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Which large dog breeds make great apartment pets?

27 Nov, 2020

Which large dog breeds make great apartment pets?

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As a pet owner who lives in an apartment you may have thought about bringing a large dog home, but will have hesitated. Well we can tell you that there are some large dog breeds that work well because of their temperament in a flat or apartment. Here are some ideas to consider.

5 Large Dog Breeds That Make Great Apartment Dogs

Many people think large breeds are not made for apartment living. However, that is not always true. Small dogs are often more energetic and active than big dogs. So they need to be kept active to prevent temperament problems and other issues that occur when dogs have too much energy to burn.  They can be prone to chewing or barking. Moreover, small dogs require more bathroom breaks than big dogs. This can mean they are harder to potty train and they need more trips outside once they are housebroken.

While yes, there are big dogs that require lots of training and physical activity, some are actually quite lazy and they adore spending time indoors, relaxing on the couch. So if you’re living in an apartment and you’re thinking about bringing a dog into your family, take a look at the list of 5 large dog breeds that make great apartment dogs.

large dog breeds
The Great Dane is a calm breed

Photo by Martin Tajmr on Pixabay

1.      Great Dane

Great Danes are family dogs – they are loyal, loving, affectionate, playful, and patient. The gentle giant, as the Great Dane is lovingly called by owners and enthusiasts, has an easy-going personality and a good disposition, which means they respond eagerly to training.

While they can be energetic and playful, Great Danes make amazing apartment dogs since they usually prefer to play with their family instead of engaging in outdoor activities. In fact, they favor snuggling and napping to running and jumping around. Like all dogs, they require some exercise to stay fit and healthy but two walks per day are more than enough for the gentle giants. More than that can actually be dangerous since Great Danes are prone to joint and hip problems.

Despite belonging to one of the largest dog breeds, Great Danes adapt easily to apartment living. They get along with people, children, and other pets. Besides, they rarely bark so you will not receive noise complaints from your neighbors if you own a Great Dane.

2.      Newfoundland

Another gentle giant among large dog breeds is the Newfoundland. They have a sweet and loving personality that makes the breed excellent for families with children. Newfoundlands are gentle and patient with children but they are brave dogs so when they sense danger, they will get in the middle of it to protect their family.

Intelligent and easy to train, they adapt with ease to life in a city apartment. Many Newfoundland owners say they are incredibly easy to housebreak, as they learn very fast what they are allowed to and what they aren’t allowed to do.

They are naturally lazy, inactive, and require little physical activity so they won’t cause you any trouble in the apartment. However, due to their notorious lazy nature, you have to make sure they get enough exercise to keep them healthy. Taking them on walks and regular playtime is just what the adorable giants need.

large dog breeds
Golden Retrievers are friendly and great family company

Photo by Dane Flavel on Unsplash


3.      Golden Retriever

Everybody loves the friendly and goofy Golden Retriever. No doubt this is one of the most popular large dog breeds. The intelligent, good-natured, and obedient dogs are fun to have around no matter where you live. Furthermore, Golden Retrievers get along with cats too. Happy cats get along with happy dogs, says Friendly Claws and, if there’s one thing you can say about Golden Retrievers, is that they are happy dogs. So, if you live in an apartment building with a cat and want a puppy, consider a Golden Retriever. Retrievers don’t like to spend a lot of time alone so they will appreciate having the company of a cat while you’re out.

Golden Retrievers are energetic and need a lot of attention. They are also intelligent and eager to please so they respond well to obedience training. Thus, they can be comfortable living in an apartment as long as they get their daily dose of physical activity. So, if you’re the type of person who likes to hike, run, and do lots of outdoor activities, you should know that Golden Retrievers are good exercise partners.

4.      Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard is the large dog breed that everybody fell in love with while watching the film series Beethoven. This breed of dogs are usually exactly as portrayed in the movies: gentle, loving, great with kids, patient, tolerant, and calm. Although they should be socialized at an early age so they can bond with people and animals, as they are inclined to be protective of their loved ones.

Saint Bernards tend to be active as puppies so you have to be patient and teach them how to behave. But, as they grow older, they prefer to casually lounge instead of exploring.

Saint Bernard dogs make excellent companions and, if they are provided with love and care by their family, they are happy anywhere, including an apartment. In addition, despite being big, the dogs require moderate physical activity. Over-exercising can cause joint problems in their case, thus the daily walks, occasional runs, and trips to the dog park are more than enough.

5.      Mastiff

The last on our list of large dog breeds that make great apartment dogs is the Mastiff. Just like the other dog breeds included, Mastiffs are gentle and adjust easily to apartment life. They are friendly, loyal, and social. Mastiffs love being around people and they adore their family with whom they form a strong bond.

Even though they are quiet and calm, Mastiffs are vigilant and they protect their family and their territory so they make amazing guard dogs too. Nevertheless, having them in your apartment won’t make the neighbors complain about the noise since they rarely bark.

Like most big dogs, Mastiffs are prone to hip and joint problems. So, while they require some physical exercise to stay fit and healthy, they don’t have to be overworked. If it were up to them, they would spend time napping on the couch or in the sun not running around. They are lazy and pretty inactive so daily walks are more than enough for them.

Final thoughts on large dog breeds

As seen above, big dogs can live happy and long lives in an apartment. That is, as long as they are well taken care of and loved. It’s more important to consider a breed’s needs than the size when choosing the right dog for apartment living.


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