What is a Housesit Hangout?

22 Jun, 2021

What is a Housesit Hangout?

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As a member or follower of Housesitmatch.com you may already have heard of our Housesit Hangouts. Perhaps you have even taken part in an online hangout. Lamia Walker our founder hosts interviews with people who have a passion and curiosity about housesitting.  Read on to learn more about how we communicate with our members and followers, via the housesit hangouts.

The HouseSitMatch Housesit Hangout

In early 2020 the Covid pandemic was something we read about in the news. Fast forward to late Spring 2020. Many countries in Europe and the West were in lockdown with travel restricted to local shops only. Before Covid, we used to try to meet as many housesitters in person as we could.

By communicating with our members we would learn when they were passing through London. As a result we would arrange to meet there or anywhere within a 30 mile radius of our base.

Suddenly, because of the pandemic, no one was travelling because of a travel restrictions. Believe it or not we missed our housesitters and homeowners and needed to find a way to get a fix. So we organised group meetings online for all our followers who wanted to share ‘housesit’ experiences. And so the ‘Housesit Hangout’ was born online.


A word or two about Housesit Match Housesitters

One of the wonderful things we have discovered about the housesitting world is the housesitters. Most of these wonderfully collaborative people love to engage. They tell us about where they have been housesitting, for which pets they have been petsitting and how they travel on a budget.  Every conversation is a real eye opener and a lesson in ingenuity.

Take our conversation in the Summer of 2020 with Eden and Shelaugh, both seasoned travellers. Shelaugh and Eden shared with us their reminiscences of travel and wanderlust.

housesit hangout

In our discussion, Shelaugh talked about travelling across continents. Indulging her wanderlust by travelling in a group on a truck and the cultural difference she experienced. Eden told us of the culture shock they experienced in North Africa finding themselves in a very different environment.


Discussing travel and housesitting with real housesitters

One of the great advantages of the housesit hangouts has been the ability to hear about people’s travels.  Housesitting makes travel an affordable way to see the world.. What a wonderful way to exchange one’s services as a housesitter and petsitter for free accommodation. Housesitting tends to attract pet lovers with collaborative personalities.

Some of our members have been travelling by housesitting for years and years.

housesit hangout

Tiera one of the housesitters on our hangout in May 2021 had been housesitting for 17 years! Kelly had been housesitting and petsitting for 12 years. There was a great deal of experience to be shared on our housesit hangout.


What the Housesit Hangouts offer

Housesit fellowship

The hangouts provided a collaborative space for companionship during the Covid pandemic. And because of the pandemic, meeting up in person at this time was impossible. Many housesitters who travelled independently prior to Covid suddenly found themselves alone and isolated, sometimes in an unexpected location.

A friendly companionable space

Our meetings friendly online get togethers offering moral support and friendship across the air waves. They may continue post Covid.

Oral history of housesitting during the Covid pandemic

Previously we had interviewed sitters and homeowners on a one on one basis. We did this in a series of Housesit Chats. Our Chats enabled us to really explore each individual story and that person or couple’s experience of housesitting. By dedicating a whole interview to an individual or couple we could find out their real feelings about their HouseSitMatch housesitting experiences.

As a result, each individual perspective proved informative and fascinating.

A final note on the Housesit Hangout

The beauty of our group meetings was that we found fellowship and friendship across the airwaves. The hangouts gave us an opportunity to swap ideas and notes on how we have travelled successfully. Sometimes sharing tips on what not to do regarding housesits to apply for with or without experience. They were valuable and meaningful conversations at a historic time.

At Housesitmatch we hope to continue our group communications as a way to continue to build our community. We know we learn from our members and followers. As a result of the hangouts we hope to continue doing so in the future.

Want to try housesitting and petsitting?

Want to become a housesitter and petsitter ?

If you have always fancied the idea of caring for or working with pets, consider becoming a petsitter. Whether you love dogs or cats or fish or larger animals like horses you can find ways to spend time with them and care for them either as a paid sitter or unpaid in exchange for free accommodation. Let’s learn a little more about the life of a pet sitter.

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