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Housesitting is defined as the temporary care and minding of domestic dogs is called dog sitting. Pet sitting for dogs is also called dog sit. It is an arrangement organised by the pet owner with a live in dogsitter to cover the absence of the dog owner. If your dog can’t come with you on holiday or work trip, you may find you need to leave your dog. So ask yourself, what is best for my dog. You may already have Googled to search for a ‘dog sitter near me’.

Trusted dog sitter offering in home dogsitting

dog sitting
Dogsitting can be a rewarding and an affordable solution

Increasing numbers of dog owners are choosing to keep their dogs in their own home. They find housesitters to do the dogsitting. They care for your pets at home when they go away or if travelling for extended periods. Dogs can be the perfect companions for seniors. But sometimes, the elderly might need some help in taking care of their dog. In such a case, finding a reliable pet sitter is of critical importance. You need someone with great references if you are going to hire that person to look after your parents’ pet.

With experts advising that dogs and cats prefer their home environments, Vet Matthew Bayliss gives us some top tips on how to prepare for the dog house sitter ahead of their arrival. These tips can help owners to prepare both the pets and the home.

Need a checked, reliable and experienced dog sitter?

Come the holiday season many dog owners started searching online, having checked that the dog walker isn’t free. While you may need someone just for an overnight stay, you may also be planning a long holiday away from home and your dog.

While searching for a reliable and experience dog sitter in who’s care you can leave your dog, you might start adding up the cost of the personal care this affords you. You  might also want to check out ‘what makes a great dog sitter’. We have many similar informative articles on our blog.

Dog sit – Keeping and caring for dogs is a responsibility

Whether you are a dog owner or a dog sitter looking after dogs is a responsibility. Make sure you observe behaviour to check that all is well. And make sure you have a local vet’s details to hand in case you suspect something is wrong. Have you considered alternatives to dog boarding? House sitters are an alternative. They can offer distinctive pet care in your own home plus they save you the fees you pay in professional pet care services.

Dog sitters near me

The first thing people start looking for online when they need dog minders is ‘dog sitters’ and sometimes they add ‘near me’. Another term people search for is ‘where can I find a house sitter’ as ‘housesitter’ has become a generic term for a person who is a live in house and pet sitter. Most pet parents prefer to see petsitters with background checks. What comes up in the search is a mix of dog and pet care advertisers from housesitting websites to doggy day care.

There are even petsitting and housesitting websites or similar to help you give your dog a Dogvacay tion!

Doggy day care which includes feeding, is another option and in towns and cities there might be similar solutions in your neighbourhood. However, the expensive experienced dog sitter offering day care and home dog boarding  might soon become too expensive. Whether you use a professional dog sitter full time or part time they charge by the house. If you are covering annual holidays and long work trips it might be an idea to consider alternatives solutions.

dog sitting
Puppy sitting is a popular dog sitting request

Dogsitting pet sitters make great companions for pet dogs

Pets and especially dogs love company and regular routines. This explains the increase in popularity of businesses in doggy daycare for dog sitting.

Experts agree that to keep a dog feeling safe and happy you need to maintain routines. This means timely feeding and exercise schedules, ideally with meals served at the same time every day.

Dogs in particular need their walks to be managed on a regular basis for exercise and distraction.

Pet sitting for dogs is one of the most popular requests for house sitters on As pets dogs need and love companionship. It gives them the attention and stimulation they need and often crave.

For young dogs in particular, having a live-in sitter while you are away helps ensure puppies are cherished with care. Their behaviour needs to be checked. This is doubly important if they are still training and learning the rules of the house.

The RSPCA has advice on how to train a puppy to be left alone. However, they also give advice that dogs thrive on play and companionship. They need distractions. So a live in dog sitter is an ideal playmate and a great kennel alternative.

Mature dogs also fair better at home where their routines and environment can be maintained. Housesitters help avoid the stress induced by a change of environment and routine.

Dogsitting Services for Happy Pets

Many dog owners use external support services to care for and tend their dogs. This happens whether they are away on holiday or travelling for work or simply walking the dog during the day. They search online for ‘dog sitter for holidays’ or ‘home dog sitter’.

At we have a variety of sitters with extensive experience caring for all kinds of dog breeds. Some people specialise in small dog breeds.

