Want to modernise an old bathroom?

8 Aug, 2022

Want to modernise an old bathroom?

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Are you planning to modernise an old bathroom? Every new homeowner looks at the bathrooms and kitchens in their new home and dreams of a refit. Well you can do it yourself and it doesn’t have to be costly.

In this blog we offer you a range of options to help you bring your bathroom right up to date on a budget.

Want to modernize an old bathroom – Here’s how

pink mold
A new shower head can make a sleek modern impression

Is your home look outdated and in need of a bathroom renovation? Your home’s enjoyment and resale value can both be improved by remodelling your bathroom from a dreary dungeon to a tranquil retreat. It’s simpler than you think to transform your bathroom into a work of art.

If you’ve got a bathroom in need of some TLC, try these four modifications to bring it up to date.

Choose modern tiles 

It’s possible to bring your bathroom into the 21st century by installing wood-grain tile, subway brick tile, or honeycomb mosaic tile, for example. Another alternative is a personalized mosaic, or if you’re feeling creative, a unique patterned tile.

Also, if you want to make a tile “rug” for your bathroom floor, you can utilize contrasting tiles.

You can essentially do what you want, as long as the look you end up with is a modern one. Older styles, such as textured tiles and floral designs, should be avoided where possible if you want to really make a difference. 

modernise a bathroom
Choose modern tiles with a contemporary look to update your bathroom

Photo by Victor Zissou

Add luxurious bathroom fixtures to modernise an old bathroom

Spend a little extra and get swanky, eye-catching plumbing fittings instead of the boring ones you’ll find in standard stores. Waterfall faucets, bowl sinks, and no-touch toilets are just a few of the little details that can make your bathroom stand out.

To prevent damaging your new fixtures or voiding your warranty, get them installed by a plumber. A poorly executed DIY project might wind up costing much more than the time of a professional.

Install a walk-in shower

A tub/shower combo is the epitome of basic and antiquated design. A walk-in shower worthy of a spa can take the place of that dated relic from the 1980s. Your bathroom will seem bigger and more spacious, thanks to a frameless glass shower.

Consider a shower floor made of natural river rock, which is both contemporary and comfortable to walk on. 

For the elderly and others with disabilities, walk-in showers are safer and more convenient, too, making your home much more user-friendly, and giving it a potentially higher resale value (or at least opening it up to more potential buyers) when the time comes to sell it. 

Carrara tiles for home
Discrete use of the marble tiles is so stylish

Try a floating vanity unit 

There’s no better way to modernise an old bathroom and make it seem more spacious and stylish than with a trendy floating vanity. This allows you plenty of space for your morning bathroom routine while saving floor space with a floating vanity that hides the pipes.

As an added bonus, elevating your vanity off the floor reduces the likelihood of spills and other water damage. Reduce clutter by placing wastebaskets below it.

Of course, a floating bathroom vanity might not be to your taste, and it might not match with the style you’ve chosen for your bathroom. If that’s the case, don’t worry; there are dozens of different designs you can opt for that will ensure your bathroom stays up to date. 

add gilded accessories to modernise an old bathroom
Add new accessories to modernise an old bathroom

How to modernise an old bathroom in summary

You want to fix up your bathroom because it’s old-fashioned, but you’re afraid it won’t fit in your budget. Don’t be afraid. There are lots of cheap ways to modernise an old bathroom. Small changes can make a big difference, like a fresh coat of paint or just a new showerhead.

To make your money go further, you can also look for used fixtures and materials or buy them at closeout sales. Just make sure your bathroom is a place you’re happy to be, and that’s what counts.


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