Your smart pre vacation check list

15 Mar, 2022

Your smart pre vacation check list

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What does your pre vacation check list look like? We all prepare for a vacation or holiday in various ways. Pet owners usually need to find a live in petsitter or housesitter. Keen gardeners sometimes want a plant sitter to take care of their precious blooms, especially if they are away in the Summer. Naturally there are more things to consider ahead of your trip away from home.

Read on to learn our recommendation for a smart pre vacation check list to help you get ready ahead of time.

A smart pre vacation checklist

pre vacation checklist
Vacations are more pleasurable if you prepare early with a pre vacation check list

If you’re going on vacation, make sure you’re prepared and you know what to pack for. That’s where a pre vacation check list comes in.

What is a vacation check list?

If you are leaving your home for a vacation or holiday or even business trip there are always a number of things you need to organise and prepare for your absence. Usually these are related to the protection and care for your property and pets.

What kind of plan do you need?

Make a plan for your home and pet safety. Be sure to keep all your things safe and and any precious items are locked away. Manage any routine deliveries, or collections ahead of time. You may also want to manage your use of energy while you are away.

And of course plan ahead to find for a pet sitter to care for you pets in their own home.

These steps may be considered the fundamentals of your pre vacation check list. However, there are many other things to consider perhaps closer to protecting your property while you are away – related damage, fire and theft. Read on to learn our top pre vacation check list items to protect your home:

The nitty gritty of your pre vacation check list

When you’re away from home, it’s important to make sure everything is safe and secure. This includes keeping your home clean, keeping your pets safe, and making sure you take care of your vacation property. If you have any concerns about a property or property state, it’s best to get more information before leaving. Some of the items to include in your pre vacation check list might include the following:

1. Safety doors

A properly installed deadbolt with keyless entry can deter opportunistic criminals who want to steal your valuables when you leave the house but lack sufficient time to complete a break-in.

Many homes are not equipped with this type of lockset due to expense. So anyone considering a home purchase must ask questions regarding these features.

Most homeowners will need an electrician to install or replace their deadbolts. Electricians can also rework wiring to convert the system into a “keyless entry”. This is a system where the homeowner no longer needs to carry a key.

2. Barn doors

Barn doors work great for pet protection. They are also helpful in securing the home against intruders. Barn door hardware consists of two side panels (or slides) which slide horizontally along tracks mounted to either side of the opening.

The tracks may be permanently affixed to the wall at regular intervals, or they may require screws or nails inserted by the installer.

It is now possible to use barn door hardware in many applications other than barns. Hardware kit for barn doors includes track, wall mounts, one pair of hangers, one pair of track stops, one pair of anti-jump blocks, one bottom guide, and installation instructions.

3. Anti-burglary devices

There are several types of anti-burglar devices available depending upon the number and size of people trying to enter your building. Examples include heavy-duty glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), steel mesh grates or metal door frame bars reinforced with wire netting.

These devices would prevent someone from being able to enter through the door themselves, and automatic door closers, which operate when someone tries to enter the room you’re in, effectively locking the door once closed.

Some of these systems come as part of a package deal with the door itself. These are fairly expensive, however, and most tend to be custom-made to fit very specific-sized openings.

4. Security cameras

You can use security cameras to monitor areas such as parking lots, garages, and even inside houses. Many people add these to their pre vacation check list for security.

In addition to monitoring the area around your home, security cameras can help protect your home if there is ever an intruder.

Place security cameras anywhere within range of a networked computer. There are many different kinds of security cameras available today. Some are wireless and others plug directly into power outlets.

vacation check list
An audio visual door bell can help you control access, and is a useful add on to the pre vacation check list

There are some cameras designed to be mounted high above ground level while others are designed to sit flush with the structure’s surface. Prices vary widely based on quality and features.

5. Fire sprinklers

Some states stipulate the use of fire sprinkler systems to provide fire protection for residential dwellings. Sprinklers are typically found in basements, attics, crawl spaces, and exterior walls.

Fire sprinklers are usually connected to a water supply line. When activated, a sprinkler head directs water onto the ceiling, floor, or walls of a particular space. If the fire spreads beyond the area covered by the sprinkler head, additional heads will activate until all parts of the dwelling have been protected.

Sprinklers are commonly used in schools, hospitals, office buildings and hotels. They are also used in apartment complexes, shopping malls, and industrial facilities.

6. Locks

home security system
Ensure you have lockable doors that work

Lockable doors are one of the best ways to keep out intruders. Locking doors also make it easier for anyone who lives at your residence to get in and out without having to break down a locked door.

The locks on your doors should be sturdy enough to deter burglars but easy enough for you to use. You may want to consider installing deadbolt locks instead of just using a standard lock. Deadbolts are more secure than standard locks because they require two keys to open them. One key unlocks the door from the inside and the other unlocks the outside.

A house is not only a place where we live but also a shelter for our family members and pets. Therefore, we must take care of our homes. It does not matter whether you own a small apartment or a large mansion, you need to ensure that your home is safe.

7. Find house sitters – a priority for your vacation check list

No pre vacation check list is complete without the need to find housesitters to care for your property and pets while you are away. Housesitters will care for your garden to ensure the property looks lived in and not abandoned. They will ensure that someone is in while you are out to repel unwanted advances from opportunistic burglars.

As we all know pets are better cared for in their own home, it minimises any disruption to their routine which means they are more relaxed and less likely to suffer separation anxiety while you are away.

licence for pet sitting
Housesitters are a must for the pre vacation check list to protect your pets and property in your absence

Join a housesitting network and find checked housesitters today

If you haven’t joined a housesitting and petsitting platform make sure you add that to your vacation check list as a matter of urgency. You can build a profile to attract experienced and popular housesitters. Then when you are ready to publish your vacation dates they can apply and you interview the applicants.

Once you have accepted the housesitter applicant you have chosen you make arrangements for them to come to your home and housesit caring for property and pets.

If you join the network the housesitter will not charge you. They work on the basis of an exchange of services offering free house and petsitting for free accommodation and an online review. It’s a real win win! Definitely one for the pre vacation check list…


A final word on the ideal smart pre vacation check list

As mentioned before, there are various things that you need to do to keep your home safe. However, there are certain precautions that you must follow to avoid any untoward incidents. For instance, you must always check your home regularly so that you could know about any possible threats.

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