary. Don’t forget – even if this essay is about you, it should still be respecting the rules outlined in the assignment. If you are unsure whether you can make it or not and are ready to say write my dissertation for me.

Or you can say write my essay for me. Either way you can reach out to various writing services to help you.

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5. Develop on each point separately

As I said before, do not engage in writing abundant content without knowing what you will be discussing. Thus, after outlining every single point and getting the gist of your work, start developing on each point separately. The following essay tips might help you figure it out:

  • Write key sentences and use as many keywords as possible.
  • Spend no more than 20% outlining the essay.
  • The rest of 40% should be spent on coming up with the content, meaning, filling in the blanks.
  • Make sure your introduction and conclusion are solid and super-well written.

Top Tips – Be subtle when promoting your achievements

6. Include your accomplishments without bragging

The point of this essay is not bragging but exposing your best qualities to other people. So, make sure you stay honest and open to everything that the reviewers might be asking you. Also, include your accomplishments with finesse, by expanding on activities that you’ve pursued or achievements that you’ve attained. For example, instead of saying “I am a very good and kind-hearted person because I volunteer,” try to say something like, “My volunteering experience has shaped the way in which I perceive this world.”

Top Tips – Write Succinctly & Edit Carefully

7. Use concise language

Using succinct content is another great way to stand out from the crowd. Students tend to include way too many details on their personal life and/or experience; by doing that, you will be looking just like the other candidates, so use these top scholarship essay tips to stick out. Think about the assessors and the number of hours they must spend reviewing each candidate. Do you really want to be the one giving them the most headaches?

8. Do not make any grammar or spelling mistakes

Making grammar mistakes looks really bad on you, so try to minimize the chances of doing that. Stay as clear as possible and check your content quite often to ensure that your writing is error-free. Essay assessors are not fond of noobies or students who disregard punctuation rules.

9. Revise everything to make sure you got it right

After you have finished writing, you are not done. You still need to revise your work, check for mistakes again, and make sure that everything runs smoothly. Ideas should flow naturally, and your content should be as structured as possible. Your arguments should connect to your thesis directly and make sense in the context.

10. Edit and proofread

Last but not least of these scholarship essay tips, proofread your work to ensure that your paper is devoid of any problematic issues that could influence the evaluator’s decision. Ask someone for feedback to ensure that everything is ready to be submitted – it could be a friend, a professor, or even a parent. Just make sure that you’re good to go before sending out your application.

In Summary

There are plenty of scholarships that you could be eligible for, so make sure you engage in a thorough research process. Pick the ones that are the easiest for you to write and do your best to make everything work smoothly. If you follow these successful tips listed above, you’ll definitely win!


Connie Elser is a freelance writer passionate about college life. She dedicated her life to teaching and helping students apply for grants. Connie is planning on travelling throughout Africa at the end of the next year.

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