Live In Dog Sitters: Roles and Responsibilities

26 Aug, 2021

Live In Dog Sitters: Roles and Responsibilities

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At Housesit Match we truly believe that to have a live in pet sitter and housesitter is a great arrangement. The sitter moves in to your home, by arrangement, and they stay while you are away to look after your pets and your property for free! So when people ask us what are live in dog sitters, we smile and tell them it’s a good thing.

Apart from the fact that a live in house and pet sitter takes care of your home and pets while you are away this arrangement is a great kennel alternative. This is a house sitting arrangement between a pet owner and trusted house sitters. And here’s why.

What are live in dog sitters and how do they help?

Dog sitting

Live in dog sitters help dog owners by dog sitting for them in the pet’s own home.

The best in home dog minding is with live in dog sitters

live in dog sitters walk your dogs
Live in dog sitters can walk your dogs routinely

Having live in dog sitters means that you can ensure your pets are cared for in an environment where they already feel safe. You can build the pet sitting routines around your pet and their home. The in home dogsitter will take care of them for you as a live in dogsitter

Keeping dogs brings joy and challenge

In home dog sitting by live in dog sitters – Dogs as pets at home and what they need

As many a dog lover will tell you, dogs are wonderful animals, most are very affectionate, trainable and very loyal. They are intelligent creatures that need stimulation, play and training. They give you huge rewards for your friendship. That interaction and ongoing relationship is interrupted when you leave home for work or travel or a holiday without the dog.

In house pet sitting

They need more activity, exercise and interaction than most other pets.  That is why a live in dogsitter is so great, because they can literally step into your shoes by taking on the pet sitter role in your home.

Live in dog sitters will give your pet more attention  – Dogs are intelligent animals and need stimulation

live in dogsitter
Dogs are intelligent animals. And some breeds need lots of stimulation, and your live in dogsitter can focus on your pet

What is a live in dogsitter?

As soon as you get a new pet dog for your home you realise that actually they need a lot of engagement. This is when a dog owner starts asking ‘What are live in dog sitters’? And can I find a live in dog sitter near me?

The pet minder’s engagement with your pets

The age and state of health of your dog will impact how much engagement they need.  When they are young they need a lot of attention and puppy training. The training ensures they stay safe, and learn behaviour that is suitable to live with humans in the home. House training is also important to make sure they and the house stay clean.

The next phase is one where they are a little older and need more exercise. They need longer walks, they need to run around to build and exercise their muscles.

As they gain in confidence they need socialisation with other dogs to temper their behaviour and to learn dog body language and protocols. Most dogs love human interaction so a live in dogsitter is a great kennel alternative and can keep your dog engaged and happy.

Live in dog sitters working with your pets – Some breeds of dog need more attention and engagement

It should go with out saying that some breeds of dog are very intelligent and need regular play and stimulation. Dog training can be easier for them.

Dog breeds like Alsatians, Collies and German Shepherds, Labradors, Retrievers and Weimaraner are clever dogs. These are just a few examples of dog breeds that need to engage with humans, pet sitters and dog walkers and other dogs.

live in dogsitter
Finding a good live in dogsitter can be critical to your peace of mind

Live in dog sitters that comes to your house to dog sit

What is a dog sit? – A dog sit is when live in dog sitters come to your home to care for your pets as a temporary arrangement. Some are free live in dog sitters others are professional pet sitters. Either way their role is to care for your pet, in their own home.

  • Free housesitters – This could be part of a housesitting assignment with the free housesitters or in a professional arrangement with a pet sitter.
  • Professional pet sitters – If you are paying for dog walkers and pet sitters remember to check out the going rate for a pet sitter in your location. Also check that they have full insurance and pet first aid training and client reviews for you to check.  A live in pet sitter may have variable rates if they are professional, depending on what you need them to do and how many pets are in their care.
  • Professional and semi professional dog sitters – will be looking online and in newspapers for a live in dogsitter job.

A live in dogsitter can focus on your pet

Live in dog sitters give peace of mind – Knowing you have chosen your dogsitter and that they are staying with your pet dogs can help you relax. It can help if you know what to look for in an ideal petsitter. Some of the main characteristics of a great live in dogsitter include:

  • Flexible
  • Calm
  • Trustworthy
  • Experienced
  • Reliable
  • Loves animals, especially dogs!

For the holidays find live in dog sitters – It’s helpful and helps you relax on holiday

Make your own list of the ideal characteristics of your live in dogsitter. Finding a housesitter who loves dog sitting is a great start. Then use a housesitting website like Housesitmatch to place and advert and interview the applicants.

Prepare the pet sitter you have chosen by talking through your brief, and the pet care needed. Make sure they can come to stay at least one or two days before you leave, that’s the ideal for a live in dogsitter. This will help the sitter get to know the pets and vice versa. You can also spend a little time going through the 24 hour cycle of home and pet care routines.

Dog housesitting

Staying home where all is familiar to the dog is the huge advantage of the live in dogsitter.

The fact that the petsitter will be looking after your dog means the dog can stay at home, in familiar surroundings. This will be less stressful for the dog. Some dogs can have separation anxiety when you leave home, or when they have to leave home for an extended period.

Staying in their own space, with their own bed and toys means many things stay the same in their life even if you are absent. this makes a live in dogsitter a great alternative to dog kennels.

Free dog sitter

A live in dog sitter is also a housesitter – Yay!

And here’s the piece de resistance. Live in dog sitters will also be able to help you keep your home running smoothly while you are away.


So with live in dog sitters, as well as housesitters, they can mow the lawn, clean the house, collect the mail and any parcels. Most importantly they will keep the home looking occupied and secure. And most importantly they will be in house entertainment and a resident friend for your dog.

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