Wallpaper for house wall? Check out peel and stick paper

23 Sep, 2021

Wallpaper for house wall? Check out peel and stick paper

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Are you a homeowner who likes to decorate your own home? Do you search for good solutions for wall coverings. Have you done a Google search like ‘wallpaper for house wall’? Then read on to learn more about peel and stick wallpaper, the easy to use wall covering that DIYers are applying to lots of walls and spaces at home.

Love wallpaper for house walls at home?

wallpaper for house wall
Wallpaper can have a wonderful impact

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Peel and stick wallpaper helps your home looking like new

There are tons of reasons why you may want to update your home’s appearance. Maybe you have an open house coming up and want to make sure the potential buyers see what an amazing space you have. Or you are hosting an event. Maybe you just want a nice space you can enjoy and feel that the house could do with some touch-ups. Does this sound like you? Are you trying to update your home on a budget? The truth is- it’s possible!

Wallpaper for house wall

You may have pondered the decorating conundrum a few times. Perhaps you have Google searched ‘wallpaper for house wall’ to see what easy solutions pop up. Easy peel and stick wallpaper is your answer, and here’s why.

Why Peel and Stick Wallpaper Works

Have you heard of removable wallpaper? Peel and stick temporary wallpaper is essentially the same thing. The only difference lies in the name. It’s wallpaper that comes with its own adhesive on the backing. So, once you peel off the backing paper, you place it on the target surface, and it sticks to it. It’s so simple to install that people have now given up calling professionals to handle the work. Instead, they are now taking matters into their hands and embracing DIY projects like wallpapering.

wallpaper for house wall
Strategic use of wallpaper on selected walls can be very attractive and gives depth to a room

That’s one of the reasons why using temporary wallpaper is a good idea- there’s no need to pay for labour costs.

Moreover, it’s durable, versatile, comes in a range of colours, patterns, and designs, and has an overall positive effect on a space.

Whether you are using temporary peel and stick wallpaper for a bathroom or giving your kitchen a facelift, this wallpaper will come through!

How Are People Using Temporary Wallpapers in Their Homes?

Temporary wallpaper works like traditional wallpaper.

The only difference is that you do not need to work with cans of paste. It’s ideal as a wallpaper for house wall. All you do is stick the paper to the required surface and you are good to go. Here are some ways you can use the wallpaper:

Decorating Tight Nooks

We all have those weird angles and spaces in our homes that we cannot quite figure out how to decorate. Take the space under the stairs for example, most homeowners and DIYers struggle with that.

It stands there, bare and glaring at us, asking for a facelift. But what do you do with this triangular space that barely has specific angles? Wallpaper it!

Wallpaper has proven to be a gem when it comes to covering any spaces you might not want to see.

That goes for under and to the side of the staircase, and any other weird nooks you might have.

Can you think of one?

Now you know how to deal with it and can have a fantastic open house!

Covering Full Rooms

Do you remember how people would paper their rooms back in the day? They would install wallpaper on every wall in the space, creating symmetry. Over time, some interior designers felt that this look was too busy, and they introduced the aspect of accent walls. You would paper one wall and leave the others bare to create some visual interest. But how about going back to how we did it back in the day? Why not paper all the walls?

That’s not to say that accent walls are out. If anything, they are getting bolder and brighter with each day. But not every wallpaper serves as an accent wall. Some options were meant to replace paint and give your room a subtle lift. Take the example of a classic beige colour with slight patterns running horizontally. That’s a texture and colour that would barely compete with the focal points in the room. It’s beautiful enough to capture visual attention but not too striking to make the room feel busy. So, how about papering the whole room?

Backing Closets

As we move towards decluttering and minimalism, it’s become easier to see the back of our closets. These were once spaces that were seen only during spring cleaning before more clothes were piled into the closets. When is the last time you saw the back of your closet? Did you like what you saw?

Wallpapering closets is important for two key reasons. First, it creates a protective barrier, more so if the back of the closet is a wall. You do not want to reach for your favourite shirt only to find that some paint rubbed on it and now it has a different hue. Secondly, it increases the visual aesthetic in the space. After all, you do not want to spend time fumbling for clothes in a space you do not enjoy. Oh, and it adds a sense of style to your closet. Whether you want to take a walk down memory lane to fashion pages from decades back or want to embrace Inspo from the met gala this year, you will be good to go!

wallpaper for house wall
Wallpaper can give a feeling of quality and richness to a room

Making Your Kitchen Island Pop

Sure, your countertop may look amazing, but what about its base? Peel and stick wallpaper has many uses not simply as wallpaper for house walls. Often, people focus on the look and feel of the surface. They ooh and aah at the natural stone and cannot help but picture making healthy meals surrounded by those they love. But one day when the hype has died down, they look at the base and realize its meh. There’s nothing to it and it hardly completes the whole kitchen island vibe. Do you feel the same way about your kitchen island? How about your bar section?

If you feel that something is missing, you are probably right! We recommend that you add some texture to the room using textured wallpaper. You can go with anything from stone-inspired paper to a lovely textured design. You can even go with a plain hue to add a bit of visual interest in that underserved space.

Revamping Furniture

Do you have furniture that does not quite seem to fit the perfect picture you have in mind? While the furniture may still be in good working condition, it may feel a bit dated or dull. Rather than head to the store and spend a ton on more fittings, why not work with what you have? Temporary wallpaper works wonders in transforming previously drab pieces to masterpieces that will have people asking where you got your furniture!

A final thought on wallpaper for house wall and décor

Have you found something you like? Remember that using temporary wallpaper is one of the easiest DIYs you will find out there. Come up with an idea you love and get papering. Have fun! It’s so easy with peel and stick wallpaper.



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