Traveling in Italy with or without pets

17 May, 2016

Traveling in Italy with or without pets

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Traveling with your pet in Italy

Before Traveling on holiday many of us worry about leaving our homes and more especially our pets. Most of us have a best friend waiting for us back at home as we busy ourselves visiting beautiful cities all around the globe. It’s always sad to leave behind our beloved companions once we decide to go on holiday so we look for solutions that would best suit our situation like housesitting, kennels or in some cases bringing our pets with us.

view of Cineque Terra on Italian coast
Iconic Cinque Terra in Italy

Fear not. Because for all of us that would rather leave our little, big friends safely at home instead of putting them through stressful journey Traveling on long flights or trips, or in unknown spaces there’s the possibility to secure a house-sitter. The advantage of house sitting is it won’t be just your pets that will be taken care of with the utmost care, but your houseplants and gardens will also be tended to, and the house-sitter will make sure everything inside your house or apartment goes by smoothly until your return. For all of you who are interested in contacting a local house-sitter, or finding a pet-sitting solution, HouseSit Match is definitely the web portal for you!

But if you are really determined to bring your best friend (or friends!) Traveling with you on your holidays, there’s a good news: Italy is becoming more and more pet-friendly, with many establishments that now accept visitors along with their pets, and public spaces that have been fitted and modified through the years to accommodate our cheerful friends, especially during the hotter months.

Some pubs, bars, restaurants and other such businesses allow pets, and the rules vary from owner to owner, are based on the area of the city or type of building you’re about to enter and other such restrictions. Most of the times leashed small dogs are allowed and medium or bigger dogs need to be also muzzled, but if you’re not sure, ask the clerk, owner or server even if there’s a “no entry” sign. They might make an exception!

traveling with pet dog sitting on pink vespa moped
Traveling with your pet

Traveling accommodation

If you’re wondering where you might stay for the night when travelling with your pets, is the best place to start when looking for pet-friendly lodging. The choices range between hotels, hostels, bed & breakfast, camping sites or holiday houses or apartments. It’s up to you to check the individual rules of the accommodation of your choice.

two dogs on sun loungers on beach
Some beaches in Italy now allow pet dogs


Perhaps you want to have some fun with your dog while enjoying the fine panoramas of Italy? Home Away offers a good list of the beaches and resorts that allow and welcome our furry friends. If you can’t reach one of these options, ask around whether your dog might be allowed in or not.

Getting Around

Of course moving around with a pet can be bothersome and even stressful. Making sure which trains or means of transport will welcome your travelling companion and looking up the rules for such trips will make your journey easier. Common sense should suffice, but be sure to check Italo’s website and Trenitalia’s one for the rules applied on their trains. Remember to calm your pet, muzzle them or put them in crates with snacks and a chew toy to help them relax.

And have fun visiting Italy with your best friends and if you need more help check this blog for more travel advice !

If you need a house-sitter or pet-sitting solution for when you go on holiday follow this link to Register as a Home Owner on



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