Weighted blankets – The 4 main benefits

7 Jun, 2021

Weighted blankets – The 4 main benefits

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If you are a homeowner furnishing a home, and you are considering new linen and blankets read on. They can have remarkable calming effect on people on the neuro-diverse spectrum. And the benefits extend to a wider range of applications.

4 Useful tips on weighted blankets benefits

weighted blankets
These blankets can really help people sleep better

For those chilly nights at home, we all love to cuddle up in our favorite blanket or comforter. But what if you could get more from your blanket than simple comfort and warmth? Weighted blankets are popular now because they do more for you than your average comforter. Weighted blankets are are filled with either weighted balls, densely woven yarn, or other weighted fill.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about weighted blankets and why they might be a good fit for you, read on. Here’s everything you need to know about these blankets and their useful benefits.

They offer security and comfort

The immense sense of comfort is one of the first benefits of weighted blankets that users will notice. The weight of these blankets is just enough to give the person the feeling that they are being tucked in or swaddled. This triggers a positive, soothing reaction in the brain. It reminds people subconsciously of when they were babies, held by their mothers. This sensation is also used in therapy to induce a sense of comfort and security in people. As a result it works especially well for people with nervous temperaments. This technique is called deep pressure stimulation.

They soothe the nervous system and treatment for diseases

The nervous system handles many things in the body. People with overactive nervous systems tend to suffer from many things like anxiety, hyperactivity, and sleeping disorders. Living with these kinds of issues can be a difficult and draining task. Research has shown that distributing even amounts of pressure on the body has a positive effect on the CNS. Such blankets have been shown to reduce the side effects of overactive nervous systems by doing just that. 

One major benefit often overlooked is that weighted blankets can soothe CNS related problems. Such blankets can also be used to treat diseases that have restless sleep and insomnia symptoms. You can read this to learn more about how weighted blankets can help treat Lyme Disease or restless leg syndrome. Lyme disease can come from tick bites and is a nasty illness to deal with. Treatment for illnesses and disorders can come in many shapes and sizes. A weighted blanket might just be the shape that you need.

They improve your sleep

The soothing effects of weighted blankets have shown promise in improving your sleep. Sleeping disorders are a nightmare to live with and any sort of relief is always welcome. Some people suffer from not being able to fall asleep because of chemical malfunctions in the brain. With the help of deep pressure stimulation, weighted blankets increase melatonin levels in the body. This makes it easier to fall asleep. These blankets also stimulate serotonin production and decrease stress hormone production. And so, with the help of a weighted blanket, users with mild to medium sleep problems can feel comfortable and relaxed enough to finally get some sleep.

weighted blankets
Choosing the right blanket for your bed is essential for a good night’s sleep

They help with mental disorders and autism

People who suffer from anxiety or are on the autism spectrum can benefit from using a these blanket too. Mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, and ADHD can put people through vicious cycles. These cycles of restless thoughts and sleepless nights can take their toll on people. Dealing with anxiety can be a full-time job, but it can be made easier with weighted blankets. The calming and soothing effects of weighted blankets can help relieve stress and allow these people to have a good night’s sleep. It is crucial for our mental health to have enough sleep and feel relaxed.

People on the autism spectrum can be sensitive to overstimulation. Sounds, thoughts, and anxieties can all be triggers for overstimulation in people suffering from autism. This overstimulation can lead to chronic sleeping problems or full-blown episodes. This can be traumatic for the individual. Weighted blankets can comfort people on the autism spectrum. As a result of the extra weight, they can provide something safe that they can focus on. Focussing your mind on one thing is a healthy coping mechanism for anyone who is neuro-divergent. Even pressure and weight can soothe and relax neuro-divergent people who may be feeling over-stimulated. Studies have shown that autistic children prefer weighted blankets over normal blankets.

A final word on weighted blankets

The blankets are a safe and easy way to combat a multitude of problems. Whether it is stress, anxiety, or depression, weighted blankets can help you achieve peace and calm. As a result, sleeping disorders can be remedied with the weight providing a comforting pressure. The experience of neuro-divergent people can be made more bearable by using a these blanket to relax and feel a sense of safety and comfort. Now that you’ve learned more about the benefits of weighted blankets, try them out for yourself. At the absolute minimum they will make you more comfortable at night.

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