Train your dog – Choose the right food

17 Jun, 2022

Train your dog – Choose the right food

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When you bring a new dog or puppy home you as the petowner know it’s a big responsibility. And every aspect matters, especially in these early stages.  Choosing the right food can actually help to train your dog. Here’s how.

How to choose the right food to help you train your dog

One of the most important things you can do to shape the behavior of your dog is to give him a portion of healthy and balanced dog food. This is fundamental when you train your dog; in fact it is critical. However, you can only achieve the best results if he is happy and in good health.

Read on to learn how to choose the right food to help you train your dog.

train your dog
All early decisions for your new dog are important in training

Check your dog’s age

It is important to get food that is specifically formulated for your dog’s age. Dogs’ nutritional needs differ at every stage of their lives, so it is appropriate to feed your pet a healthy diet formulated for his specific stage in life.

This ensures he gets all the nutrients he needs to promote growth. For instance, you need to get food with high-quality protein for your puppy to support its growing muscles. As your pet grows older, you need to switch to an appropriate formula. This will support his activity level and healthy weight which makes training easier.   

Consider the dog’s breed

The differences between one dog breed and another will affect much of how you need to treat your dog. it affects the behaviour, the care and maintenance, it affects how you train your dog.

Even the specific types of dog food are formulated for all the different breeds. For instance, a Pitbull differs from other dogs in various ways since it is traditionally viewed as a high-energy and often aggressive dog. This means you should get appropriate food that supports your dog’s energy requirements.

You should specifically buy dog food for pitbulls which is available in various formulas on the market. When you choose food for your canine, check whether it causes any food allergies.  

Specific nutritional needs 

It is essential to prioritize your dog’s nutritional needs by getting food specifically formulated to suit him. Getting the food right will really help you when you train your dog. They will be well nourished, health and happy.

With targeted nutrition, your dog’s condition is greatly improved. There are different types of dog foods formulated for each dog.

You should consult your veterinarian first to get an idea about the best food you can get for your canine. You must look at the label on the packaging to ensure you buy food that contains all the vitamins and nutrients required by your dog. 

Getting nutrition right

When you get food with all the nutrients your dog will maintain a healthy diet. You also need to include omega-3 fatty acids in your dog’s diet since the supplement helps improve skin and energy levels. It also helps dogs deal with allergies, arthritis, and joint health which can affect their ability to remain active.

More importantly, omega-3 plays a crucial role in the cognitive development of puppies. It also improves cognitive functions in older dogs which makes training easier. 

Consider your dog’s size

It is vital to consider your dog’s size so that you can get a diet specifically formulated for dogs within that range. For example, giant breeds or large dogs can significantly benefit from food made from glucosamine since it supports healthy joints. A dog with healthy joints is trainable since it can perform a variety of drills. 

Dog’s activity level

Considering your dog’s activity level will help you get appropriate food. An active dog is likely to burn more calories than the one whose primary activity is an occasional walk. If your dog loves running, the nutrient-dense dog food might be ideal since it is specifically designed for athletic dogs.

A dog that does not do many exercises should get food for weight management to maintain its body in good condition. 

train your dog
Selecting the right food is critical for a healthy pet, and it will help you train your dog

A final thought on choosing the best food to train your dog

When you want to train your dog, make sure you are feeding him the best meals. When you choose the right food for your dog, you should feed him to show that you are in charge. This will help you create a strong bond with him. When your dog respects you, it will be easier to train him. 


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