You can also find trusted dog sitters who are experienced with large dog breeds and are trained large dog handlers. Some people search online for ‘large dog sitter’.

When Housesitters register as members of a housesitting and petsitting network they offer their services for free in exchange for free accommodation. As the dog owner you would register as a homeowner.

dog minding
Dog walking is one of the services offered by dog sitters

Some of our petsitters have Pet First Aid qualifications and experience. Other sitters offer pet reiki and  alternative therapies which can be a great comfort to the pets and pet owners.

One of the most important dogsitting services is the companionship and one-on-one engagement with the dog which most dogs crave and need. Dogs are intelligent creatures. Some breeds demand stimulation and constant companionship. They find it hard to be left alone for hours. This is why dogsitting works. And hence the appeal of live in pet sitter services.

Leaving dogs on their own for many hours can cause the dog to behave badly out of sheer boredom and frustration. Some breeds suffer from this far more than others. Dog sitters care for and play to stimulate the pets to ensure a happy, active and occupied pet.

Dog house sitters

On  we have many experienced dog sitters offering their skills and experience in dog care in exchange for free accommodation. This can save you a lot of money compared to rover dog sitting rates.  By checking reviews and profiles online you’ll find an experienced dog minder. Dog sitters local to you might appeal to you, or perhaps someone from further afield who is checked by us and is used to home dog boarding and dog care.

Whether  as a dog owner you are planning a trip away for either a short or a long term the combined services of dog house sitters can be a reassurance and a comfort. Keeping dogs in their own home while your are away is one way of minimising any pet anxiety. Any bad behaviour could be due to a negative emotional state as advised by David the Dogman – a dog trainer for 50 years.

Finding suitable trusted dog sitters with the experience for your breed or size of dog gives peace of mind. They will care for both the home and dogs at home. Joining a housesitting website like Housesit Match will help you to find trusted house sitters who are also live in petsitters. Always look for a sitter with an up to date housesitter background check.

dog house sitter
Dog house sitters responsibilities can include playing with the pet dog

Choosing a petsitter

Dog sitters in owner’s home

If you find yourself in need and start Googling overnight pet sitting in my home, look no further. Having a sitter in your home is a fast-growing trend for pet owners to invite their dog sitters in to care for their pets.. It is the best and most cost-effective way to care for their dogs and other pets.

Finding pet loving dog sitters in a collaborative membership network where the pet sitting is an exchange, offers love and care your pets while you are away. And because the dog sitters on do not charge it is better value than professional sitters or other kennel alternatives. The dog minding is done because they love dogs.

Customer Testimonials

What our clients say about us on Trustpilot

Fabulous resource! Highly recommended

“I have always had wonderful house sitters from House Sit Match.

This time we are going on holiday at short notice. I was worried about finding someone quickly but within a day Lamia had emailed me with a possible match who I have subsequently met and she is lovely and a true dog lover.

I am delighted to say that she will be house sitting for us this Easter and looking after our lovely golden retriever, family cat and even my son’s snake.” – – Mary Leslie

Dog house sitting – a growing trend

pet dog
Dogs make great family pets

More and more pet owners are inviting dog sitters into their own home for dog sitting. They stay as live-in sitters while the pet owners go on holiday.

Dogsitting jobs near me

Equally if you are looking to find dog sit assignments you might search on Google for ‘dog sitting jobs’.

This dog house sitting arrangement has many advantages not least the fact that the family pet dog can be cared for in their own home, minimising any stress experienced by the absence of their family and main companions.

The housesitters through HouseSitMatch dog sit for free. They do this because they are members of the network. It will save your family a great deal of money in pet care fees. So consider having a live in dogsitter or petsitter when  you next go away from home.

It’s a win win arrangement for the dog owner and the dog sitter. The owner secures checked live sitters to care for their home and pets for free. This offers peace of mind when you go away. Moreover, it ensures significant cost savings for your holiday pet care arrangements.

The sitter secures free accommodation in exchange for their time and skills as sitters.

To find a checked live-in house sitter to care for your pet cat join HouseSitMatch today. Join as a homeowner it takes just five minutes, and if you need a little extra help with the technology. We can support you in real time. It’s a great way to find live in dog sitters. We’re here to help you!

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