Travelling with your dog – Places to stay in the UK

30 Nov, 2020

Travelling with your dog – Places to stay in the UK

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Travelling with your dog can be a great joy, but our furry friends are not always so welcome everywhere we go. As a pet owner and more especially a dog owner it is worth thinking about your destination choices to ensure you have the best chance of a great place to stay and visit. Of course you can always find a pet sitter and travel across a broader landscape.

However, sometimes you simply have to take your furry friend along and that’s fabulous. Here are some top tips for places to visit and stay with your furry best friend.

travelling with a dog
Outdoor adventures can be exciting especially with a dog

Where to Stay in the U.K. if You’re Travelling with Your Dog

Having a dog in your life means having an extra loving family member by your side forever. Wherever you go with your family, you’ll want your dog to be with you. You should try your best to choose venues where they can have a good time too. Many pet owners struggle to find places to travel to in the UK where they can bring their pups along.

Planning travelling with your dog

If you are trying to plan a fun family trip, and have an idea to go travelling with your dog a little forethought is worthwhile. You need to think where would be good to take your fur baby with you and allow them to enjoy their time away from home.  

Here are some places you can visit with stunning open landscapes in the UK that are recommended for travelling with your dog. 

Visit Cornwall

Dogs are very active beings. They love running around and fetching toys if they have any. So when you are thinking of traveling with your dog somewhere in the UK, keep that fact in mind. Cornwall is one of the many places where you can travel with a dog and give them a chance to run around in the wide-open spaces.

There is a lovely coast in the city where your canine can run around freely without any restrictions. You can also take them to one of the most pup-friendly areas in Cornwall, which is the Isles of Scilly. This is where you can take your puppy to different pubs and hotels as well as go on as many walks as you both please.

There are endless options in Cornwall and it would be a perfect holiday destination for all family members. 

Stay in Brighton

If you are not really sure whether you are into the great outdoors or looking for a relaxing break indoors with your pup, then Brighton might be the perfect destination. You can easily find a huge choice of dog friendly cottages in the city if you simply want to stay inside for a short city break without having to leave your fur baby behind.

If you change your mind and decide you want to go outdoors for some fun, then you can easily walk to the Brighton coast where you can enjoy some seaside views and let your dog roam around freely and get some fresh air.

There is also a wide range of pubs and restaurants that allow dogs and their owners to have some quality time together without any restrictions. 

The Lake District

Integrating with nature is essential for both dogs and owners as well as their fur babies. If you are looking to explore nature, then the Lake District could be the perfect choice when travelling with your dog.

This area in the North West of England is rich in natural attractions and stunning views. You can do all sorts of fun activities there where you can simply pack your camping kit and enjoy a couple of nights in the wild. Or you can book a stay at one of the many dog-friendly hotels and cottages in the area.

If your dog enjoys swimming then you can take a dive with them in one of the lakes that surround the area if the weather is warm enough. 

Discover Cheshire

There is nothing quite like spending a few days in a traditional UK countryside location with your dog. Cheshire can offer you that fascinating experience where you are surrounded by greenery and crops everywhere. You and your furry little creature can explore nature quite freely in large open space.

There are also stunning geographical sights like Alderley Edge that are not only breathtaking and easy to visit with a dog.

Once you are done with the great outdoors, you can book your stay in a cottage or a Bed and Breakfast with your loyal little friend where you can enjoy some quiet time in the warmth snuggling under the blankets while spectating the glamorous views from your window. 

Vast landscapes of Northumberland

Dunstanburgh Castle in Northumberland, UK

Ever travelled to the far North of England? If not consider the vast landscapes of Northumberland, they are breathtaking and tremendous fun to discover when travelling with your dog.

You cannot really say you have seen the mesmerizing natural beauty of the UK until you have travelled to Northumberland. The great North-Eastern county is a perfect destination for dog owners to travel with dogs, if taking a few days off to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Northumberland, the least populated of the English counties, is filled with nature trails. Dog walking is a daily habit for most inhabitants. You can walk all day if you like, taking in all the coastal beauty and the greenery surrounding you from every corner. 

North Wales and Snowdonia

When it comes to adventurous getaways in the UK, North Wales and Snowdonia are the best spots for that purpose. You can take your dog with you to the mountains of Snowdonia in South Wales.

Here hiking is a popular pastime where you can let your fur baby run up and down hills. There are countless dog-friendly pubs and bars where you can take refreshment and warm up. That way you would not have to leave your pup alone all day long. It is easy to take them with you.

Travelling with your dog in the North York Moors

If you are looking for somewhere rural where you can take your dog consider the North York Moors. If you are travelling with your dog the Moors are a really great destination with lots of open landscape to discover together.

It’s partly a coastal destination and super pet-friendly. You would not struggle one bit to find accommodation for you and your dog. There are also many activities to do together with the family.

From sandy beaches to nature trails where daily walks will entertain the family and your furry little creature. 

travelling with a dog
How wonderful to enjoy a holiday with your best friend, holidays are great when travelling with your dog

Housesitting and travelling with your dog

While it is not a given that every housesitting opportunity with pets will accept you travelling with your dog, you may be surprised at how often it happens. It depends entirely on the hosting homeowner and their pet situation.

We have a significant number of housesitters who travel with one well trained dog, and we have stories that they have shared about how they make this work.

While travelling with your dog is not always easy on some housesitting assignments it works very well.

Examples of housesitters travelling with their dogs

travelling with your dog
Michelle and Edie travel and housesit together

Here are a couple of examples of housesitters who travel with their dogs and have shared their stories with us:

Gretelle a Housesitmatch Housesitter and her city Spaniel housesit in the mountains of Spain

Michelle Dines a Housesitmatch Housesitter and Homeowner, travels in Europe with Edie

Travelling with your dog across the UK in summary

The UK is a nation of dog lovers. So when travelling with your dog, you do not have to worry one bit about finding dog-friendly destinations. You’ll be able to enjoy a good time with the whole family.

You should, however, consider choosing places where you can do some fun activities outdoors.  That’s what makes travelling with your dog so much fun.

There are cities by the seaside and destinations with nature trails to explore with your canine friend. Research before booking your stay just to make sure you have all the necessary information. It means you can have a relaxing break with your family and furry little creature. 

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