Top Tips To Prevent Burglars Intruding

6 Nov, 2020

Top Tips To Prevent Burglars Intruding

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Whenever you go away from home the fear of burglars can be a worry. And if it isn’t then likely it should be. Any homeowner who has been affected by theft knows how important it is to prevent burglars from intruding. And once they know how, they come again. Here are some top tips on how to prevent them from even considering your property.

What Burglars Look For Before Breaking In

As we delve into burglary prevention tips, it’s worth noting they can apply not just to homeowners but to business owners as well. If you’re thinking about starting a security company in Texas, getting familiar with the process of establishing an llc in Texas is crucial. An LLC can offer substantial legal protection and potential tax benefits for your security business.

Burglars operate at night and during the day

The thought of someone breaking into your home isn’t something you want to dwell on. But it’s always better if you are prepared. And the one thing that’s important for you to know is that burglars are a lot smarter than you might think. Even opportunist burglars know what they are looking for.

The art of burglary isn’t simply going to a house and breaking in through a window. Burglars do their homework by studying your every move and paying close attention to the weak areas of your home. More importantly, they pay close attention to your schedule to know when no one is at home.

Why you need to prevent burglars more today

Keep in mind that this article isn’t to scare you but to inform you so that you can protect your home against those unwanted intruders.

Burglaries happen every 13 seconds in the US and most of them happen when no one is at home. So if you have your annual family vacation coming up, keep it to yourself; share that information with as few people as possible.


Because you just never know people’s intent. That ever so popular “Wheels Up!” post about you heading to Greece lets social media pals know that you’re going to be away. It gives the green light for anyone to break into your home. When people know you’re not going to be home for an extended amount of time, your home automatically becomes a target.

And that’s the scary thing… becoming a target.

It’s not like you intentionally do certain things to draw burglars to your home; Unfortunately, you could be making your home the perfect target without even knowing it. To prevent this from happening, take a look at what burglars actually look for in target homes before breaking into them and what you can do to protect it.

Easy Targets: What Burglars Look For Before Breaking Into Homes

Piled Up Mail

When burglars are doing “target research,” one of the things they look for is piled up mail. It’s a tell-tale sign that no one is home to regularly check the mail. They also look for things like trash cans that haven’t been pulled back and if your lawn has overgrown.

These are easy tips to prevent burglars from even considering your property a target. Depending on the length of your trip, you want to try and keep things as “normal-looking” as possible.

prevent burglars
An empty driveway where cars are usually present is a giveaway

No Cars in the Driveway

When going out of town, whether flying or driving, leave at least one car at home. It helps to prevent burglars from even looking at your property as they assess the neighbourhood. This will give the appearance that someone is home all the time.

Remember, the burglars have done their research before making your home their target. So if they know there are normally two cars in the driveway, they automatically know that no one is home when cars are absent. It’s only a matter of time before they determine the right time to make their move.

“Safe Neighbourhoods”

One of the biggest target areas for burglars are areas deemed as “safe neighbourhoods”. The reason burglars target such neighbourhoods is that homeowners tend to leave their doors unlocked.

Residents become lax believing their neighbourhood is safe. they think that they don’t have to worry about needing to prevent burglars, as though burglaries only happen in “bad neighbourhoods.” Don’t get too confident or comfortable to think that crime won’t happen to you. It can.

Top tips to Keep Your Home Safe

it’s always better to have housesitters living in when you are away

Find a housesitter to prevent burglars

The best way to prevent burglars from targeting your home is to have someone living in your property when you are away. Finding a checked housesitter through the online networks can be very easy, especially if you plan ahead.

Simple check through the reputable networks like HouseSitMatch, then register online, build a profile and post an advert. Housesitters apply and you choose from among the applicants. The best part about a collaboration like housesitting is you can find pet sitters who are used to home and garden care and they housesit for free!

Have Your Neighbour or Close Friend Keep an Eye on Your Home

To keep your home safe while on vacation or for an extended period of time, you’re going to want to have a close friend or neighbour keep an eye on your home to make sure there’s nothing odd going on. Make sure they know the length of time you’re going to be gone for.

Communicate regularly with them to give you a little more peace of mind.  If you don’t have anyone to keep an eye on your home to prevent burglars from entering, then you’ll want to hire a house sitter.

Leave Your Lights On

Property safe
Keeping lights on, even on a timer keeps your property safe

If you’re going to be gone for a lengthy period, and especially without a housesitter in your home while you’re gone, you’re going to need to leave your lights on. Will this run your utility bill up? Yes, but wouldn’t you rather pay a higher electric bill than pay for damages to your home due to a burglary?

If you lived in Texas and looked up the best rates for all electric suppliers in TX, you wouldn’t have to worry about an overly expensive electric bill while you’re away because you’d be powering your home with alternative electricity.

This is a switch you’d want to make whether going out of town or not. It’s simply more affordable and more secure. It’s also gives financial added peace of mind while you’re away.

Prevent burglars
Never underestimate the power of a clear sign

Have a “Beware of Dog” Sign or Security Sign in Your Yard

Typically, burglars want to get in and get out of a property, quickly. The last thing they want to deal with is a dog or an alarm system. By displaying “Beware of Dog” or “This house is secured by” signs, you’ll ward off opportunists and prevent burglars from braving your home as a target.

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