Working from home with pets? 5 Top Tips

28 May, 2020

Working from home with pets? 5 Top Tips

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These days working from home is less of a novelty and more of a working standard. Working from home with pets is another matter, however. Many of us find it does take some getting used to. Because for our pets we are as much a novelty at home as they are to us. Here are some suggestions for pet owners working from home and trying to manage time spent working and time with our pets.

5 Tips for Working from Home with Pets

home with pets
Working from home with pets can be a challenge

Many people are beginning to work from home, especially right now. Although your pet may love having you at home 24 x 7, it is not necessarily easy to get your work done with a dog or cat around. Unlike smaller animals, like hamsters or gerbils, dogs and cats beg for attention. They want to play and act as a distraction. Generally this creates an excuse for you to procrastinate.

One idea is to build a business where you can create pet themed tags and products with pet graphics on them. You can check out Boss Laser on Facebook to get ideas. If you’re working on something else and to ensure you and your pet co-exist happily while you are working from home, consider these suggestions to help your work day run smoothly.

1.   Create a Separate Office Space

The first step is to create a separate office space that your pet is not allowed in. To decide where to select first overview species of pets you keep at home and what they need.

Design your own office space

Then decide the space you need to work in a productive work environment for you. This will allow you to focus on your workload in a peaceful environment away from the distractions of your animal. However, if they do whine to come in,then create a pet corner.

Make sure it is out of your way or at least out of your scope of vision. It is a place where your pet can sleep and relax near you, without taking up too much of your time. You could also consider designing a pet room where your animal can happily stay during the day.

If you can create a separate space for the pets

2.   Visit a Co-Working Space if it is difficult to work at home with pets

If you are unable to make a separate office space for work, or if it distresses either you or your pet to work at home with pets, find a local co-working space as a practical alternative. By leaving your pet at home, you will be able to focus on the tasks before you. This will also simulate the routine that your pet is used to when you worked in an office environment.

Co-working spaces are popping up everywhere

Do you need a co-working space in Los Angeles?

Or do you need a co-working space in High Wycombe like Patch? Consider all your options if working at home with pets is not viable.

3.   Keep Your Pets Occupied

One of the main reasons why your pet may be distracting you from your workload is boredom. They want your attention. Attempt to keep your pet as occupied as possible throughout the day, which will leave you free to start on your deadlines.

To do this, you should consider introducing new toys that they can play with themselves, such as balls and cat trees, and giving them long-lasting treats, such as bones and automated treat dispensers. If you have a dog, you should also try to give them their regular two walks a day, as this will wear them out for the duration of your workday.

4.   Create a Routine

Train yourself and your pet with a regular routine

It is also paramount that you can stick to a routine when you are working within a pet-filled house, as this will prevent your dog or cat from pestering you for food or entertainment at all hours of the day. Like when you were working in an office, stick to a routine. Try to feed, walk, play, and get your pets ready for bed at the same time every day.

5.   Find a Pet Sitter

Pet sitters stay at home with pets to care for them and your home by arrangement

If your pet is starting to distract you even after you have chosen to complete all of these steps, then you should consider finding a pet sitter for the peak times of your day. Another more expensive option is a doggy day care centre that can care for your pet while you are at work. This can be a great option, particularly if they are anxious or clingy and need attention.

Need pet sitters to be at home with pets?

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