Why expand the kitchen at home – Great ideas

29 Jul, 2021

Why expand the kitchen at home – Great ideas

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Every homeowner finds themselves wanting to undergo some home renovations after a while. One of the more popular project is to expand the kitchen. Here are some great reasons whey extending your home and especially the kitchen has benefits.

Why you should expand the kitchen

Moving home is an expensive thing to do. It is also incredibly disruptive and stressful for anyone involved. Because of this, many people choose to extend their homes instead and undergo a renovation. The kitchen especially is a room that homeowners like to make bigger. To extend your kitchen will give you more room and utility in a high traffic area. It can be very valuable.

Yet there are many reasons other than not having to move to get a larger kitchen that would make a kitchen extension a good idea. Read on to find out what they are. 

expand the kitchen
Some kitchens have limited work tops and an expansion can help create working space

Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy from Pexels

You spend a lot of time there 

Even if you don’t particularly enjoy cooking, the kitchen is one of the main rooms at home. You’ll prepare and cook food there, of course, but it’s also the heart of the home. It tends to be a place where people congregate. If your kitchen is small and awkward to work in, as people gather there it can feel smaller and uncomfortable. 

To ensure that you can use the kitchen in the way you want to so that there is room to prepare meals for your family, and so that there is room to allow it to be the social space it should be, an extension could be the best plan. Remember, though, a terrace house extension is going to have to be planned differently to an extension for a property with more space to the side – you might have to use some of your garden to get the bigger kitchen you’re looking for. 

Regular cleaning with specialist materials will help maintain a germ free environment

Expand the kitchen for more utilities 

If you have a small kitchen, you might be missing equipment that ideally you want to hand. You might, for example, want a dishwasher, but went without because of lack of space. Or perhaps you loved the idea of an island for breakfast or where the kids could do their homework, but once again space is tight. 

By expanding the size of your kitchen with an extension, you can include many – or all – of the elements that you had to forego in the past, giving you a kitchen that you can really enjoy and that will give you pleasure rather than causing frustration. 

Increase value 

When people are looking at homes to buy, they will always be particularly interested in the kitchen and the bathroom. Extending the bathroom isn’t an easy task (assuming it’s on the second floor, that is; a first-floor bathroom is easier to deal with), but extending a kitchen can often be done with a bit of thought and planning. 

By making your kitchen larger, you can improve the value of your home. More people will be interested in buying it when the times comes to sell. Plus, you might even sell it more quickly when you put it on the market. With a new kitchen looking so good people will be drawn to it as a feature of your property. 

Why you should expand the kitchen in summary

A kitchen expansion, although less expensive than moving home helps to achieve a larger kitchen. And it will still cost you money, so it’s a good idea to speak to professionals before you begin.  You want to get this home improvement right and have it exactly the way you want it. It is an expensive project to get wrong, and you don’t want to regret the decision in future years. 



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