Top Tips on Selling an Inherited House

13 Feb, 2020

Top Tips on Selling an Inherited House

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If you are lucky enough to inherit a house from a relative or friend it can often create challenges as well as opportunities. If this makes you a first time homeowner though perhaps not yet ready to move into the property, then consider finding housesitters through HouseSitMatch or a similar housesitting network. Housesitters are free and they can give you an affordable breathing space. Plus they can keep your property occupied and safe. Moreover they ensure there will be someone to care for the property maintenance in you absence. If you are pondering what to do next then take a moment if you can to reflect. The way to handle this next step is to decide if you want to move into the property, or to keep it for some other purpose or indeed to sell. If you come to the decision that you’re selling the inheritance, then a whole sequence of events needs to take place to ensure your sale goes through to conclusion.

Here are four easy steps and some general guidelines to help you get to that happy end game of the sale.

selling an inherited house
Facing the happy challenge of selling an inherited house?

4 Tips on Selling an Inherited House –

Whether in the English Home Counties or in California

If you are selling an inherited house given to you by a loved one, you can choose to move in, rent it, or sell it. Most people who are already established in their own home who are potentially not even in the same town or country prefer the last option.

Selling an inherited house whether the property is in the Home Counties in England or in California can be challenging based on the fact that most people are reluctant at first to do away with this valuable gift they’ved receive from their parents or anyone else. But on many occasions, circumstances may force them to sell, however charming the property and however much it means for sentimental associations. 

selling an inherited house
Disposing of an inherited family home can be tough emotionally

If you are reading this piece, then the chances are that you have decided. You are planning to sell the house you inherited. Here are four simple approaches that can help you to sell the property successfully.

1. Renovate and update the home then sell

Recently, the real estate industry has been dramatically updated in many countries around the world through innovations in internet technology. As a result in California the real estate industry has grown tremendously. And across the UK the marketplace and estate agents have both benefited from wider search tools such as RightMove and Zoopla with some of these innovations spreading across to many other countries around the world.

Thanks to the power of the internet, today, selling a house has been made much easier as you can reach a wider audience and display your property online to advantage. You only need to list your home out there and wait for potential customers to call for viewing. However, things don’t work smoothly, as it may sound. As a house seller, you have to put in some work from your end.

A freshly painted property feels more like an inviting proposition

What should you do to prepare for a sale

One thing you ought to remember is that buyers are looking for something they can call home. Therefore, before you even start searching for websites to list your home, you need to ask yourself, is it welcoming? Does it feel like an inviting proposition? If you find the house fulfilling to your eyes, then you can carry on with the process. But if the answer is no, then repairs and perhaps a renovation are urgently needed. Most inherited homes tend to have outdated features. The best you can do when in such a situation is to perform the necessary upgrades.

Home Energy Efficiency

Currently, with the rising cost of energy bills, home buyers are often looking for energy-efficient homes. They look forward to investing in a home that won’t mess with their finances in the long-run. Therefore, investing in energy-saving gadgets is non-negotiable. Also, some new contemporary paintings and plants can do wonders when it comes to marketing your home for the eyes to see. Renewing your inherited home helps speed up the sale. You may be surprised by how quickly buyers will be willing to close the deal with you.

2. Selling an Inherited Property ‘as is’

On many occasions, the idea of selling an inherited house arises because of financial strains. Say, for instance, your loved one may have left bills that have got to be cleared. As long as the legal processes have been cleared, you can carry on with the transaction. In such a situation, most people are always curious if they should sell the house as it is or remodel it before selling.

As said earlier, repairing your home before the actual sale is much recommended. Unfortunately, in some instances, the restorations may be too expensive and therefore impossible, especially when you are low on cash.

Some home renovations are very expensive

Luckily, today, there are many platforms for example in the state of California and the surrounding areas, looking forward to buying your home as is. According to the experts at, choosing to sell your house in its initial state is one of the best ways to get quick cash in exchange. Working with these ‘home for cash’ platforms means getting a deal as soon as the house is evaluated. If you opt to follow this route, you must have in mind that the price may be low as compared to when the house is repaired. But, if you consider the cost of carrying out the needed repairs, the move is worth it.

3. Consider hiring the services of a real estate agent

Sometimes hiring a real estate agent is the answer


Recently, the real estate business has seen dramatic growth. Almost every morning, new homes find their way into the market, looking for new occupants and buyers. The problem is that connecting the buyer and seller is never that easy. With all the new houses being listed daily, the options may be overwhelming for the buyer.

Thankfully, today, there are real estate agents who can facilitate. Their whole purpose is to help with connecting the dots. If you are seeking an effective way to sell your inherited house, having an agent hold your hand along the way is recommended. One fantastic thing about these individuals is that they earn commissions by finding people new homes. 

Real Estate Agents Bring In-depth Local Knowledge

Therefore, whenever you include them in the process, the chances are that your home will be sold and off the market before you realize it. These agents can also assist you in preparing the house for viewing. Remember, this is the work they wake up every day to complete. Hence, they are well placed to alert you on what your potential buyers are looking for and deserve. Besides, the agents can assist you in getting a fair deal for the property as they are completely in touch with the state of the local market.

4. Selling an Inherited House? Go online

Recently, the internet has taken over almost every sector. The real estate business is one of the significant beneficiaries of this powerful tool. If you are looking forward to carrying out a smooth transaction, then you ought to test what this powerful tool can bring. Today, there are many sites focusing on selling new homes. You can, therefore, search over the internet for reviews about specific websites before publishing your house over there. 

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

When it comes to the use of websites, pictures speak volumes. Therefore, you must work with clear and detailed images. It would help if you went ahead and brought on board a professional photographer to help capture every corner and unique features. With quality images, your clients are likely to quickly decide to call you and book a viewing as they have an idea of what’s in your home. You can also list your home on social media platforms. Platforms such as Facebook usually have millions of users who may be your potential buyers. Listing the house out there for your audience is a straightforward and yet affordable way.

Getting away with an inherited house is usually an emotional transaction. Unfortunately, there is less you can do to avoid it, especially when you are looking for quick cash to fix the problems ahead. Listed in this piece are some of the most common, yet effective ways to sell your home. Read through the entire to understand how you can get over with the deal without risking anything.


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