Travelling in Dubai before buying property

7 Feb, 2023

Travelling in Dubai before buying property

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There are people who buy property and become homeowner in their home town. There are others who work as expats abroad and so find they buy property in another country. Then there are those who look further afield for unique places to buy property. If you are travelling in Dubai consider the real estate there. There are many attractions. Read on to learn more.

Travelling in Dubai before buying a property – places to visit

travelling in Dubai
Dubai projects an image of luxury and calm, and rightly so

Today Dubai is one of the most expensive cities in the world. It is where luxurious hotels and ultra-modern architecture stimulate the imagination. The metropolis consists of several neighborhoods that differ in infrastructure, number of attractions and variety of housing. One of the most popular destinations is Dubai Creek Harbour.

Enjoy travelling in Dubai in the ultimate coastal project

It is a coastal project that includes residential, retail, commercial and entertainment facilities located adjacent to parks, recreation and sports areas. And if you are travelling in Dubai you really must see it for yourself. If you are considering buying real estate here, then you are spoiled for choice.

From the very beginning, apartments in Dubai Creek Harbour for expats were designed to make residents feel most comfortable to live, work and relax.

However, there are plenty of unforgettable attractions located in other neighborhoods of Dubai. All of them are definitely worth visiting before making a responsible step of investing in property.

Popular destinations to see when travelling in Dubai

Dubai in the UAE may be called the capital of attractions in the world. It is almost impossible to find one more city that hosts such an incredible number of interesting places and that’s what makes travelling in Dubai so interesting.

However, we are not going to discuss the famous Burj Khalifa or the Dubai Fountain, we will pay attention to less known but unique places in the metropolis.

Today we will become aware of the following unforgettable sights worth visiting when travelling in Dubai:

  • The Palm Islands;
  • The Emirates Towers;
  • The Jumeirah Mosque;
  • Atlantis, The Palm;
  • The District of Bastakia;
  • IMG Worlds of Adventure;
  • Dubai Miracle Garden.

The Palm Islands

If you want to witness the most beautiful view of the artificial complex, take an unforgettable flight in an airplane over Dubai. Many travel companies organize such unbelievable excursions. Moreover, you can make a parachute jump with an instructor.

Boat trips are available as well for those who do not intend to explore the territory from the height. Traveling on a boat, you will see exclusive villas and sparkling yachts, tourists and locals, and outstanding architectural advances.

The Emirates Towers

travelling in Dubai
Downtown has many modern skyscrapers that add drama to the modern city landscape


The Emirates Towers are represented by two immense skyscrapers connected by the trading gallery. One tower hosts multiple head-offices of international corporations and governmental establishments, the other welcomes guests to the luxury hotel. There is a lot of greenery and a huge park across the towers.

Worth noting when you are travelling in Dubai, there are many beautiful scenes accessible from within the centre.

The Jumeirah Mosque

One of the beautiful mosques of the country is located in the Dubai`s neighborhood Jumeirah. The building was developed in the Fatimid style of the medieval period less than half a century ago. It is considered modernist and progressive because it is the first mosque in the UAE that allowed open access.

That means to people of different religions, not only practicing Muslims. The opening of the doors of the mosque intended to spread the Islam to the visitors.

Atlantis, The Palm

Look out for Atlantis, when travelling in Dubai. The Palm is a colossal resort complex located on the famous artificial island of Palm Jumeirah. The atmosphere of the resort transports guests to a very special world – the world of Atlantis that disappeared from the face of the earth.

Strolling through the lobby, you can see eight frescoes telling the story of the legendary Atlantians. And in the numerous oceanariums you can see mysterious relics and ruins of this legendary continent, as well as hundreds of different representatives of marine flora and fauna, typical for this region and for tropical latitudes.

The District of Bastakiya

The District of Bastakiya will be appreciated by history lovers who have already seen everything of the futuristic Dubai. It is a perfect place to feel the local flavor without any technological advances. Bastakiya offers peace and quiet where you can taste delicious food in small cafes, stroll around the souvenir shops and visit boutiques with antiques.

travelling in Dubai

IMG Worlds of Adventure

The amusement park is an ideal option for holidays with children, and a good respite from the other attractions when travelling in Dubai. The park is designed to accommodate up to 20,000 visitors a day. The entire area is divided into thematic zones. The huge territory offers multiple entertainment facilities to any taste.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Just imagine the territory of several hectares where the whole field of flowers is spread with multicolored carpets. This is a highlight when travelling in Dubai. Italian landscape designers have created amazing compositions of colorful buds. The portrait of the sheik lined with flowers is the main attraction. This is one of the best places for leisurely walks and photo shoots.

Travelling in Dubai and the outcomes

It seems that Dubai has everything that you can think of. The variety of entertainment impresses, in particular the architecture impresses even more. The metropolis welcomes foreigners who decide to join the luxury and style. Purchase of reasonably priced housing from the real estate agency AX CAPITAL is a perfect tool to start a new life in an amazing place.


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