Why might I need a house sitter?

4 Jul, 2023

Why might I need a house sitter?

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Wondering ‘ why might I need a house sitter ‘ as a home owner is a viable question. However, if you have pets or intend to leave your home empty in the holidays think again. A house sitter can really help you to keep your pets safe in their own home, keeping plants watered and healthy and of course to keep your home safe and guarded in your absence.

While there may be pros and cons the benefits are clear.  Read on to learn more.

Why and when might I need a house sitter?

Many opportunities present themselves with house sitting for both the house sitter and the house owner. Whether you’re a local or visiting a neighboring city, many people find it a great way to save on rent, even if you’re staying at home. Moreover, it allows people to experience life in different cities and countries.

As a homeowner and pet owner there might be many occasions when you tell yourself ‘ I need a house sitter ‘. Having someone come into your home and care for your beloved pet can be very rewarding for a house sitter, but what benefits does it offer for the owner?

I need a house sitter
Keeping your home occupied is a great way to deter opportunist thieves

Find a housesitter

Well ahead of your next holiday you should consider why might I need a house sitter? And then think about how you will find a housesitter.

What are the responsibilities of a housesitter?

Within the protocols of Housesitmatch.com there are several responsibilities of a housesitter. These responsibilities or duties will span a wide range of requests. They can include managing security in the property, so like a property guardian to pet care and tomato sitting! However, each housesitting arrangement will be unique to each homeowner and house sitter.

Home sitters for property security

It is the responsibility of a house sitter, or home sitter as they are sometimes called, to provide care for the property. As a constant presence in the home the sitters will be keeping the home secure in the owner’s absence. Sometimes the property is at risk if it stands empty for a long period. Most insurance companies will not uphold the home insurance guarantees if the property stands empty for longer than 5 weeks.

Housesitters for property management

Therefore house sitter or home sitters play a valuable role in keeping the property occupied. Maintaining and overseeing all the functions and facilities of the home is an essential responsibility.  They can also help you get organised at home while you are away.  Only by having a human to manage the property can you make sure that all functions remain in good working order.

Should anything go wrong, or if extreme weather causes damage then with sitters on site there will be people to manage the situation and report issues to the owners.

what is a house sitter
Pet sitting is usually expected of a housesitter

Is petsitting a housesitter responsibility?

It is more likely you will say ‘I need a house sitter’ if you have pets.

Pets and house sitters

A housesitting assignment often required pet care. Most housesitting websites like Housesitmatch.com display housesits as house sitting and pet sitting assignments. A housesitting website is where many people go to find a house sitter online  The adverts published on the website usually ask for live in house and pet sitters to care for property and pets.

Pet sitting is a responsibility if pets already live in the home It is quite usual. The usual responsibilities associated with pet minding include feeding and exercise of the pets. In addition you will be responsible for overseeing their well being to make sure they stay in good health. Sometimes pets must be given medication. If this is the case then the pet owner will document this and share the details with you.

Don’t come home to surprises

Living alone is very different compared to co living apartments or houses. If you live with friends or housemates, the need for a house sitter is much lower as they can keep you updated on any happenings at home, but for those who live alone, the story is a little different.

Solo living

If you live alone your pets and property are cared for by a house sitter while you are away, and you will always be able to see how things are going at home.

They take care of your pets via pictures or video chat with their owner via WhatsApp, so you don’t need to worry.  Take them around the premises to ensure everything is in order. They can help you to make sure everything is in order.

Tomato sitting and watering the plants

Tended plants are more productive – many keen gardeners find themselves saying I need a house sitter

For anyone going on an extended trip, the risk of your plants and garden falling into a misshape with nothing being watered or maintained.

Tomato sitting

When you are caring for your garden and have added tomatoes and vegetables it can be a great concern when you worry about the watering and feeding routines of plants like tomatoes you have been tending from seed.

This is when you might say to yourself ‘I need a house sitter ‘. Having a house sitter ensures that your house plants are watered as they need to be, and those away for an extended period can have the lawn mowed, adding a smoother aesthetic to your home.

House sitters mow the lawn too

Having an attended-to lawn is not only aesthetically pleasing but adds a security level to your home, as an unattended garden can signify a property being empty, attracting thieves. You may well find yourself thinking I need a house sitter if you are planning a long absence.

keep houseplants
Some plants are easier to grow than others, but all need some watering and care

Pets are happier at home

The typical environment at home makes many pets much happier. They can become unhappy when their routine is disrupted so staying in the home even when you are not there is better for them. But then they need someone else to care for them.

. Some pets get anxious when taken out of their familiar environments. You can reduce your pet’s anxiety by having a house sitter take care of them during your vacation and allow them to have a holiday at the same time while you are enjoying yours.

getting a dog
If you have pets that’s when you might say to yourself ‘ I need a house sitter !’

On your return, your pet will be as happy as can be. Your trip will be even better in the thought of your pet enjoying all the home comforts while being taken care of and happy.

Cheap alternative to pet care

Many pet owners know that the answer to ‘why I need a house sitter ‘ is the pet care. Along with your pets feeling happier at home, hiring a house sitter is much cheaper than using kennels or catteries.

Keeping multiple pets can be expensive

Pets are the most popular reason for hiring a house sitter. Using a house-sitting website, you can register your home and find someone to love and care for your pet while you’re away, all free.

I need a house sitter
Many pet owners with multiple pets say I need a house sitter whenever they go away.

Even if you decide to pay the person, this is still very reasonable, considering all of the other perks of having your house cared for. Compare the price of the kennels, which could be anywhere up to $500 for a week or more, and you will still have an empty home that is open to all of the problems we have mentioned in this blog. The value of acquiring a house sitter is undeniable.

I need a house sitter
A vacant home is vulnerable. If you are away for a long time that’s when you might say ‘ I need a house sitter ‘

Prevent thieves

Another really important reason that many homeowners find themselves saying ‘ I need a house sitter ‘ is when there is a local burglary and they are concerned about their property while they are away. Leaving a home vacant creates a vulnerability.

Keeping a vacant property safe

Having a house sitter stay at your home will make your property less of a target to burglars chancing for a quick opportunity in an empty home. House sitters give your home the look of still being lived in and ensure that there is someone in your home during the hours of the day when a crime is most likely.

There are many responsibilities for house sitters when they are in your home, such as checking for break-ins, plumbing, roof leaks, and any other potential problems that could occur while you’re on your trip.

If you are planning an extended trip away from home then you need long term house sitters. Taking this step will definitely help you prevent thieves from taking advantage of your unprotected home.

When and why you might say ‘ I need a house sitter’ in summary

In general, getting a house sitter is an excellent option for many reasons, as they will step into your shoes and look after everything at home while you’re away. Your plants will be watered, your mail will be attended to, and your sitter may even be willing to do a few extra things, like cut your grass, if your trip is longer than the usual summer holiday.

Most importantly your pets will be cared for in their own home.

housesitting trust
Living in a rural situation will make you say ‘I need a house sitter’ especially with pets.

And house sitters are free!

An added extra is that home sitters through a house sitting platform like Housesitmatch.com do not charge you extra for the jobs they complete and ensure that your home is not an invitation for burglars looking for unattended houses. There are many online websites with a catalog of house sitters ready to go to work, each with varying skills and abilities for all properties and pets.

Travel with the added peace and comfort of knowing your home is safe and sound. You no longer have to panic and say ‘ I need a house sitter ‘ you will know what to do.

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