Where to retire and what to do

13 Jan, 2023

Where to retire and what to do

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Whether you are based in one place or a digital nomad there may come a point to consider retirement. And with that notion of retirement comes the idea of where to retire? Do you want to move somewhere special for retirement, or are you happy travelling a little more, perhaps by housesitting to discover where you would like to end up.

Read on to learn our top tips for where to retire and what to do.

6 Tips for where to retire and what to do

Daydreaming of where to retire? Perhaps near a fabulous beach?

Choosing a place to retire is a major and exciting decision. There are certain places around the country that a lot of retirees prefer. One example is the Hilton Head, South Carolina area, which has communities specifically geared toward the needs of retirees, like the Sun City community

One of the many options you could consider is to find what suits you in the senior living options in Olympia, WA. Keep looking in a location you like for suitable options.

If you aren’t sure where to start, the following are some tips to help you choose the right retirement location for you. 

Cost of living

When you retire, you’re going to be on a fixed income, making the cost of living of a location a huge factor when you’re deciding where to live. A lot of people opt to move to lower-cost-of-living places in the south and the Sun Belt when they retire. 

You want to think about all of the factors that are involved in the cost of living. For example, you want to consider not just housing costs but also the cost of things like groceries, gas, and going to restaurants or whatever else you typically do. 

You might find that a place with lower taxes has a higher price tag for everyday items because the sales tax is more. 

You’re also going to have to look at healthcare costs. Even if you have Medicare, you have to consider that the cost of certain treatments and medications isn’t covered.  It is a serious consideration when thinking about where to retire.


We briefly touched on taxes, but it’s a big one for retirees. It may well influence your decision on where to retire. You need to consider all the best states to retire in for taxes and cost of living before making your final choice.

If a state has a high income tax, they usually don’t tax Social Security in retirement, so it could change your current situation and influence your decision on where to retire. 

There are also seven states that don’t have an income tax—Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming. Tennessee and New Hampshire similarly don’t have state income taxes on earned wages, but they do tax investment interest and income. 

Climate matters when deciding where to retire

There tends to be an automatic assumption that everyone wants to retire to somewhere warm and sunny. But if you are considering where to retire, is that really the right choice for you?

Florida is too hot and humid for some retirees, and they don’t like the idea of not having four seasons, so they opt for someone like North or South Carolina, with a milder and more seasonal climate. However, it might be one of the best places to retire for active adults.

Why not start a weather forecasting media business by getting an LLC in Florida if you live in Florida. You want a climate that’s going to facilitate doing the things you like doing and one that’s going to help you stay active. Starting a part time business could also help you afford to retire somewhere more expensive. 

Family proximity may influence a decision on where to retire

You want to think about logistically how easy or difficult it will be for your children and family members to reach you, depending on where you retire from. If you see your family a lot, maybe somewhere within a few hours’ drive is ideal. 

It could be that you opt to retire somewhere close to a major airport that could make traveling simpler. 

You might also want to be near an airport if you plan to spend your time traveling a lot in retirement. 

Quality of life in retirement

Quality of life is a term that has a different meaning for everyone. It is subjective. However, you really have to assess what you’re interested in and what is a high quality of life from your personal perspective when you reflect on where to retire.

For example, maybe spending time on the beach is what you think of as a great quality of life. Or perhaps you prefer a more active retirement. 

For other people, it might be the chance to golf or play tennis, or maybe your biggest focus is on being able to meet other active retirees and socialize. If you are into golf, getting a golf cart for sale helps speed up the pace of play and reduce fatigue for players.

Some people want to live in a quiet, tranquil place without a lot of other people around them, while other retirees want to spend their time at clubs or parties. It’s all about personal taste. 

Give the contenders a trial run

You might have a location in mind that seems wonderful, but the reality turns out that it isn’t right for you. That can and does happen, and if you were to find yourself in that situation, you’re either going to have to deal with a place you don’t love or you’ll have to again sell your home and move

Rather than finding yourself in this situation, spend at least several weeks in your main contenders, if not more. Find a short-term rental that’s as close to the type of home and the community you could see yourself living in. 

Give yourself a chance to interact with other people in the area, go to restaurants, shop at grocery stores, and spend time outside. Learn what people love about the area and what they don’t. 

You’ll start to increasingly figure out during this time what you value the most, even if you aren’t completely sure, as you go into your search for the perfect retirement location. Taking time to think of all the options will help you be more considered about where to retire.


Regarding what to do and where to retire to

where to retire
Glenn an early retiree and one of our housesitters with two dogs

If you can’t quite decide where to move in retirement then why not try housesitting to test a location you like. Becoming a housesitter means you have a responsibility to care for the homeowner’s pets and property, however you get to live in the home for free.

So as an exchange of services or a barter, it allows you to test a new location at very little cost. Perhaps you imagine yourself doing something active with the ability to travel. Then housesitting might be just the ticket.

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