What to do while housesitting

27 Jul, 2022

What to do while housesitting

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As a would be housesitter you might wondering – what might I do while housesitting? Well there are so many opportunities as any experienced house and petsitter will tell you. What is more you can travel the world on a fixed budget and even earn while you are on the go. Read on to get some top tips.

Things you can do while housesitting

housesitters help
Housesitters care for pets, and dog walking is a great way to discover the local area on foot

House-sitting is a great way to get out there and see all the world has to offer while also sometimes getting paid and helping homeowners feel safe. 

What is housesitting?

A housesitting job  assignment is a mutually beneficial arrangement between two parties – most usually taking place between a homeowner and a house-sitter – enabling the owner to leave their property and pets in the care of the sitter for an agreed period of time.

Our HouseSit Match Definition of ‘House-Sitting’

Our general guideline when answering the questions ‘ What is house sitting ‘ on Housesitmatch is that no money changes hands, and the house-sitter in exchange gains free accommodation. It is an exchange of services.
Considering the theme of house sitting for a moment, and it is worth remembering that the approach may be different between house sitting jobs. The arrangement can be as formal or informal as the partners require.

Housesit protocols

  • House sitting etiquette where to sleep – The homeowner will usually prepare a room for you and tell you where to sleep. Respect this instruction.
  • House sitting etiquette food – Sometimes the homeowner will leave you a welcome meal and invite you to use what is present in the fridge, and perhaps replace what you have used before their return.
  • Document all the details of the housesit arrangement in a house sitting agreement for the benefit of both parties.

Although you will be spending a lot of your house-sitting time exploring the new location you find yourself in and hitting the local tourist attractions, but house-sitting is also a job and you do need to be around often to ensure all is well. So, what do you do when you’re doing the sitting part? Here are some fun ideas you might want to try:

 – Start a blog about your experience

Digital nomads can make great housesitters, you can work while housesitting

Traveling the world house-sitting is a lifestyle that most people have not experienced before, so there is plenty of scope to start a blog while housesitting. While in residents you can tell people what it is all about and maybe writing about the cool local attractions you visit.

You may even be able to earn some additional money if your blog takes off, and of course, you can use your blog to help you secure more house-sitting jobs in the future too!

– Explore the local area and local curiosities

A walking tour of the local area is a great way to learn about the area

One of the really fun things about housesitting is the opportunity to ask your hosts to be your specialist local guides. They can suggest many places for you to visit while housesitting. They can guide you, eateries that are typical of the area and good value and wonderful places to walk through and discover for free.

House sitting gives that local insight that a normal package holiday might not. You’ll get the inside track on how to live like a local.

 – Stream a new show

Providing the home you are staying in has a decent internet connection, like this full fibre 900 broadband package, you can have a lot of fun simply spending some time steaming that addictive new show on Netflix or checking out old shows you used to love on Hulu.

Microwave some popcorn, check the house is secure, and veg out for a while because sometimes that is exactly what you need to do.

while housesitting
The pets will love it if you play with them while housesitting

Pexels – CCO Licence

– Play with the pets

If the house where you are house sitting is also home to more than one pet take a more active role with the pets. Instead of just ensuring that their basic needs are met, be proactive while house sitting and find out more about them.

For example, you can have a lot of fun playing frisbee with a dog or teaching a talking bird a cool new word to impress its owner with when they get back, and it’s a great way to kill some time when you’re at home.

– Cook a local dish

a dish of paella and a glass of white wine at the beach
Seafood paella with glass of wine in seaside café in Spain

One of the benefits of house-sitting, when you are traveling, is that you have access to an actual kitchen, so why not take full advantage of that by learning how to cook a few new dishes, perhaps inspired by the country or city you are staying in? Just make sure you leave the kitchen as you found it!

– Freelance your time

admissions essays
Internet access gives you the opportunity to work while you’re housesitting, regardless of where you’re travelling

If house-sitting isn’t paying the bills, why not sign up for freelancer work. Whether you’re a great writer a fantastic web designer or someone who has a knack for translating important documents into other languages, you an work online. There are so many jobs you can do remotely these days.

So much so that you can always earn some extra money while house-sitting if you are that way inclined. Actually, it can be a lot more fun than you might imagine.

If you are luxury house sitting…

If you happen to be in a fabulous home for the housesit and you have a pool, a tennis court, perhaps even a sauna and a home cinema then you have ever more choices to consider. Have you ever considered house sitting?

Beautiful swimming pool at a white Spanish villa
There may be a lovely swimming pool available for your use, and you may also have to maintain it

Want to become a trusted house sitter?

Are you thinking you might want to become a housesitter? It is good to consider all the elements that help you become a trusted housesitter. In our opinion they would include the following:

1.      A love for pets for pet sitters at home

You must have a strong affection and way with pets before you become a house sitter. Most homeowners have these furry companions, and her hoping to find someone to care for them too. The more passionate you are with animals, the more jobs you can land online.

Pets often range from dogs to cats, fish to hamsters, lizards to birds, and more. Having one yourself or owning a farm is an extra touch.

2.      Obtain a criminal record check for security

Having an up to date criminal record check or background check available to show owners speeds things up. This is especially true if you are new to housesitting and don’t yet have a reference. Clients often take their time to check out potential sitters.

But presenting such documentation can help you gain their trust and become a house sitter, faster.

You can get one online via the police website or by visiting your local government building. At Housesitmatch.com when you register as a housesitter we ask you to get an up to date background check through out system. Our online facility means you can do this online no matter how far away from home you are.

3.      Sign up on a house sitting platform

You’ll need to sign up for a house-sitting platform online like Housesitmatch.com to begin your journey. Many of these websites, but reading through their reviews and services can help you decide the right fit.

Pet sitting

Pets are a responsibility that pet owners worry about when they go on holiday. In fact pet sitting is often considered the most important responsibility and activity of a housesitter while they are resident.

Each animal and breed needs different levels of involvement, engagement, feeding and support. The pet sitting may require pet boarding or pet sitters at home.

In home pet sitting is an increasingly popular way of managing the care of pets. It can minimise the stress and anxiety some pets experience with a change of routine and environment. And if you choose the right housesitting platform then the sitters offer their services for free in exchange for a review and free accommodation.

Dog house sitter

Dog sitting is one of the more commonly requested things to do while housesitting and can be a fulfilling experience. It allows you to share your love for dogs and provide them with the attention and care they deserve. You’ll enjoy a flexible work schedule while earning from your love of dogs.

Plus, you’ll provide dog owners with peace of mind, knowing their furry friends are in capable hands. As an in-house dog sitter, you’ll have the opportunity to build a reputation for yourself in the pet-sitting industry.

Housesitter for cats

Cat sitting is becoming increasingly popular as an activity while housesitting. Despite the reputation that cats have of being independent, having someone come in and cat sit is an important way of caring for feline pets.

Cat minding is becoming increasingly popular, especially because some breeds are prone to show signs of anxiety with any change in their routine or circumstances.

Summary – What you can do while housesitting

If you earn money freelancing while housesitting you can justify spending a little more on local activities. It’ll be even more fun when you can use your earnings to explore the local area with a little more panache! 

As you can seek house-sitting can always be even more fun, you just have to take the time to make it so!

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