What is housesitting? Q&A with Founder of HouseSitMatch

29 Jun, 2019

What is housesitting? Q&A with Founder of HouseSitMatch

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Occasionally, Lamia Walker our founder is asked to take part in an interview about how and why she founded HouseSitMatch.com and to explain ‘ What is Housesitting ‘. Recently, Lamia was asked to take part in her first Twitter Q&A which was a fun and rapid fire set of interactions with some great people keen to learn more about housesitting and how it benefits both housesitters and pet and homeowners.

Here is a summary of the ‘ What is housesitting ‘ Questions and Answers offered in the main discussion. Thanks for reading.

Lamia housesitting in Cornwall, UK

Photo by David Walker

What is housesitting and petsitting?

2019 06 27 – TWITTER Q & A – With @eggwhisk aka Simon Barry

Q1 –  Please introduce yourself to the group @Housesitmatch  #EngagORS

A1 – My name is Lamia Walker, I’m the Founder of @Housesitmatch the fantastically friendly international housesitting network. You might say that I have then ideal job for someone who loves travel and pets! By starting Housesitmatch.com I created my own perfect job and I can help others too – 2 life ambitions realised

I now spend my time sharing all kinds of views about what is housesitting #EngagORS

Q2  – I’m intrigued about what is housesitting? And what is a House sit? Housesitmatch #EngageORS

A2 – If we think about What’s the point of house sitting? It is best to think of Housesitting as an exchange of services where a pet / homeowner needs housecarers to care for property and pets they offer sitters free accommodation in exchange for free home and pet care.  The house sit is the event or assignment given by the homeowner petowner to the housesitter pet sitter. It’s a win-win! #EngagORS

what is housesitting
What is housesitting?

What is a house sitter?

A housesitter is someone who will come to your home to care for your property and pets. Is there a house sitter salary? Through house sitting websites like Housesitmatch.com no money changes hands, so housesitters don’t get paid. What is a house sitter job? A house sitter job is an assignment in another person’s home that means you move in to care for the owners property and pets.

Learning some of the protocols of a house sitter before you start is important, for example house sitting etiquette where to sleep. Another protocol for the house sitter is that it is understood when you are housesitting that you will sleep in the home each night when the homeowner is away.

Q3  – What are the benefits for a homeowner and a housesitter in housesitting? @Housesitmatch #EngageORS

A3 – The benefits of housesitting for a homeowner is that your pets are cared for at home their routines unchanged and your property is occupied for security -all for free! No money changes hands.

But what is housesitting for housesitters? For housesitters it means they can travel to new locations and exchange their services for free accommodation. Just need to join our network. #EngagORS

What is petsitting for free?

Q4. – A lot of housesitting seems to involve dog minding and cat minding, why is this? @housesitmatch #EngagORS

A4 – Pet owners would mostly prefer for their pets to remain at home if at all possible, and pet care can be expensive. Finding pet-loving, checked free housesitters can save £1,000s per year simply by organising checked petsitters to do the petsitting for you. Having resident sitters has the added benefit of the security of an occupied home while you are away

Alex dogsitting for Daisy and Amber
what is housesitting
Elizabeth housesitting in Oxfordshire UK






Photos by Lamia Walker

  • International housesitting – If people understand what is housesitting, they see the potential on many levels. Some people choose to start housesitting abroad because they love the idea of housesitting for affordable travel. If you love pets and are happy and used to caring for property or gardening then you could exchange your time and services for free accommodation. You can do this either at home in your own country, or abroad to discover a completely new location.  #EngagORS
  • House sitting jobs abroad – While you will find house sitting jobs abroad on platforms like House sit match they are volunteering jobs. You could try housesitting UK, or housesitting in Europe or even venture further afield. You travel to the homeowner’s location on your penny. Then with the agreement of your matched partner you care for their home and pets. This could mean you do a spot of dog minding, rabbit sitting for the owner or even cat house sitting. It will depend on their collection of house pets.     #EngagORS

Q5. – Why did you choose to start your company around housesitting? @Housesitmatch #EngagORS

A5 – I’ve had pets, run a household with kids spending lots of money on child & petcare over the years. Finding petsitters is a nightmare especially in kid’s holidays and when you are working full time. I was one of those people who needed a solution like this for years. Eventually, I heard about housesitting as an exchange of services and honestly the penny dropped.

I could help my household and others too – saving money & keeping pets and homes safe! #EngagORS

Q6. – How do you ensure that the homeowner’s property and pets are looked after? @Housesitmatch #EngagORS

A6 – Firstly all members are ID checked including homeowners. And so we also police and background check sitters. What is more, housesitters have a vested interest in ensuring homeowners are happy because they earn reviews for each housesit and that gives them a better profile which helps them secure more housesitting opportunities. Read our Trustpilot reviews

https://www.housesitmatch.com/testimonials #EngagORS

Puppies & young pets are better cared for at home

Photo by Lamia Walker

We manage our business @eggwhisk ! And help when needed @HouseSitMatch #EngagORS thanks for the discussion yesterday. Great questions #entrepreneur #Entrepreneurship #startup

Housesitting abroad and housesitting at home

Q7. – If anyone is thinking of housesitting why should they do it? @Housesitmatch #EngagORS

A7 – Look everyone has different motivations for housesitting and an understanding of what is housesitting. I love it because I experience a new location from a living neighbourhood. This could be a way to manage affordable travel by housesitting abroad.

Or it could be a way of discovering new places on your home turf. People have different motivations for discovering a new location. Wherever you choose to housesit you live in someone’s home, and meet their neighbours. You grow local knowledge.

Live like a local and get tips for what to see and do from the locals. It is also a friendly way to see the world, you make new chums along the way, looking after the home you are living in while you stay – fun! Here’s a video by a couple of our fill time housesitters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w963Ol2SZ_I who clearly love what they do #EngagORS

what is housesitting?
What is housesitting in a short video

Video by Jill Shelton

Q8. – Where can we find more about you online? @Housesitmatch #EngagORS

A8 – To find out more about what is housesitting, please check out our website www.housesitmatch.com. That’s where you will find all kinds of housesitting opportunities, listed housesitters and blogs. The blogs share real life stories of housesit matches we have facilitated. #EngagORS

Become a Housesit match trusted housesitter, give it a go!
Q9. – And s0 any final words of wisdom or thoughts? @Housesitmatch #EngagORS #ThursdayThoughts

A9 – So it’s always good to try something new at least once a month to keep ourselves alive, stimulated and discovering the world. Try housesitting. Go on a housesit somewhere new.

Join www.Housesitmatch.com as either a housesitter or a pet homeowner. Either way we guarantee we’ll save you money and you’ll make new friends in fun places. Go on @eggwhisk Get online and give it a go! #EngagORS #ThursdayThoughts

what is housesitting


So to join HouseSitMatch.com


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