Working with animals – 3 Job Ideas

9 Nov, 2023

Working with animals – 3 Job Ideas

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Many housesitters start with because they love working with animals. With us the work is on an amateur basis. However, sometimes the housesitters fall so much in love with the lifestyle that they then want to start working with animals professionally. In this article we offer three ideas for jobs that allow you t spend time with animals.

Three unusual businesses that allow working with animals

a housesitter who loves working with animals who is looking after a dog and looking at a canyon
Many housesitters fall in love with working with animals

If you’re an animal lover, it can be a dream come true to start working with animals. Rather than sitting in a corporate office working a job you dislike, you could be spending your days surrounded by furry friends, helping them while making a living at the same time.

What’s more, people often dream of running their own business and enjoying all the freedom that comes with working for yourself – and you don’t need a business degree to do it.

A variety of options for jobs with animals

Fortunately, there are numerous business concepts that are perfect start-ups for animal lovers. As the world shifts and the standard of care for pets rises, many new businesses have come about to meet these demands.

It used to be that working with animals meant becoming a veterinarian, but now you can enjoy all the benefits that animals can bring in many more ways. Keep reading to discover three growing business concepts that allow you to work with animals.

Doggy day-care

Two woman playing with dogs in a garden
Doggy day-care is a good way to keep pets stimulated when you are out for a day

One rapidly expanding sector is doggy day-care. With many people choosing to raise dogs over children, the popularity of sending their canine companions to a day-care is growing. Owners often see their dogs as their furry children, so naturally, they only want the best for them.

Doggy day-cares, are centres that provide care for dogs throughout the day, as the name would suggest. It means that owners can go off to work without worrying about their pups – instead, they can rest assured that they’re having the time of their lives running and playing.

As a worker or prospective business owner, the demands of this business are quite low. You’ll need to be proactive and keep an eye on all of the dogs, ensuring that they get along and no one gets hurt. You’ll also need to create a schedule to make sure that the dogs are fed at appropriate times and get plenty of rest, too.

Therapy animal organisations

Animals can bring many benefits, both mentally and physically. As such, they have a unique ability to comfort and support people in need. Emotional support animals are one example of this, as the pets (usually dogs) will be trained to recognise signs of distress and provide comfort.

As the recognition of the benefits of animals grows, organisations that train and hire out these animals are popping up. It could be that they train emotional support dogs to bring into care homes, or even to children’s hospitals to brighten their days.

You can expect to spend your days training and caring for these pups, ensuring that they are healthy and happy while occasionally transporting them to different locations to provide support.

Pet sitting

dog sitter on the grass with a labrador
You can find pet sitter assignments as a registered member of a house and pet sitting website like

For those looking for a more casual role working with animals, pet sitting could be the perfect option. Pet sitting involves taking care of pets in the safety of their own homes while their owners are away. This is a growing alternative to pet boarding, as it can be much less stressful for pets to stay in a familiar environment.

In order to start working with animals, you’ll need to be experienced in caring for animals, and able to feed, walk and play with them regularly. It’s also beneficial if you’re comfortable administering medications to pets, as many owners are willing to pay extra for this service.

This kind of role allows you to form close relationships and bonds with animals, and is likely to lead to returning customers if you keep their pets happy. Many owners will greatly appreciate photos and videos of their pets while they’re away, so that’s one way to put the odds in your favour.

tickling a cat under the chin
Looking after pets can be therapeutic for them and the pet sitter

Working with Animals – A career of passion

If you truly love animals, why not consider turning your passion for working with animals into a career? Whether you decide to start your own business or join an existing one, there are so many roles out there that allow you to live out your dreams.

What is a house sitter?

A house sitter is some one that a home or pet owner invites into their home to care for property and pets in their absence.

Housesitters – What you need

House sitting gives you the chance to travel to new places, earn, and have a place to sleep while on the road. The practice is fast becoming the go-to option for many traveling homeowners due to the benefits it brings to the table.

Are you searching for a way to get in on this train? Here are nine tips on how you can go about becoming a house sitter.

Trusted house sitters

dog sitter holding a dog
A love of pets is a great place to start as a pet sitter and house sitter

It is good to consider all the elements that make up a good trusted housesitting arrangement. In our opinion they would include the following:

1.      A love for pets

You must have a strong affection and way with pets before you become a house sitter. Most homeowners have these furry companions, and her hoping to find someone to care for them too. The more passionate you are with animals, the more jobs you can land online.

Pets often range from dogs to cats, fish to hamsters, lizards to birds, and more. Having one yourself or owning a farm is an extra touch.

2.      Obtain a criminal record check

Having an up to date criminal record check or background check available to show owners speeds things up. This is especially true if you are new to housesitting and don’t yet have a reference. Clients often take their time to check out potential sitters.

But presenting such documentation can help you gain their trust and become a house sitter, faster.

You can get one online via the police website or by visiting your local government building. At when you register as a housesitter we ask you to get an up to date background check through out system. Our online facility means you can do this online no matter how far away from home you are.

3.      Sign up on a house sitting platform

You’ll need to sign up for a house-sitting platform online like Housesit to begin your journey. Many of these websites, but reading through their reviews and services can help you decide the right fit.

Further reading about housesitting and trusted long-term house-sitters

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