Why dog nutrition in a well balanced diet is critical

16 Sep, 2021

Why dog nutrition in a well balanced diet is critical

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As a pet owner and especially a dog owner you will be involved in dog nutrition on a daily basis. Getting dog nutrition right is a vital part of a dog’s well balanced diet to help manage the dog’s well being. This article will walk you through all you can do to ensure your dog has a well-balanced diet! And how to manage dog nutrition with dog sitters in your absence.

Ensure your dog nutrition offers your dog a well-balanced diet

feeding dogs
Feeding dogs a good diet means you help maintain their health

A dog is a man’s best friend, and for good reason. Dogs are loyal, loving, and adorable. They also need to be cared for properly in order to stay healthy. One aspect of dog care that many dog owners neglect is ensuring that their dog has a well-balanced diet.  Getting dog nutrition right is vital.

Ensure your dog’s nutrition is tailored to their needs

As a pet owner you want to ensure the best dog food and nutrition for your pet.  You have to consider the breed of dog you have and then feed it accordingly.

Your furry friends’ food needs to have a balance of all the nutrients as well as being appropriate for your dog’s age and breed so it is essential that you consult with a vet or do some research before purchasing dog food from any retail store.

The need for specific foods to manage dog nutrition

Some dogs like boxers need specific foods that will keep them healthy and strong. That is why you should find out what the Best Dog Foods for Boxers are and get them on their way to live a long and happy life. This goes out to any other breed, and the best way to ensure what they need is by talking to professionals.

For example, dogs that are active and need a lot of energy should be fed dog food with high-fat content, while for ones that do not require so much exercise and live more sedentary lifestyles you can feed them dog foods rich in proteins, but low in carbohydrates.

Dog well balanced diet – 

Be aware of what types of food are best for your dog’s age, size, and health condition

You must learn what are the best types of food for your dog’s age, size, and health condition. You should also avoid feeding table scraps to the dog unless there are no other options available.

This is because it is not recommended by dog owners or vets as they may have an impact on how healthy a dog will be in future years due to processed food containing preservatives that can lead to many different problems. Here are all the factors you need to consider when feeding your dog:

  • age
  • size
  • health
  • breed
  • activity level

Provide plenty of fresh water at all times

dog nutrition
Ensure you dog is always well-hydrated

Dogs always need water to keep hydrated and to aid with the digestive process. This help to optimise the positive effect of good dog nutrition. Ensure that they have fresh water available at all times. Refresh their bowl of water whenever it starts looking dirty or if there is less than an inch of water left.

This can lead to dehydration. Make sure to always provide your dog with new water on days when you are going away from home for extended periods as well because dogs cannot live off of food alone because they need clean drinking water daily!

Be aware that some dog breeds will require more access to fresh water if they are particularly active since they may lose more fluids due to exertion during exercise time. In this case, make sure that your dog has several standing areas where he/she can access fresh water.

Ensure you are feeding the right amount

It’s crucial that you feed your dog the right amount in order to ensure that its diet is well-balanced. If you over-feed, it can lead your dog to become overweight. Gaining more weight than necessary puts the dog at risk of developing serious health conditions.

These conditions include obesity or a compromised immune system. 

On the other hand, if you don’t feed enough food then this can lead to the dog becoming underweight which is also not a good thing. It can cause other health issues too such as muscle loss, lack of energy, and even hair falling out.

Dog treats

Consider supplementing your dog’s diet with vitamin-rich treats

A dog’s immune system has to be managed carefully. And dog owners can help ensure that their dog is having a well-balanced diet by giving them vitamin-rich dog treats.

Vitamin supplements will also be important for dogs with specific health problems or those who don’t receive enough vitamins from what they eat every day.

feeding dogs
Ensuring you provide good dog nutrition from an early age is essential for a healthy life

Exercise caution when switching foods it could lead to stomach upset

You must be careful when switching dog foods since it can cause stomach upset in some dogs. Changing dog food could also lead to nutritional deficiencies and imbalances. This will lead to physiological problems for the dog such as vomiting or diarrhoea.

To avoid this issue, you should introduce new dog food slowly by mixing both old and new together over seven days. This way your dog’s body will slowly adjust to the new dog food, and minimize any changes in nutrition. 

Ensuring good dog feeding routines in your absence

How do you ensure that your dogs feeding routines and your carefully planned dog nutrition routines are maintained when you are away from your dog? Find dog sitters and prepare a good pet care briefing.

Dog sitters and pet care

If you travel away from home and find live in dog sitters to help you manage pet care, then your dog nutrition brief must be clear. Prepare the food ahead of your departure to ensure there is sufficient dog food and dog treats for your absence.

Free dog sitter

A live in dog sitter is also a housesitter – Yay!

And here’s the piece de resistance. Live in dog sitters will also be able to help you keep your home running smoothly while you are away.


So with live in dog sitters, as well as housesitters, they can mow the lawn, clean the house, collect the mail and any parcels. Most importantly they will keep the home looking occupied and secure. And most importantly they will be in house entertainment and a resident friend for your dog.


A final note on dog nutrition

You are responsible for your dogs’ health and it starts with the dog nutrition. Always consider the breed of your dog and make sure the meals are well-balanced and rich in vitamins. Consider the size, age, and health condition of the dog, and don’t switch the type of food too quickly.

With this in hand your best friend will be healthy and around for a long time!

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