You need a dog in your life – 7 Reasons why that’s so

13 Jun, 2021

You need a dog in your life – 7 Reasons why that’s so

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All pet owners start somewhere with that yearn to bring a pet into their life. You may find that one day you need a dog. Dog owners especially find they begin to have a yearning for that playmate. Apart from wanting a loyal friend you being to feel you just need a dog in you life. They can fill an empty void, you can take your dog for walks and they’ll be a constant companion.

Here are 7 reasons why you will find having a dog meaningful and beneficial in your life.

7 Reasons Why You Need A Dog In Your Life

you need a dog
Dogs can be great and joyful companions

There’s a reason why dogs are considered man’s best friend. There’s also a reason why any house without a dog is felt to be incomplete without one. People love their pooches unconditionally and get that love back in return. So it is not surprising if you feel you need a dog.

There are various advantages of having a companion who’ll blindly follow you wherever you go. Dogs will keep you company and love you unconditionally and many dog breeds will protect you as guard dogs.

Why you might need a dog

Today, we’re going to look at why you might need a dog and some of the benefits. 

Of course there are many benefits, but covering them all in just one article is next to impossible. However, we’re going to be looking at some of the most amazing benefits that owning a dog can bring to your life. So let’s get to it and find out why you should be grateful to your pooch.

1. They Help With Recovery 

It’s been found time and time again that people who own dogs recover from diseases much faster than those who don’t. If we talk about specifics, then it’s been seen that people who’ve suffered from a heart attack are much more likely to fully recover if they have a dog.

This can be due to many reasons like how they have the ability to cheer you up and allow you to relieve any stress that you may have experienced during your day.

2. No More Stress

Humans and dogs share a long history that goes much deeper than we think. Both have developed systems within their bodies to release oxytocin on making eye contact. This is the same hormone that’s released in a parent-child relationship and helps to bond better.

If you own a cuddly little lapdog including Cocker Spaniels, Toy Poodles, or the Chihuahua Terrier mix then you can rest assured that you’re going to have a lot of one on one time that will de-stress your mind by flooding you with oxytocin.

Canines are the only species that have evolved such an intricate relationship with us, and you’d be at a loss if you don’t experience its benefits for yourself.

3. You’ll Laugh More

Dogs are inherently goofy creatures, and even their simple day-to-day activities can crack you up or at the very least make you smile. People who own them as pets laugh more than those who don’t have any pets, and laughing has been shown to be a great de-stresser and a mood booster.

You need a dog. Laughing releases hormones like dopamine, which provides our body a natural high.

The various ridiculous activities that they often display help lighten the mood and make us wonder if they really even evolved from wolves.

4. Help Reduce Depression

Dogs offer many benefits as pets, but none so profound as this one. You need a dog because they have the ability to help us fight negative feelings just in the fact that we spend time with them. 

If you ever feel depressed, then your pup can read your mood. In fact, they’ll act in a manner that will pacify you. Getting a puppy is often suggested to those struggling with depression. You should consider getting one if you’re facing this issue, – it becomes easy to justify that you need a dog.

5. They Make Us Attractive

If you know you need a dog, and you’ve been trying to find a match but have only faced disappointment, then focus on getting an adorable pup can help you out.

Once you find the right puppy you will never look back. It’s been observed that people who own dogs are more attractive to the opposite gender, and they’re more likely to be approached. If you go out to a park, then be prepared to be bombarded with more people who approach you.

6. They Make Us Better

Owning a dog teaches us patience, compassion, love, selfless dedication, and much more. These are all the qualities that help us grow as a person and are useful in other relationships as well. If you own one, then you’ll slowly learn these qualities, and you’ll be a much more amazing person than you were before.

you need a dog
Their companionship is worth hours of therapy

7. They Keep Us Fit

If you own a puppy then you’ll learn the importance of going out for regular walks. You’ll wake up early in the morning and you may even start running with them. Your best friend will help you learn these great habits, regardless of what you want.

A dog needs exercise to stay healthy and as the owner, you’ll learn to provide them that exercise while improving your own personal health. 

A final note on why you need a dog in your life

These are some of the reasons why everyone should own a dog. There can be many more points added to this article, but it’ll take up a whole book to elaborate on the advantages of owning a dog.

If you feel like you could use some help, then do consider adopting one. Not only will they be given a new chance at a good life, but you’ll also feel good about yourself.

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