Trendy bathroom ideas to transform your room

17 Feb, 2021

Trendy bathroom ideas to transform your room

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Updating your home can bring a new lease of life to living in the same familiar living space.  And bathrooms especially feel the benefit of a refresh. Few homeowners spend much time on regularly refitting the bathroom. So it is always a good idea to look around and check out the latest trendy bathroom ideas you fancy. Some are pretty inexpensive and just take a little effort. Here are some top tips to help you refresh your bathroom.

6 Trendy Ideas That Will Transform Your Bathroom

trendy bathroom ideas
A few simple accessories can make all the difference

Bathrooms are often some of the most complicated rooms to renovate. With so much that can go wrong with bathroom renovations, from tiling choice, problematic pipes, or wet walls, they require a team of professionals to ensure the quality of the finished project.

On the other hand, if you’re into DIY projects, there’s an abundance of ideas to get you inspired. From repainting your furniture, changing the mirror, or organizing your cabinets, there’s an abundance of approaches you can have to revive your outdated bathroom.

In this guide, we’ll offer you six different approaches to improve your bathroom’s functionality and aesthetic. What’s more, you’ll see that even with the simplest changes, you’ll be able to change the room and make it more modern drastically.

Trendy bathroom ideas to try out

  1. Change a bathroom mirror and accessorize

The first thing you see whenever you get into the bathroom is the mirror. Sometimes, only with a new one, you will feel like you’re entering a different room. You can either repaint the mirror’s frame, design it with a gold framed mirror as an accent.

You can also get a smart mirror with LED lights or opt for a rustic frame to match the rest of the cabinetry.

Since you have the chance to add some details to your bathroom, consider the following:

  • Get a new soap dish and sink accessories
  • Swap out old tiles for a clear acrylic sheet splashboard
  • Buy different hand towels
  • Add small plants
  • Find colour-coordinated scented candles.

Coordinate your accessories with your mirror’s style and you’ll make the space more welcoming. You can also add a few frames with photos or hang framed art that you love.

  1. Add industrial style shelves

Additional storage space is always welcome in any bathroom. If an immobile cabinet sound too bulky, in small bathrooms, you can still use rolling carts where you’ll place all your necessities. And an industrial look is one of the current trendy bathroom ideas that is not expensive and easy to achieve.

If you’re a fan of the industrial style, you can easily make shelves from reclaimed wood and a few pipes. These small projects can save a considerable amount of money, and in the end, you can have a beautiful new corner where you can have all your towels, bathroom necessities, and plants.

  1. Upgrade your vanity with golden details

There are a few distinct styles when it comes to the bathroom vanity area. You can either choose a rustic vanity, farmhouse style, vintage or modern and minimalistic. Ultimately, it all comes down to the style you prefer and what fits in your budget. However, golden details are always a good idea. 

trendy bathroom ideas
A monochrome look can be very sophisticated


You can use boards from reclaimed wood and second-hand sinks that will create a different atmosphere. On the other hand, if you love contemporary style, as long as you’re playing it safe with white, gray, or black tiles, you can’t go wrong.

If you decide to create a double vanity and install another sink, use the opportunity to make a unique cabinet where you can fit all your bathroom necessities. If you’re into DIY projects, creating a new wardrobe from wood could be a fantastic way to practice your skills.

  1. Change the tile colour

If your budget isn’t enough to cover the cost of changing the tiles, a way to solve the issue is to repaint all of them white. This is one of the really quick and easy trendy bathroom ideas. Not only that your bathroom will look clean and fresh, but you’ll also remove traces of mold or irregularities with just a few layers of paint. 

With dark colour on the floor or walls, you’ll add a touch of drama and seriousness, especially if you choose dark blue, green, or carbon shades. What’s more, you can use stencils for floor tiles to add some geometric patterns to your bathroom, and with it, it will feel like a different room.

You can also use removable adhesive tiles or something like PVC bathroom wall panels, which can both be attached to the existing tiles that you have. They’re easy to install, and they’ll look as good as if they’re real tiles. Removable tiles are a tremendous renter-friendly solution as you can remove them whenever you want, and they can be a much simpler job than having to pick tiles off, retile, and grout, and get it all even. If you want to mix up the look of the bathroom then you can easily try out new styles and colours, as they are pretty inexpensive and can be removed easily. 

  1. Replace old light fixtures

Light is particularly important in the bathroom as it sets the atmosphere. There are always some trendy bathroom ideas you can integrate with new light fittings. Light fixtures can be the least expensive option to transform your bathroom completely.

With loads of light fixtures, pendants, and small led reflectors to choose from, you should decide on the looks and call a professional to set it up. Even if you’re at work, your house sitter can let the electrician in, and by the time you get home, new bathroom light fixtures will be on the wall.  

On the other hand, you can repaint the fixtures you have or use a different lightbulb. With a LED fixtures, you can be very creative, as they can be glued to almost anything. With a discrete glow behind the mirror or a shelf, they’ll turn your bathroom into an oasis.

trendy bathroom ideas
Make a feature of a necessity
  1. Buy new hardware

Changing your bathroom’s hardware can make all the difference, especially when you change the faucets, drawer pulls, and towel bars.

Even your countertops will look differently with bras or black faucets, as they’ll change the feel altogether.

Keep in mind that you might have to compromise on the faucets’ shape. This really matters if you want to place them exactly where the old ones were. With a new black frame shower screens, your shower will have a modern look. Of course, you can decide to go for a golden, metal, or even bras finish as it will uplift your showering experience.

To keep the bathroom project within the budget, make sure to replace old hardware with a similar-sized screw spacing. You can change all your drawer pulls without any new holes, and they’ll look better than ever before.

Of course, should you decide to get new cabinets, there’s a variety of styles, shapes, and color choices to make your bathroom look like it came out of the décor magazine.  

Trendy bathroom ideas are all about the feeling

You certainly don’t have to change the whole bathroom to bring it back to life. Just try a few trendy bathroom ideas to breathe life into your room. A few budget-friendly changes will be enough to make it more appealing and stylish. Think about the feeling you want to achieve and choose accessories accordingly.

Since there’s more than enough inspiration you can find online, try to incorporate new solutions in your bathroom vision. Great things will happen if you allow your imagination to grow. Even if you’re new to DIY, this might the time to roll up your sleeves and make your bathroom spectacular.  



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