Writing about pets at home – Best Tips

5 May, 2023

Writing about pets at home – Best Tips

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If you have pets and like to observe their behaviour then writing about pets can be easier then if you don’t have pets. Pet owners know that the familiarity gives you an edge when telling pet stories. This is also true when you are writing about them. Read on to learn our top tips.

Tips on Writing About Pets at Home

writing about pets
Writing about pets at home can be a great subject for a school or college essay

If you have a pet at home, then you can certainly talk for hours about his character, habits Consider what kind of relationship you have with your pet and what funny stories you have to share. When you think like that writing about pets is easy. Especially if it is a pet that you had in early childhood and still lives with you, grew up with you, and so on. But the problem is that when you get an assignment that gives a different challenge for you writing about pets. 

Avoid the basic essay

The essay turns out to be very basic, the way you would tell your friends, acquaintances, or on the Internet. And we are still talking about writing an academic essay, which has its own rules, no matter how cute and easy the topic may seem. Today, we will give you tips on writing about your pets at home. And thanks to this, you will be able to write your academic work on time and with high quality.

Challenges with writing

Do you know the major problem with tasks like writing about your pets at home? They seem so easy that you tend to postpone working on them till the last moment. If that happens, don’t force yourself and address a paper writing service, such as WriteMyPaperHub to get your essays written online.

Pay experts to handle your assignment, and focus on topics and disciplines you truly care about. The educational system makes students look for online assistance in writing, and you should learn to delegate early. Think about what you want to order in advance, as the earlier you pay for the paper, the better the price. 

Think of Three Topics. Choose Another One.

Analysis of the choice of topic is one of the main successes of writing a quality essay. And of course, there are topics that come to your mind first, and you can directly write down a whole list of these topics.

Review your first topics

The first three to five topics are likely to be quite banal. These are best left aside because most of your classmates will be writing on the same topic. This makes it very boring for teachers to read papers that are very similar.

Make a statement

However, it will be cool if your work, even from the first sentence, is significantly different from the others. To do this, change your plan from your initial banal topics. And that’s what freewriting is good for.


So to try free writing, putting everything down that comes to mind on this topic in the first 15 minutes. Likely, after 10 minutes you will start to come up with some original ideas, memories, and topics. Whether you are writing about pets or another topic it gets easier. And from here you can already choose the specific topic on which you want to write an essay.

Stay Creative With Any Pet-Related Topic in Hand

If the topic is given by the teacher, then think about some interesting point of view from which you can reveal this topic. In fact, any essay topic, even if it is not particularly fascinating, can be twisted in such a way that it would be interesting for you to write, and then it would be interesting for the teacher to read.

Imagine you’re the teacher

Try to put yourself in the place of a teacher and imagine what exactly could attract you in a story about someone else’s pet, how to present material, what examples to give when talking about the character and antics of your pet, so that any reader would be able to understand why you are so attached to him.

Do Research Even if it Sounds Strange

cat safe houseplants
Sometimes the antics our pets get up to are highly entertaining

It would seem that this is the easiest task in the world to write about your pet, which you know best. And you don’t need any special research to write a good essay. You already know his habits, his history, you can remember interesting cases that happened to him, and so on.


If we are talking about an academic essay, then research is an important part of the development of the topic. Consider how you can approach the analysis of various resources. For example, you can look at the typical temperaments of your pet’s breed and compare it with the temperament that your pet actually has. You can search for a story about it.

The breeding of pet breeds

Because there are many pet breeds that are artificially bred, there were reasons for this, and once these breeds looked different, they had other functions. You can look for the history of champions in this breed, or some famous dogs or other animals that have been in situations similar to yours.

Best approach to writing about pets

This approach to writing a seemingly simple essay about a pet will show the teacher that you are capable of analysis, out-of-box thinking, you can single out the most important information from the flow and make a comparison, and not just list facts or write epithets separated by commas.

Write a Brief Outline with Links to Sources

Don’t start streaming your essay, take the time to write an outline. Many students forget or do not want to spend time on a detailed plan or outline of texts, or then forget, and then, after writing a few paragraphs, they completely stop and cannot cope with the situation, start procrastinating, and then turn in the essay quite late.

How to get started

If while you have the strength, time, energy, you write a good outline you’re off to a good start. Put one or two resources or references in each paragraph, and write one or two short ideas, then you will not have problems with procrastination, and you will definitely finish your essay on time. Even if it is not as extraordinary an essay as you originally wanted, it will be finished, and you will use all the arguments that you originally wanted.

Don’t be Banal — We All Love Our Pets

writing about pets
Our pets make a wonderful source of great ideas

You don’t need to write an essay about how wonderful your animal is and how much you love it. Of course, the fact that you treat your animal well is right. But nobody wants to read a whole essay about it.

Be careful with academic papers

Academic papers are given to you in order to reveal your ability to write about any topic. You need to demonstrate your writing in a lively, interesting way. Often when writing about pets you will benefit by offering new information about the pets and the problems they create. As much as they give you pleasure they also offer a challenge. Life has two sides. 

Quality essays

Even if you write not the highest quality essay, or make mistakes, but you can make it non-banal and fascinating for the professor, then most likely, the professor will turn a blind eye to some inaccuracies in grammar. For example, you can write about the fact that now more and more toys with sufficiently developed artificial intelligence will appear.

They will be most popular in places where keeping a pet is difficult or unsafe, or for people who have allergies. 

Writing about pets in Summary

If you have absolutely no idea what to write about, watch pet videos on YouTube or TikTok. There are tons of ideas out there about why we get pets, and why we get tired of pets. The most important thing when writing an essay is to find an interesting form for expressing your thoughts.

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