Why Housesit? How Will I Benefit?

11 Apr, 2024

Why Housesit? How Will I Benefit?

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Whatever your reason for asking the question ‘Why housesit’ and even approaching the idea of housesitting read this article. In this piece we offer a large variety of great reasons that our housesitters have given us over the years about why they choose to housesit again and again.

Why housesit? What are the advantages for me as a housesitter?

why housesit - Housesitmatch housesitters offer many compelling reasons for being housesitters
All our HouseSitMatch Housesitters have very personal reasons for why they housesit. Many people fall in love with it and housesit year after year

Photo by Lamia Walker

What are the reasons why people love to housesit?

There is a wide variety of reasons why people choose to housesit. Some people love to travel and others travel while they work – housesitting can make both possible and affordable.

Some people need to discover a new location and don’t want to break the bank while they explore. Others find the company of pets a great comfort, most housesits require pet care.

Read on to consider which of these reasons most calls to you, and helps you answer the question ‘Why Housesit’.

  • Affordable travel

long-term house-sitters in paris
Vladi and Suzanne were long term housesitters in France and made the most of their time in France – Of course they had to visit Paris

Photo by Vladimir and Suzanne

By housesitting you find that you can stay in a new location on a much lower budget than if you were paying for your accommodation. This saving allows you to spend more money on visiting specific local points of interest that appeal to you once your duties as a housesitter are finished.

Many housesitters find they are able to enjoy longer breaks and explorations than if they were paying for the full price trip. They can spend some of the money saved on a longer trip, specific tours and excursions.

  • Homeowners expert guidance to their location

Another real advantage to housesitting is that the homeowner will likely know their area better than any guidebook. They could be your inside track to learning about your destination and hyper local area.

UK Staycation
Housesitting in a UK town like High Wycombe came as a surprise to Welsh housesitter Karen. The owners introduced her to a variety of National Trust houses

Photo by Housesitter Karen

Many of us as housesitters visit new towns that are slightly off the beaten track. Don’t worry about that. Your destination can be the most wonderful experience as guided by your hosts the homeowners.

housesitting adventure
Housesitting in Spain with her family Debs enjoys her housesitting journey and the local food and markets

Photo by Steph

  • Cut accommodation costs

One of the most popular reasons people give for the question ‘Why Housesit’ is that it helps you cut accommodation costs. To be clear, with HouseSitMatch when you housesit you offer your time and services as a house and pet sitter who offer to care for pets and property, for free accommodation. It’s a great deal!

These significant savings liberate vital cash while you travel to enjoy special treats and local indulgences, and perhaps an even longer stay away from home.

housesitting in Spain
Paella is an iconic Spanish dish, and one that Deborah really enjoyed while housesitting in Valencia

Photo by Deborah

house-sitting and visiting local markets
Local farmer’s markets in a new country or location can be great fun and good value, a real discovery for some housesitters new to this form of travel

Photo by Giles

  • The company of pets

If you are still considering the question ‘Why housesit’ read this point. Those of us who love animals find the company of pets a joy. One of the most popular answers for the question ‘Why housesit’ is the main benefit of the company of pets while you stay.

housesitting around the world
Petsitting is a way that Eric exchanges his time and housesitting care in exchange for free lodging as he cycles around the world

Photo courtesy of Eric

The beauty of housesitting is you can choose the petsitting assignments you apply for. Which pets do you like? You give your time for free and enjoy the pets while you stay in the owner’s home. The petowner will leave you a detailed brief for how to care for their home and pets, and how they want you to stay connected while they are away.

  • Stay in a comfortable home

Another advantage of housesitting is the advantage of staying in a comfortable home in a neighbourhood, rather than an anonymous inner city hostel or hotel. it can be a joy to live in someone’s home and experience their footprint on your working housesitting holiday.

Spanish villa in the sun
There may be a lovely swimming pool available for your use at the housesit

While you are staying in the owner’s comfortable home you are also responsible for that property and the resident pets. That’s the give and take and essence of ‘why housesit’. It’s an exchange of services.

  • Housesitting offers an active holiday

Many of our housesits at HouseSitMatch will involve care of pets and especially dogs. Dogs usually need walking, cat litter trays need changing and so on. Your holiday housesit will ensure you have an active holiday.

Dog walker walking three dogs on a lead
It is much cheaper for a pet minder to live in to care for and exercise three dogs than for a dog walker to walk three dogs once or twice a day while you are away

Photo by Jenny

  • Digital nomads travel as they work

There are some housesitters who fall in love with this lifestyle so much that their back to back housesits turn in to a way to travel while they work. They become digital nomads who housesit wherever they have access to good Wi-Fi strong enough to support their professional activities.

make your home pet friendly
Being a digital nomad is more fun with the company of pets on a housesit

Photo by Jenny

Many digital nomads when asked ‘why housesit’? they answer that their change in surroundings is stimulating and enables travel while they are fit and able around the world, wherever they can get connected.

  • Gardening when you don’t have a garden at home

Some of our housesitters have told us that after downsizing as empty nesters, they missed their garden desperately. Housesitting can offer some wonderful opportunities to enjoy travel as a garden sitter, caring for mature gardens, burgeoning vegetable patches and Mediterranean clay pot gardens.

vegetable plot in a garden
If there is a vegetable garden to water share photos with the homeowner so they know what to expect on their return.

Photo by Lamia

People with active cultivated gardens often need a house sitter in peak growing season to look after their plants and crops. Also it is important that a garden looks like it is tended rather than neglected when the owners are away. And if you love gardening there is another reason to answer your question ‘Why housesit’.

  • Long term visit in a new location

Sometimes you are looking to move country or to a new location and the opportunity to experience the location with the reduced costs of a housesit allows you to get the feel for the place before making that commitment.

start up in sydney australia
Travel costs can be cut by housesitting, and if you need to decide on a big move housesit in the local area first to get the feel of the place.

Photo by Lamia Walker

  • Spending time with my family, not at home

One of my personal reasons for housesitting is the opportunity to spend time with my my family in a place that is not our home. It is a working holiday, we’re housesitting and petsitting. But it is such fun, because we are away from home with all the usual chores, and we’re discovering a new location, new pets and new hosts who are friendly and want us to learn about their home and location.

It is incredible fun! Try it!

Lamia and her daughter with Tilly the dog by the sea
This is Chloe my daughter and I dogsitting for Tilly on a day out by the sea

Photo by Lamia

A long term housesit allows you to really live like a local, to fully appreciate the benefits of a new location.

Why Housesit in Summary

If you have been toying with that question ‘Why housesit’ and you have read all the benefits of house sitting listed above, now stop thinking and just try it! Join a house and pet sitting platform like HouseSitMatch. Try a local housesit to get your sea legs, get the hang of the process and protocols.

Then try a little further afield, choose pets where you are comfortable caring for them and communicate well with your hosts. Housesitting has many benefits for all kind of sitters. It’s a real win win!


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