When do you DIY or hire a skilled professional?

13 Jan, 2021

When do you DIY or hire a skilled professional?

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As any property owner knows the costs of property maintenance and repairs can soon add up. So most homeowners eventually find themselves building DIY or Do It Yourself skills to manage simple home repairs. There will come a time when you face a challenge that really seems too much and you think about hiring a skilled professional. How do you come to that decision safely at the right time? Here are some pointers.

There’s a point in each DIY project when you want to hire a pro

How to Know When to DIY or Hire a Pro

Making the call whether to DIY or hire a professional is not that easy. The decision is highly dependent on time, money, and personal confidence. Several tasks and projects in your home need to be tackled differently. Some may need you to muster up a few ideas here and there while others may require a professional’s touch.

Before rushing into making the decision as to whether to DIY or hire a pro, take your time to understand the task at hand. Here are key pointers to guide you in deciding when to DIY or hire an expert:

  • Level of knowledge and skill required

The internet has greatly encouraged DIY alternatives regarding several household projects. With several online channels, homeowners can perform various tasks in their homes by themselves. Despite the availability of numerous step-by-step illustrations, it can be difficult to complete certain projects without the knowledge or skill.

Certain repair and renovation activities may require advanced knowledge and skill to be performed well. Activities such as air conditioning and heating, plumbing, and electrical, should be avoided unless you have the relevant skills needed for the job. It is because it may result in leakages and short-circuits that may extensively damage your home. Similarly, for services like installing the French barn doors ensure to consult professionals for the best results.

  • Cost of the service

Many homeowners settle for DIY jobs so as to save substantially. As much as they may want to keep their costs down, they need to ensure they get the best value out of their work. If you are working with a slim budget, try opting for the DIY option. Then you won’t have to worry about paying the contractor.

If you decide to DIY, ensure to go for simple tasks that you are comfortable with like painting or replacing ready-to-assemble drawers. Focusing much on the cost and not the quality of service can make you settle the DIY alternative and end up doing a shoddy job, especially when it comes to tile and roof maintenance. If you are not comfortable or familiar with any task, leave it to the experts.

Cost is a major consideration to hiring a pro
  • The time required to DIY

While thinking of how much you can save by DIY, also consider how long it will take to complete the task. With all the available resources on DIY options, it is tempting to perform various repairs and renovations in your home. It is vital to acknowledge that the projects that professionals take a longer time to complete are usually complex and costly. It means as an amateur you are likely to take twice or three times longer to complete.

Most homeowners try to save cash by opting for DIY alternatives. Yet, it is critical to consider how long each task will take, and whether you can meet the necessary standards. In certain cases, hiring a pro is the best option since it can save you a lot of time to work on other constructive activities.

  • Safety measures

Safety is of great concern when it comes to DIY options. When choosing the activities for DIY at home, consider how safe or dangerous they are before embarking on them. Certain activities like roofing services may pose some danger to the homeowner and are best performed with professionals.

Certain jobs require a license and permit. Such jobs are best handled with professionals given authority by the state.

Hiring the right equipment can also be expensive
  • DIY Equipment and tools required

From time to time, your home requires different activities and tasks. They may include repairs and renovations ranging from small to large tasks. Having the right tool for the job is not easy if you do not specialize in that area. Such a situation will force you to hire a professional fully-equipped to handle the job.

If you are a homeowner that loves the DIY alternatives, you may have to invest in the right and appropriate tool and equipment to ensure the job is properly tackled.

Making the decision whether to DIY or not to DIY is personal and homeowners have different skills and abilities. When making this decision, make sure you match it to your abilities and don’t force yourself to perform any tasks.

DIY options may save you a considerable amount of money if performed accordingly. For positive results, make sure you know where to draw the line between DIY and hiring a professional.



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