Trying to sell a house? 4 Things to remember

26 May, 2021

Trying to sell a house? 4 Things to remember

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Most homeowners from time to time find themselves trying to sell a house, in order to move on. Preparing to move on to another home will involve a number of different stages, some simpler than others. Here are 4 things to take into consideration when you are preparing to sell your home.

4 Things You Should Consider Before Trying to Sell a House

trying to sell a house
Ensure your property has curb appeal

When people decide to move it can be for a variety of different reasons. They may have fallen out of love with their neighbours or the local area. Perhaps they have inherited some money and can now afford a bigger house. For some, the old one may have outgrown their requirements whilst for others they are moving abroad for work. 

Psychiatrists will tell you that moving house can be a highly stressful process, featuring alongside such things as divorce and bereavement. People often have to leave their comfort zones and uproot their possessions, before establishing themselves somewhere new. If you are perched on the edge of such a journey, this article will provide you with four key things to think about before you proceed. 

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  • Selling For Cash 

This is an option for people who are trying to sell a house quickly, rather than following the usual process with a real estate agent. If you know the value of your property you can apply to specialist companies to see how much they would be willing to offer. People can often request (no-obligation) cash offers online, and if they proceed closure could be achieved within a fortnight. 

This route sometimes helps people who have become divorced, lost their jobs, or fallen into mortgage arrears. The homeowner would not be required to deal with any outstanding issues such as the need for repairs, or problems with squatters or difficult tenants. 


  • Renovation

Perhaps you have taken on a permanent lodger or elderly parents. Alternatively, your family has grown since you originally bought the home and you are now in need of more rooms. You may succeed in securing planning permission for you to extend. In this case renovating could be cheaper than moving. If your children are in the middle of an important school year or you love being where you are, this could be the solution. 

You may be able to add an extra bedroom or bathroom. Whilst this could involve months of disruption it may add value to your home. On the downside, it can be stressful when you have children – especially young ones – and you are unable to move out while the work is being done. 

trying to sell a house
Keep your packing tidy and organised if you can


  • Preparing The House For Viewings

In one sense you need to depersonalize your home when trying to sell a house. This includes removing family photos from view. Whilst potential buyers may enjoy visiting a home that looks lived in, they will ultimately be needing a blank canvas so they can picture themselves being there. If you could afford to put some of your possessions into storage, this could help.

When trying to sell a house three will be things to spend money on to ensure your home has curb appeal. Repaint the wood around your door frames or entrance area and cover over scuff marks, using neutral colors. Don’t go crazy and spend hundreds of dollars repainting the entire house; it’s likely the new owners will want to change it anyway. 

If you declutter the home and garden any potential buyer will feel you have looked after the property. Put fresh flowers in the rooms and use scented candles or an air freshener. Some people will be put off by the presence of children or pets (potentially allergic to the latter) so be mindful when people come around. 


  • Do The Maths

In many ways, this is the deal-breaker. Be sure to get your budgeting right. Take a good look at the house prices and decide whether this is the best time to sell. If the market is depressed or sleepy a delay could make a significant difference if you are able to wait. Use the expertise of a realtor to ascertain your selling price and establish what is the least amount you are prepared/able to accept. It may be that there are things you can leave behind for the buyer, in which case this could be added to your asking price. 

Find out how much it will cost to employ a removal firm and real estate agent (beware hidden costs!) – and to relocate. Be sure there will be extra money in the bank for unforeseen expenses. If you will need to do work on the new home this needs to be factored in. 

A final note on trying to sell a house

If you make the right decisions, the whole process could become easier. Whilst any upheaval brings a measure of uncertainty, it could be the springboard to a new and happy life elsewhere. Rather than being an experience of worry and stress, it could be the means to your dream future.



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