Traveling with a dog – Some useful hacks

19 May, 2021

Traveling with a dog – Some useful hacks

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The staycation is very popular today.  These days many petowners are choosing to take their dogs on holiday with them.  However, there are challenges to traveling with a dog. Here are some useful hacks to help make the journey and in fact the entire trip easier and more enjoyable.

Make traveling with a dog easier and fun with these useful hacks

If you have a dog, but no one to babysit it while you are gone, you might not have such a fun time traveling. However, it doesn’t have to be as hard as you thought. There are certain ways that will help you go through a holiday with your pooch more easily. Follow this article to learn useful hacks when traveling with your dog somewhere.


traveling with a dog
Think carefully about where your dog should sit in the car

How do you make traveling with your dog easier?

Your dog can present potential trouble if you bring him along on your trip. This includes the packing, the trip, settling down, other people around you, etc. Luckily there are ways to make your life easier in these situations.

If you want to learn everything you need to know when having a furry friend as a companion, you can do further research to see everything that can be of use to you. Here are some hacks you should consider right away.

  • Bring a squeegee with you

Your best friend is bound to leave hair wherever it goes, and you will have a hard time cleaning up after him on the road and in the hotel if you don’t have the proper tool.

Having a squeegee with you will make that part of the trip easier since you will just simply remove the hair very fast and you’ll be on your way enjoying yourself. This tool will clean up everything your dog leaves behind.

  • Exercise your dog before traveling

In order to make sure your best friend does not bother you while driving, you should tire it out before leaving. That way, the pooch will lay silently and nap most of the way, and it will not be curious to look outside the window or around the car.

This is especially important for those of you who plan to drive to the destination because you will have no trouble with your pet bothering you along the way.

  • Get them focused on the window

When you travel with your dog their curiosity will rise because it will be a whole new environment for them. To be sure that they don’t bother you or anyone else, pretend to be curious about what is going on outside the car, or any other transportation vehicle you take.

They will follow your lead, and you should constantly look at the window and ask “What is that” so that they stay focused.

  • Do a practice run

First-time traveling with your dog? A piece of advice from suggests you should do a practice run to see how it behaves. That way you’ll know exactly what to do with it. Do you put in a more restrained position or there is no need for it, do you get him to sleep or do something else, how impatient is it, etc.

Once you try out a short distance practice rune you will know what to expect, what to bring along with you on the trip, and how careful you need to be with the dog in general.

  • Bring distractions

Since dogs are curious and impatient and they often don’t want to be ignored. It can make traveling with a dog more of a challenge. They will rather circle themselves in the car because they are being ignored by the driver and other people. A toy is a good idea in this situation, especially the ones your furry friends can play with without anyone else.

Bring along their favourite chew toy so that they would play with it instead of expecting you to pay all the attention to it.

  • Get a comfortable pet carrier on wheels

Since they usually cannot stay in one spot during the trip, you could somewhat fixate your dog in a pet carrier that you are sure it likes. If it is comfortable for your best friend you know that he won’t give you any trouble during the trip.

If you get a carrier like this with wheels you will have a way easier time getting your pet to the designated area in the hotel and everywhere else that you want to bring him.

traveling with a dog
It can be a great joy to bring your dog with you on holiday
  • Bribe it with treats

Maybe the easiest way to get your dog to behave, especially if it did not go through the full training, is by bribing it with treats. Though you need to be careful about developing bad habits as routines.

Once you are in an unknown area where you don’t know how others will react to a misbehaving dog, you need to make sure your best friend is always a good boy. And what better way to do that than giving it treats if it stays calm. Try training

it a little before going on a trip, and continue to do the practice once you are at your destination, and no one will have trouble with the furry pet.

A final word on traveling with a dog

These hacks are some of the many you could learn to make your traveling with a dog more enjoyable for everyone. Dogs are fun and cute, but they can be troublesome along the way and in new environments.

Make note of the points in this article and read some of the others recommended below to know exactly what you could do to prevent a disaster. Nowadays, it can be very simple to travel with your dog as long as you’re well informed.


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