Travel inspired home décor ideas -Top Tips

16 Jun, 2021

Travel inspired home décor ideas -Top Tips

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Do you have some small part of your travel adventures stashed away somewhere at home? Many homeowners do. And others dream of drawing on their travels to inspire how they decorate their home. For all those secret dreamers here are some travel inspired home décor ideas to help you realise that dream. It’s a great way to spruce up a home.

Luxurious and unique travel inspired home décor ideas

travel inspired décor
Moroccan lanterns can be so evocative, they make excellent travel inspired home décor touches

Do you dream of traveling across the world or living abroad? The desire to explore and get lost in different cultures is a common one. And now, with the help of these gorgeous home décor items, your imagination can come alive right from your own space.

Luxury travel is not only about the sights you see and the adventures you experience; it’s also about bringing that sense of exploration back to your everyday life.

From colorful textiles to exotic furniture pieces and traditional chobi rugs, there are so many ways that you can turn your house into an oasis of luxury, all while making it feel like you’re on vacation!

Map themed wallpaper

A map theme wallpaper on the living room’s front wall is a great way to tap into the wanderlust that so many of us experience. This charming touch will make your home feel like you’re exploring new horizons every day, and it also conveniently doubles as a piece of art!

This worldly wallpaper is a classic travel inspired home decor idea, and highly evocative of the theme of travel.

Hand-painted map art

A hand-painted map on canvas is one of those beautiful pieces with infinite possibilities for placement. You can hang it on the wall as art, turn it into a coffee table centerpiece or even use it to spruce up your bedside table with some sweet dreams at night! It’s also a great idea to mark all the places you have visited, adding that final touch to a travel inspired home.

travel inspired décor
Maps are increasingly popular as motifs

Frame your travels with photo collages

A photo collage is such an easy way to decorate any room in your home and make you feel like you’re on vacation whenever you walk in. The best part is that it’s customizable to what inspires your wanderlust the most! You can also frame your travel photos to make a collage or even use your favorite picture as an accent wall in the living room.

Decorating with maps

Adding maps to your home décor is such a smart way to show where you’ve been and what new places are on your bucket list! You can hang them up like art prints, include them as part of the photo, or even add a little map to your bedside table.

Decorating with embroidery of travel quotes

travel inspired home decor
The careful placement of objects you have collected creates an impression of travel inspired home decor

If you’re looking for some travel-inspired décor without the commitment, then we have you covered! You can find quotes inspiring wanderlust in stores like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s and framing them on an accent wall. It will give you inspiration and motivation for your next big trip.

Decorating with travel art prints

Looking for something a bit more permanent? If you’re feeling like your walls are looking a little bare, then we have just the idea! You can find many different types of art prints in stores or online that will make any room feel welcoming and cozy. And if you’re looking for a print that has some extra meaning, then look no further.

Choose prints of places you have been, they will indeed be travel inspired home décor ideas.

Create an exotic feel to your space

For instance, the Taj Mahal canvas art will make your space feel more exotic and less like home in just minutes! This is one of our favorite ways to incorporate travel into any space– not only does it add color and inspiration.

And since any renovation is a journey in its own right, why not document it with a photo book that then lets you look back on how far you’ve come? Cataloging before and after photos in this way will be well worth it.

Vintage style suitcases

Old suitcases are a highly evocative reminder of you travels

Vintage suitcases can be found in thrift stores or online for a good price. If you’re looking to add some travel-inspired decor, then these suitcases are perfect! You can find one that matches your style and put it by the front door of your home, where visitors will see it as they walk in.

They also look great when stacked together, so be creative with them. Use them as a console table on the entrance or decorate one as a side table in the bedroom. You can also keep them in the corner of the living room and use them as a bookshelf!

Some other ideas are to paint the suitcases or even upcycle them into something like an outdoor bench. There are so many options when you think about ways you can incorporate these props in your space– which is why we love this idea for travel-inspired décor!

Tribal pattern rugs

One way to bring the exoticism of travel into your home is by adding tribal patterned rugs. You can find these in a variety of places, and they are so versatile! They come in different sizes, colors, patterns– you name it! Tribal runner rugs are perfect for hallways or doorways to create an entrance that screams adventures abroad.

At the same time, traditional Pakistani rugs can spice up any room with a simple floral pattern. These are very practical travel inspired home décor ideas.

travel inspired home décor ideas
Did you bring beautiful souvenirs home from your last trip? they can help you with your travel inspired home décor ideas

Turkish crockery

Crockery is a great way to add the feeling of travel into your home and make great travel inspired home décor ideas. Turkish crockery is one very colourful and highly evocative example. These pieces are beautiful and can serve food, display items in an open kitchen or dining room, or even fill up shelves with color!

Gothic chairs

While some travels evoke feelings of luxury, others are more rustic and homey. Gothic chairs can create a cozy atmosphere in any room, whether they’re upholstered or not! These chairs are beautiful for reading a good book or just sitting with family and friends.

Travel themed wall décor

Wall décor is one of the easiest ways to bring a bit of travel home with you. You can use photos from your travels and also add wall hangings that evoke feelings from different countries or cultures!

These are highly evocative travel inspired home décor ideas that can range from an embroidered tapestry, paintings in frames, mirrors with foreign language sayings on them – anything goes when it comes to decorating a wall.

Moroccan lamps                                                                                      

Lamps can bring a lot of warmth into any room, and the Moroccan lamps are no exception. colour of light can create an atmosphere with travel inspired home décor ideas.

Choosing the right light fitting and These lamps have an earthy feel that will create a sense of calm in any space- perfect for smaller homes or apartments! You can keep them on your side table or hang some in the corridor to create a Moroccan feel.

Coastal style patio décor

If you’re in the mood to relax on your patio this summer, but don’t want it to be too hot outside, then consider a coastal style. You can find plenty of curtains and throws that are perfect for these styles. They have an airy feel and look great with any colors or patterns!

If you are looking more towards a coastal or beach theme, this is the best way to create your oasis. And if you have collected sea shells or other memorabilia on your travels they help to add to your travel inspired home décor ideas.

Travel inspired home décor in a Nutshell

travel inspired home decor ideas
Consider having large black and white prints made of your favourite photos

If you’re looking for new design inspiration, look no further than the world of travel. Home décor is a fun and easy way to bring your passion into your home with luxurious and unique items that will make any space feel like an exotic getaway in seconds.

We recommend shopping ziegler rugs at Rug Knots, where you can find such varieties as Moroccan rugs or Chinese silk, depending on what type of vibe you want to create in your home. Whether it’s Parisian chic or Bali bliss, these pieces will inspire feelings of luxury and wanderlust year round! Ready? Let’s explore now!


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