Travelling with your dog? Protect your car from dog hair

23 Jan, 2021

Travelling with your dog? Protect your car from dog hair

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As a dog owner you may well know the effects of travelling with your dog in a car. You find the hair all over the car, left as a souvenir. And wet dogs after muddy walks leave their own delightful combination of wet hair and odours. Here are some thoughts on how to protect your car from dog hair and dog smells.

6 Ways To Protect Your Car Seats From Dog Hair 

dog hair
Some dogs simply love being in the car

Are you looking for ways to protect your car seats from dog hair? We got you covered! People with a dog pet face the problem of dog hair lying around in their car that makes the car interior appear untidy. There are many ways of protecting your car seats from dog hair.

If you are looking for the best dog seat covers for trucks, you must know the top features and specifications they offer.  The seat covers should fit the truck well and protect its interior from your dog hair. You can find the best product once you are aware what kind of product you need.

This article presents you with various ways that can help protect your car seats from dog hair. We have elaborated on different methods that you may consider for protecting the interior of your car. So, read on to learn more about it. 

How To Protect Your Car Seats From Dog Hair?

Here we have listed down some common ways that as the dog owner you can protect your car seats. Using these methods, you can get rid of residue hair or smells, keeping your car tidy and clean. 

Backseat Protector

A back seat protector also called a dog hammock, is a black coloured material with adjustable clips and straps. It hangs in the back area of the car. They have three main designs that you can choose from for your needs. The styles include:

  • A full-size back seat protector that protects the back seats, car doors, back of the front seats, and the floor. 
  • The second type is the half-size hammock, which is similar to a full-size seat protector. The only difference is that it takes up only half of the back seat, giving space to another passenger in the back seat.
  • Lastly, a back seat cover that fits perfectly on the back seats. But it does not cover the floor, back of the front seats, and side doors.

Trim Dog’s Hair Before Car Rides

Make sure to groom your dog before taking him along on your car rides. Bath your dog and brush him well to remove excess pet hair before he enters the car. 

It will reduce a large amount of deposited hair from your car. Also, use brushes that are specially designed to remove excess hair.

Boot Cover

A boot protector is suitable for people who prefer keeping the dog in their SUV’s boot. The protector is a huge cloth covering the floor and walls of the boot. The cover protects your boot upholstery from dog hair, keeping it clean and tidy.

Dog Booster Seat

Ensure you use a dog safety belt on every ride in your car

If you have a small dog breed, you should consider a dog booster seat. The seat fits small or tiny dogs well. It resembles a wicker basket having straps and buckles to keep it safe in one place, similar to a kid’s car seat. 

Travelling safely with your dog

The seat consists of a seat belt in the basket that keeps the dog secure while you drive the car. It is an ideal way of making your dog sit in one place securely and also preventing your car seats from dog hair. The method is suitable for calm dogs who will stay in one place throughout the car ride. It can also work on driving holidays where you take your dog, as long as you stop occasionally for rest breaks. 

Clean Dog Hair Regularly

Make sure that you clean pet hair from your car after every trip. It helps to keep your car’s interior clean and prevents dog hair from accumulating in your car. If you do not clean dog hair regularly, they tend to stick into the car seats and mats. 

As a result, it may get very difficult to remove them. Use specialized tools to clean like a wire brush and rubber brush. 

Be sure to vacuum your car after every ride and use lint rollers. All of this will help you in preventing car seats from pet hair.

Odour Eliminator

Along with pet hair, you might want to eliminate pet smells from your car. To do so, make sure that you vacuum your dog hair and remove them from the floor and car interior. If required, you may wash the seat covers to remove dog hair. 

Moreover, sprinkle baking soda on the car seat fabric and floor and leave it overnight. This method will ensure the removal of dog hair and foul smell from your car’s interior the next morning. 

Lastly, you may use a spray that eliminates dog odour from your car. These odor eliminators does not only help in ridding your car from foul smells but also acts as a stain remover. So, they can help you cleaning your car seats, allowing you to remove dog hair.

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