Vacation without the pets – 6 Great Tips

15 May, 2023

Vacation without the pets – 6 Great Tips

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Everyone who has ever had a pet knows that responsibility is an important one, note least at holiday time. As petowners we know the need to plan a holiday in advance can make the difference between a relaxing vacation without the pets and one full of worry. Read on to learn more about our 6 top tips for peace of mind while you are away.

Planning a Relaxing Vacation without the Pets? Top 6 Things to Consider Before Traveling

vacation without the pets
It can be hard to leave your pet behind, but finding the right pet care gives you peace of mind

Sometimes your choice of vacation is incompatible with keeping your companion with you. it is not always easy to find pet friendly vacation rentals where you are going. So it becomes important to organise yourself to vacation without the pets. Whether because of the active nature of your holiday, or budget reasons or because of limited pet-friendly accommodation, traveling without your furry friend might be the best decision at that time.

The challenge of a vacation without the pets

However, a vacation without the pets can be an emotionally difficult decision. You might be thinking ‘I miss my dog when I go on vacation’. You might want to ask the question ‘do dogs miss their owners when they go on holiday’? 

Very likely yes, however, as long as they have a good and caring companion that helps to maintain their routine dogs and other pets are usually happy. 

What do to with pets when travelling?

But that doesn’t mean your desire for a relaxing getaway is lost. There are plenty of savvy strategies and practical considerations to remember before booking official travel arrangements if you plan on leaving Fido or Feline behind. 

vacation without the pets
Mostly pets are happy when they have company at home

1. Consider finding a pet sitter or a house sitter

As much as you hate leaving your furry friends to vacation without the pets, sometimes it’s best. Finding someone to care for your animals in their home is one way to have a relaxing vacation without your pets.

Where do people leave their pets when they go on vacation?

One option is to leave pets at home with a trusted housesitter or petsitter. A vacation without the pets means you need a petsitter who can take care of them while you’re away. While some may opt for traditional boarding, others hire a pet sitter.

Some also ask a friend or family member for help. This provides peace of mind because your pet is in familiar hands, and it also allows them to stay at home.

How can I ensure the pets are comfortable and have what they need at home?

Just ensure that the pets and the petsitters have what they need while you are away. Ensure your pets are comfortable, which means providing all the right food supplies and toys for your pets. For example get a big bed for a large dog. Often, this dog bed sofa for a large canine will help keep them cozy, comfortable, and relaxed while you’re away.

Make sure you have a good petsitter.

How do I find a good pet sitter?

Join a housesitting and petsitting platform like The sitters are checked, the travel to your home, and they don’t charge you a penny, because they work to earn a good review from you.

Ultimately, having a trusted person care for your pet can make all the difference in ensuring their happiness and well-being while you’re away. So whether you hire a professional or consider asking a loved one, think of all your options regarding pet care while you’re out of town.

What are the responsibilities of a pet sitter

Whether the petsitter caring for beloved family pets, is also a housesitter asked to mind your home and garden while you are away help them prepare for your pets.

The care and well being of the pets is part of the responsibilities of a house sitter. When you vacation without the pets you want to be sure of that. In summary, that means petsitters are responsible for feeding routines, exercise routines and grooming. All these activities form part of what you might be asked to do to care for the pet.

Specialist pet sitters

Some housesitters specialise in particular pets as either dog sitters or catsitters etc. Some even state on their public profile whether they prefer or have more experience with particular pets. Alternatively they may state if they are general all rounders and have cared for lots of pets.

2. Research boarding options for your pet

When you are planning a vacation without the pets, it’s crucial to have a plan for them in place. Look into boarding facilities and doggy daycare near your home where your furry friend can stay safe and secure with professionals while you’re away.

Before confirming your plans, research the facilities and read reviews from past customers to ensure it’s a good fit for your pet. You should also consider setting up a meet-and-greet with the staff to familiarize your pet with the environment and review their medication policies, special diets, and other needs.

3. Provide emergency contacts

In case of an emergency while you’re away, it’s important to give the housesitter or petsitter in charge detailed instructions and contact information. Making sure they know how to reach you during your travels will help you secure peace of mind as you vacation without the pets.

Preparing a list of emergency contacts, such as family or neighbors who can help care for your pet while you’re away is also a good idea. Be sure to provide detailed instructions regarding their specific needs, like medications and favorite toys.

Whether you have one or more pets leaving written instructions for the the petsitter is vital

4. Don’t forget to leave instructions on how to care for your pet

When you vacation without the pets it’s important to include instructions for caring for your beloved pet when you decide to go on a vacation. Everyone wants to ensure their furry friends are well cared for, but sometimes people forget that their pets rely on us for their daily routines.

Leaving instructions for their feeding and exercise schedules can make all the difference. It ensures that whoever is looking after your pet follows the same pattern you do and gives your pet the stability and comfort they need to thrive even in your absence. So don’t forget to add those important details and give your pet the loving care they deserve.

5. Have a plan for handling medical emergencies while you’re away

You might like to forget about the possibility of medical emergencies while traveling, it is a reality you must confront. Mishaps do happen. That’s why it’s wise to have a plan to avoid unnecessary panic and confusion.

Thankfully, people now live in the technological era, meaning creating a medical emergency plan couldn’t be easier. With a few clicks online, you can research hospitals and emergency services or print out significant phone numbers and addresses. Taking these simple measures can make all the difference in a time of need when you have to leave your furry friend behind.

6. Make sure to purchase pet insurance in case of any emergency

If you’re still wondering what to do with pets when travelling, but leaning towards leaving them at home consider pet insurance. You want to make sure that you’re being responsible and proactive. That’s why purchasing pet insurance is such a smart move.

While you may hope nothing goes wrong while you’re away, the unexpected can happen. Your pet may fall ill or get injured, and that’s where pet insurance comes in handy.

Just in case pet insurance

By purchasing this type of insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pet is covered in any emergency during your travels. Vacations without the pets are better knowing your pets are insured. Don’t take any chances – invest in pet insurance before your next trip.

Final thoughts on preparing for a vacation without the pets

Planning is one of the most essential steps for traveling with your pet. Researching pet-friendly lodging, finding a pet sitter, investing in travel insurance, creating a packing list, having an emergency plan, and providing instructions are essential for an enjoyable trip. But it is essential to consider when you need a relaxing holiday that you can have a vacation without the pets.

Just try to get ready for that opportunity. Don’t let spontaneity get in the way of responsibility. Prepare in full before hitting the road. Join a housesitting and petsitting platform like to find suitable petsitters. And be sure to have loads of fun along the way.


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