Want a smart home? 6 reasons why it’s a good idea

26 Mar, 2021

Want a smart home? 6 reasons why it’s a good idea

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Living in today’s world many of us look at smart devices and the convenience of smart technology as a good thing. But have you ever considered converting your home completely into a smart home? While you are debating with yourself and perhaps those at home consider these 6 reasons. Every homeowner should think seriously about why having a smart home is a good thing.

6 Reasons Why You Need to Make your Home a Smart Home

smart home
The controls can be audible with some kits

The home of the future is seemingly already here. While The Jetsons may have predicted robot maids, flying cars, and a futuristic city above the clouds, we’re not quite there yet, but we’ve certainly made plenty of strides in making our residential lives a lot more convenient with the growing advent of home consumer electronics.

Technology is advancing rapidly, and we’re seeing that in our smartphones, our computers, and our banking, but it’s sometimes right in front of our eyes with things like robot vacuums and smart doorbells. A lot of these inventions we probably didn’t even consider just 20 years ago.

The smart home rationale

All of this is to say that it can be advantageous to turn your home from a regular dwelling into an integrated hub of your electronic devices. Your home won’t be speaking to you like HAL9000 (which is a good thing, mind you), but you can certainly make it smarter with the right gadgets. Here are 6 reasons why you need to make your home, a smart home.

1. Provides hands-free use for parents

If you’re a parent, you know how much of a struggle it can be to do multiple things at once. You do it, but you don’t like it because you’re going to be carrying your baby and trying to handle things one-handed. This is where a smart home comes in handy, ironically, because you can operate devices by voice control.

The line of Amazon and Google smart home hubs allow you to voice-activate music, control temperature, order things, make phone calls, send emails, etc. without having to put down your baby or their bottle. It’s just a small way to get some independence without having to fumble around.

2. Easy to coordinate with other smart devices

What makes a smart home so smart is that the devices can be interconnected. You don’t need some futuristic Star Trek home to be able to keep your smart smart thermostat, your Amazon Alexa, your phone, and your BlueTooth speaker all linked together, it’s happening as we speak.

Even if you’re somewhat of a technologically illiterate person (no shame in that, it can be confusing!), there are professionals from Mayflower and other smart device technicians, who are specializing in setting these device networks up in people’s homes. It’s all to say that it’s becoming increasingly easy to truly make your home one seamless smart-friendly hub.

3. Smart devices are becoming more efficient 

Before, a Google Home hub or a phone’s AI would take a while to learn and adapt to what we were saying. It would confuse “almonds” with “alpine” or some other ridiculous mix-up, but that’s no longer the case, these devices are quickly becoming much more efficient at learning as a result of extensive research and development by the big tech companies.

Likewise, each generation of devices that are compatible is making it much easier to integrate them so it’s one big seamless transition from a traditional home to a smart home.

4. Smart devices are becoming more diverse

You know about Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa, iPhone’s Siri, and the most common devices or software that is associated with smart homes, but there are much more than that. Even your Bluetooth-capable home TV is considered a smart device, so is your Bluetooth speaker. The increasing number of smart devices is actually surprising people which is a big benefit as more and more hit the market. Some of the more popular ones include smart thermostats (Nest), smart doorbells (Ring), the Roomba automatic vacuum, smart light switches, and bulbs, smartwatches, smart rings, and many, many more. 

smart home
Discrete devices mean adaptation is easy

As you can see, it’s becoming an incredible site as to what can be made into a smart piece of technology, which gives us, the consumers, a lot more variety in what we can pick and choose to outfit our homes with. In fact, there are even whole-home systems that can control the temperature of each room based on individual preferences. These whole-home systems are more expensive, and certainly more intricate, but they’re one step closer the Jetsons home of the future.

5. Security advantages over traditional systems

If you’re someone that is a little more paranoid or protective of the homestead than regular folks (again, no judgment), then you are probably very pleased to know that smart security devices are allowing for a wider range of protection and peace of mind when you sleep at night. The best advantages you can see with smart device security is that they often allow you to record HD footage.

Normal security cameras are getting better over time, but these devices are better right now. If you need a clear view of your yard or who’s coming around late at night, you can easily see it, record it, or save it. Similarly, you can be away from home and get alerts on your phone which adds even more convenience to the idea of total home protection.

6. Allows you to delegate household tasks

If you need more help with your multitasking, you’re going to want to invest in turning your home into a smart home. The baility to a delegate those tasks takes the hands-free notion to new levels.

You might not have time to do the vacuuming because Junior has to get a ride to soccer practice, then you have to go get groceries, then you have to help Jane with her English homework. If these are concerns, then you can be sure that a smart device is able to track down your schedule and give you reminders, or as mentioned, some smart devices can do work for you. 

A final word on why a smart home is a great idea

It doesn’t matter if you live alone, live with roommates, or live with your family. If you are a homeowner, your home is a place that should work and it should make sense to you. Smart devices are turning homes and apartments around the world into much more convenient way of life. Smart living spaces work and hopefully you can now see why it’s apparent you should consider switching to a future-home.



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