Try House Sitting – Top 13 Reasons Why

25 Apr, 2024

Try House Sitting – Top 13 Reasons Why

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There are many reasons to try house sitting and pet sitting as a way to travel, as a way to save money, as a way to save on rent, as a way to indulge your love of pets and gardening to name but a few. Read on to learn our top 13 reasons why you should give housesitting a go.

Why People Try House Sitting – The Top 10 Reasons

try housesitting and stay somewhere new
Housesitters give homeowners peace of mind. In return they enjoy free accommodation in a new location

1. House Sitting Offers a New Affordable Travel Adventure

If you are new to the concept of a housesit then the main reason you should try house siting is because it offers you a brand new adventure. You can try a housesit near home to get your sea legs and get your first reference, so to speak, or try further afield in order to travel and exchange your pet and home care for free accommodation.

First you should sign up with a professional house sitting websites like HouseSit Match to help you get started. They will guide you and help you to create a good profile to attract home and pet owners.

Housesitting offers a win win solution for both house sitters and the homeowners!

2. Indulge Your Love of Pets

dog sitter holding a dog
A love of pets is a great place to start as a pet sitter if you want to try house sitting

Photo by Jenny Kaye

Many of us have had pets at some point in our life. If you love pets and animals,and no longer have any of your own, then pet sitting is a great way to rekindle your love of animals, to enjoy their company while you help someone out in a collaborative housesit.

Whether you love dogs or cats, birds or a Komodo Dragon you can find house sitting assignments to suit your taste and experience.

3. Discover somewhere completely new

If you have always wanted to travel outside of your usual destinations, you can try house sitting as a way to discover somewhere completely new from the comfort of someone’s home.

You will help them by caring for their property and pets while they are away. And usually they will also be happy to guide you to the best attractions not to miss, the best markets to buy local produce and the best way to travel around while you are staying in their location.

4. Enjoy a working holiday housesitting by petsitting

Some people love to travel and discover new locations, even in their home region but they prefer an active holiday. Housesitting and petsitting assignment can meet that brief. While some house sit assignments are quite sedentary and simply require you to be present to keep pets company, others are active.

Some housesitters love to volunteer to mow the grass, water indoor and out door plants, walk the dogs. Others with specific experience with horses and farm animals like to try house sitting in order to be active and engaged with these larger animals as a practical and working holiday.

The great advantage when you try house sitting for the first time is you can choose the housesit assignments you want to apply for.

5. Exchange your experience in home and pet care for free accommodation

Most people feel gratified if they can barter or exchange their time, experience and skills for something in return. If you try house sitting you’ll find that the house sitting lifestyle offers you a wonderful opportunity to live by exchanging your experience in home and pet care for free accommodation.

The more you offer and help your hosts as a housesitter, the more they will be inclined to help you.

6. Rediscover your joy of gardening by garden sitting

lovely floral patio garden and outdoor table
Gardening is a passion, and garden sitting is a great way to indulge that passion even on holiday

Photo by Lamia Walker

I love gardening, just being in a growing outdoor environment, surrounded by flowers, fruits and vegetables is a pleasure for me. Simply being in someone else’s garden is fascinating to me, how they organise their garden, their flower and vegetable beds, how they protect their areas for growing fruit.

This view into someone’s garden is an excellent way to learn. If I can be of assistance by watering the plants and flower pots, weeding the flower beds, gather any produce in the growing and ripening period it is a great joy.

Equally if someone can water my plants and make sure the beer pots (organic slug traps) are maintained while I am away I am enormously grateful.

7. Live like a local by housesitting in a new neighbourhood

One of the great pleasures many people report back to us when they try house sitting in a new neighbourhood or country is discovering the local farmers markets, the small local museums that rarely make the national newspapers or the published Fodors Travel Guides.

house-sitting and visiting local markets
Local farmer’s markets in a new country or location can be great fun and good value

Photo by Lamia Walker

8. Feel safer if travelling alone by staying in someone’s home by house sitting

Many mature or single housesitters say they feel much safer when travelling alone if they are house sitting. The homeowners will usually introduce the to their neighbours, the local vet to care for the pets should they need their professional advice. Often the homeowners will also take them shopping and show them the local transport options.

The feeling if you try house sitting is more cared for than if you are holed up in an anonymous hostel or hotel in a new city. Plus the homeowner will leave a briefing document with some useful contact details for most unexpected eventualities.

9. Discover a new country from a real neighbourhood

young travellers walking up stairs
Housesitters can travel in a new city and from the base in a friendly neighbourhood

Photo by George Pak

Travelling in a new country can be a little intimidating. However, if you try house sitting you will see that the familiarity of a comfortable home in a neighbourhood is reassuring and gives you a known base from which to learn about this new country.

You may also be using a new language or an unfamiliar language, so the have the basics of a home base organised for you is a helpful start.

10. Practice a new language

There is nothing better than being relocated to a new country and having to practice your language skills by running routine errands and tasks, like shopping, travelling on public transport or taking casually to people you meet.

When you want to visit a new country to practice your language skills try house sitting. It will help to give you practice in real life situation, to accelerate your basic Babbel or Rosetta Stone grammar basics.

11 Live in a new culture to absorb the way of life

If you are wanting to sample a country or region’s culture to absorb the way of life, perhaps before moving there, then try house sitting. It is a great way to live in the environment and absorb the way people act and live. It could help you make the right decision, or save yourself from an expensive bad decision.

12. Travel for longer and cut travel costs by house and pet sitting

traveller looking at a European city
Try housesitting and enjoy free accommodation which can extend your travel budgets

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Many long term house sitters choose the house sitting life style because it allows them to travel for longer and of course it cuts their travel costs. By exchanging their time and experience in home and pet care they can work their way around the world by house and petsitting.

13. Sabbatical house sitting

Some people decide to travel during a mid-career break. They take time out for sabbatical housesitting which enables people to travel further and for longer, without the restrictions of returning to work after a short break.

Final Thoughts on Why You Might Try House Sitting

There are so many reasons why you should try house sitting that it is difficult to resist. While many people will have specific questions before they start ask the house sitting platform you are considering joining for some advice. They will likely be able to answer your questions with examples and scenarios to help you.

You might consider a local housesit to get started, then try a holiday housesit. Then others go further and adopt the full house sitting life style. Go on, try house sitting.


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