House Sitters and Beds: Necessity or Luxury?

31 Mar, 2022

House Sitters and Beds: Necessity or Luxury?

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If you are planning a holiday and are planning a housesitter to keep everything secure, you may be in a quandary.  You may be asking yourself how to prepare for the housesitter. Will the trusted housesitter need a bed? If they are staying more than a few days will they need their own wardrobe and space in the kitchen? Read on to learn some of our top tips for how to prepare for your sitter…

Does the trusted housesitter need a bed to sleep on?

housesitter need
Attention to details in a bedroom will ensure no housesitter need feel uncomfortable in your home

As much as we loathe leaving our houses unattended, sometimes it is simply unavoidable. If you are suddenly facing an emergency or wish to go on a vacation, availing yourself of the services of a house sitter is the best option. But what does the housesitter need? You need to prepare your home for this guest.

House sitters are a necessity

House sitters become a necessity if you have pets or wish to keep your house tidy and secure while you are gone.

Of course, if you get a house sitter, there are certain facilities that you need to provide them. After all, this person will ensure that your pets are safe and healthy while you’re gone.

They’ll also be responsible for maintaining your house and as such will need to stay there for an extended period. So, does the house sitter need a bed to sleep on? Let’s find out.

Will the housesitter need a bed to sleep on?

In short, the answer is yes. Since the house sitter will be staying in your house for a while, they’ll need to sleep somewhere. A bed for them is a given because no house sitter will want to crash on a sofa or couch for multiple days.

Ensuring a comfortable mattress will ensure your trusted sitter can relax and recuperate for the next day of pet care or home maintenance. People often like to get this roll away bed that won’t take up too much space but provides comfort.

Add some blankets and sheets and you’ll have an inviting option for your house sitter. It’s important to make sure the bed is clean and comfortable, so that when they start their day of pet care or home maintenance, they are well-rested.

Where will the housesitter sleep?

That depends on you. It is common for folks to let the house sitter crash in their room while they are gone. As such, people usually allow the house sitter to stay in their bed. However, we understand if you don’t like that situation.

f you are uncomfortable with a stranger staying in you or your kid’s room while you are away, you can always prepare a guest bedroom. 

housesitter need
We all have our idea of the perfect bedroom, keep the housesitter’s room tidy and clutter free

What will the housesitter need in the guest bedroom?

If you hire a house sitter, you will need to provide them with the necessary accommodations. If you leave the guest bedroom for them, be sure to furnish it with whatever they might need. The first thing for that is a bed. A single bed should do well for the room.

Of course, the bed needs to have a mattress. However, we also know that mattresses can be expensive. If you cannot afford a high-quality yet expensive mattress for your house sitter, try investing in a more affordable one. You can find out more through informative articles on mattresses. And yes he housesitter will need a good bed to feel comfortable.

After the mattress, you also need to make sure that blankets, sheets, and other necessary items for the bed are present there. You should also look into bathroom toiletries, such as tissues and toilet paper. Just be sure that you have enough to last them their entire stay.

Do I need to change the sheets before leaving?

Yup, especially if you let the house sitter sleep in the master bedroom. Give the impression that you offer luxury house sitting jobs. Prepare clean sheets, fresh towels and get organised. However, it is basic etiquette to lay out fresh sheets for the newcomer.

Additionally, they should be changing the sheets before leaving too. However, if you are not sure or don’t want to leave things by chance, you can instruct the house sitter to change the sheets before your return.

Will my pet need a separate bed?

will the housesitter need
The housesitter might have to share a bed with their pet charges

The answer to this question depends on where your pet usually sleeps. If you have a separate arrangement for your pet, notify the sitter, and that arrangement will continue. However, if the pet is used to sleeping with you on the bed, you will need to clear it with the house sitter.

You need to make sure that the sitter is comfortable sleeping with your pet. Most  house sitter caretaker jobs need pet care.  In such cases, it might be good to let the sitter sleep where you usually do so that the change is not too significant for your pet. Changing their sleeping place in addition to your absence may stress them out more than necessary.

Do I need to clear out storage space for the house sitter?

affordable DIY ideas
Maximising storage space is always useful in a family home

Leaving out a separate wardrobe or space in the pantry is unnecessary if you are going on a short trip. However, if you expect to be gone for an extended period, it would be best to clear out some space. If the housesit is a long period ask yourself will the housesitter need space and other things while they are staying? This way, the house sitter can store their stuff without living on top of yours. You can look up other ways to prepare your house for a house sitter.

Additionally, you shouldn’t leave everything up to your sitter. If you are going for an extended vacation, you need to take care of your mechanical systems to ensure they remain working.

Conclusion – So, yes the will housesitter need a bed
want to become a petsitter
A love of pets is a must if you want to become a house carer

A house sitter is generally there to ensure the upkeep of your house. They also ensure that it always looks like the house is occupied, as burglaries are more likely to happen if it appears empty. In addition to keeping your home safe, house sitters can also double as pet sitters. Make sure you check what the 

Of course, if your house sitter is doing you the favor of keeping your home and pets safe, it only makes sense that you accommodate them. Will the housesitter need space to put their things? Ask them.

Being kind to your house sitter also ensures extra care for your home. One of the first things you can do is provide them with decent sleeping arrangements, which means letting them sleep on a proper bed instead of an air bed or couch.

Follow our advice, and it’s likely that you’ll return to an impeccable house and very happy pets.


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