Ways to brighten my apartment – Top tips

9 Apr, 2021

Ways to brighten my apartment – Top tips

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You may find that as a new homeowner you have ended up buying an apartment with no windows. The absence of natural light is not insurmountable. In fact with a few simple tricks you’ll never have to ask yourself how do I brighten a dark room through decorative changes again!

How Can I Brighten My Apartment When There Is No Natural Light?

brighten my apartment
Use light coloured furniture to brighten your living space

If you’re a fan of lighting and airy design style, living in a home when there’s no natural light can be boring for you. Even if you arrange good lights, it is quite tough to have natural light in the apartment that is dark.

Ways to brighten my apartment without spending huge sums

You must be thinking that you can fit windows in every possible wall of your apartment to increase the natural light but that can be expensive but there can be some super easy and simple ways to do it even if that’s creating an illusion of natural light in your apartment.

Adding a Bright Colored Rug

It is possible to brighten a dark room through decorative changes – even very simple ones! If you cannot get natural sunlight at your apartment, you can get it by adding a light colored rug in your living area or bedroom. This is the best idea for you if the floor of your apartment is darker that isn’t helping you to get a lighter environment.

brighten my apartment
Use ceiling lights with multiple bulbs

Invest Money in Settled Lighting

Darker apartments are mostly the ones lacking in space and windows. As a result they usually have little space for setting up lamps on surface areas. But don’t get frustrated stuck in the how can I brighten my apartment groove. Do something about it. You can use overhead lights. Install recessed lighting in the room where it will make a difference. That means there can be many bulbs set up to brighten up your space rather than a few.

Use Mirrors

You can double the amount of sunlight in your apartment by allowing it to bounce off reflective surfaces. You can hang a large mirror across from the largest window in your room to brighten up your room.

Choose Light Furniture

Selecting furniture with light colors is the best thing when you are willing to bring in the illusion of glare with light colored fabric. Look for structural pieces with thinner legs that lessen the visual impact and let light throughout the base.

Use Fairy Lights

brighten my apartment
LED lights can brighten the darkest recesses

While it may seem like a novelty you can add fairy lights in the darkest of corners. You can also hang up fairy lights behind your sheer curtains or on the walls. Fairy lights will help lighten up your dark apartment even when it’s dark outside. You can get these lights easily in any lighting storeThis is one way to stop yourself having to ask how can I brighten a dark room through decorative changes. It can be very effective.

Don’t Forget the Plants

Plants can literally add life to any place, so placing some plants in your house will help you to make the area feel alive and lighter. But make sure you take care of them correctly!

Choose the Right Art

If you’re not okay to place plants in your apartment, here is another way to make your apartment feel alive. You can hang some paintings with brighter colors in your home like travelling photos which will make you feel like you are exploring the world.

Use Light Curtains

Everybody wants privacy but if you want natural light in your apartment you can use curtains with light colors which will not only help you to brighten up your apartment but will also protect your privacy. You could also learn more about the different kinds of blinds out there and which might help you let in more natural light.

The Bottom Line When You Want To Brighten a Dark Room Through Decorative Changes

Getting natural light in a dark apartment is not that easy without effort or construction but it’s achievable with some décor skills and strategic design.

The most important thing to remember is to get more light with bright colors in the apartment or else no matter how many floor lamps, mirrors or angles you place in your apartment it will always look dark.

If you’re looking to brighten a dark room through decorative changes, we hope this article gave you some useful tips!



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