Do I Need a License for Pet Sitting?

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Will I need a licence for pet sitting?

Do I need a licence for pet sitting? That’s a great question for pet sitters to ask. And for pet owners to consider when looking for a petsitting and petcare solution.

do I need licence for pet sitting
Become a petsitter and explore new options

Pet sitter ID and housesitter background check

Here at HouseSit Match, we have worked hard to create a safe and trusted space for our house sitters and home and pet owners.  As a petsitting and housesitting website we have a formal protocol we ask petsitters to follow:

  1. We ask every registrant to complete an online housesitter and petsitter application form.
  2. You need to provide key evidence necessary to prove your identity. At Housesitmatch we ask for two identity documents in order to do this. We process the documents online.
  3. We also ask for house sitters/pet sitters to have an up-to-date Verifile background check.  If you have police clearance in advance from your home country, this will save time during the application process. Otherwise we can help you get an up to date background check from your home country through our simple to use online process.

If you follow and complete these protocols then when you ask the question ‘Do I need a licence for pet sitting’ our answer is no!

Pet minding experience with or without a licence for pet sitting

The main characteristic that petowners want is that you love animals and are not afraid to be with them. The fact that you have looked after pets is also really important so you understand the importance of their feeding, cleaning and exercise routines.

If you want to be a professional pet minder then in some countries a licence is required, however, not in all.

In the UK there is NARPS, an association for pet sitters and dog walkers. They offer training programmes and a directory listing for an annual fee.

an ideal petsitter
An ideal petsitter loves animals

Pet sit and house sit experience

You don’t need a licence for pet sitting to have done a pet sit or even house sat before in order to apply for an assignment. If you are interested in learning all about ‘what is a house sit‘ to understand the full list of responsibilities then do a little research. Please note that every house sit/pet sitting opportunity has different requirements and duties.

However, if you are applying for a pet sitting role, knowledge and experience of caring for specific pets is clearly a valuable benefit!

Professional pet sitting services

If you are offering professional pet sitting services then you may wish to professionalise your approach to your work. You can apply for and take up insurance and certified training courses through recognised associations.

Dog sit

licence for pet sitting
If you love dogs pet sitting is a wonderful way to spend the time

If you want to be a pet sitter then take up a dog sitting assignment, show your love of dogs and experience. It is really important. You should also be fit enough to take the dog out for exercise. There are many specific requirements for a dog sitting assignment that are critical for you to be ready and able to deliver.

Dogs are intelligent creatures and most need stimulation and companionship. So an ability to play games and interact with the dog is essential. Most of all you mustn’t be afraid of the dog.

Sitters with house sitting and pet sitting experience

Some pet owners will specify they want a sitter with experience. For example, some large dogs may need handling. Or indeed a particular breed of dog may need a lot of exercise and stimulation, you need to be used to this kind of exercise and activity.

With every opportunity, petowners and homeowners may have multiple applications for the role, meaning that individuals with practical experience caring for animals may be more popular with owners.

do I need a licence for pet sitting?

Petsitting reviews

If you have completed a petsit assignment and you are able to secure a good client review, this is an excellent start. Gather as many of these reviews as possible in order to build a profile online.

This is where joining a pet sitting and house sitting website is a great help. They can offer an appropriate online space for you to build your profile and gather these reviews. Pet owners are usually reassured to see that you have been successful in you pet care experiences.

To find out more about House Sitting and Pet Sitting with HouseSit Match, visit our ‘About Us’ webpage, or you can begin the registration process straightaway here.

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