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Want to earn 50% Commission?

As a Housesit Match affiliate you can earn up to 50% commission for New Members who take out Full Annual Membership…

Why House-Sitting?

House-sitting is growing global trend, attractive today because it offers home and pet care solutions, and affordable travel options.

Securing the services of a reliable and trustworthy house-sitter decreases the risk of theft, ask any insurance company or broker.

What is HouseSit Match?

HouseSit Match is a housesitting and petsitting social network dedicated to house-sitters, home and pet owners. You can join the Housesitmatch affiliate programme whether you become a house sitter or a homeowner in our network or just want to benefit and grown your revenues as we grow.

We offer peer-to-peer networking options for affordable travel and home care. This is how our users benefit and interact.

The HouseSit Match network was created to offer a safe and secure environment for homeowners and house-sitters to meet online, in order to make their house sitting arrangements. We now offer an exciting and rewarding HouseSitMatch Affiliate Marketing Programme as a thank you to our active members.

Who uses HouseSit Match?

  • House-sitters – offer their services as responsible, experienced and sometime professional house and pet-sitters in exchange for free accommodation for the duration of the house-sit assignment.
  • Homeowners – offer free accommodation in exchange for having responsible and experienced people care for their property or pets during their absence from home.


affiliate program

How to register as a HouseSitMatch Affiliate

1 – Register on the Housesit Match affiliate marketing program Page below.
2 – You are automatically given an Coupon Code and Unique HouseSitMatch Affiliate Link.
3 – When new registrants use your code you are credited with the sale and gain a % share of the sale value. The registrant will also get a discount on the purchase, so everyone wins.

How Much Can I Earn as a HouseSitMatch affiliate?

As a result of joining and actively marketing the Housesit Match  network you could earn up to 50% of each subscription you secure!

Our structured rewards ladder offers you for registrations counted against your affiliate code links:-

  • 10% Cashback – For 1-4 New registrations
  • 30% Cashback – For 5-19 New Registrations
  • 50% Cashback – 20+ New Registrations
    • Plus your own Free Premium Membership * * for one year

You earn a Free Premium Membership * *

Consequently, if you secure enough registrations / renewals you will earn a Featured position on the Homepage as either a Premium sitter or owner.

Prompt Automatic Payment

  • Quarterly payments of funds earned, from the date you join the programme.
  • When You Hit the Next Threshold, you can also receive your payment.

Your own Housesit Match Affiliate dashboard to track your unique Code Conversions

  • To see who has converted
  • Check when they converted
  • Count how much they spent against your affiliate code!

We believe this is a collaborative way to drive our network, and we hope it will encourage you join our Rewards Programme and by helping to support the growth of our network you earn real funds through our Cashback scheme.

And Here's How it Works
  1. Complete the Form
  2. Follow the Emailed instructions to set up your account
  3. Promote your special affiliate links using the advertising materials (Display advertising, banner advertising, text and email copy below) and start sending prospects from your web site using the following materials.


Step 1 – Start sending prospects from your web site using your unique links (you will receive these on registration).

  • Register in the form below to secure your own ID and links.
  • Remember to use these links in all your affiliate promotions, that way the system will know how to pay you.
  • Regularly check the links to ensure they work and are not broken.

Step 2 – Get Promoting

You can use any of our resources from the Housesit Match Affiliate Programme presented on the site (once registered you will have access to the creative library) to promote HouseSit Match. Please remember that your own text based recommendation are more effective than banner ads.

Especially relevant below there are some text ads, suggested feature articles (to give you content ideas). In the Marketing creative library you will find a selection of display and banner ads to use. It really helps to add your own personal touch. You can also use our Logo. Add content to your web site, blog or newsletters with articles.

We offer some of our own published articles for inspiration and research, however, please remember your content be original online, or you will be penalised by Google.

NB – With all our resources – remember to substitute your Housesit Match unique link in the resource box.

Articles and Content available for your use

For more content research and article ideas review the articles and blogs published and referenced in our Press page and Blog.

Use our Logo

Our logo is increasingly visible across the internet. Right click to save a copy to your hard drive for upload to your web site. Or download a high resolution image of the logo from our Press page. Remember to add the Housesit Match affiliate link.

Text Links

Text links have been found to be more effective than display or banner ads. Add the text below the logo and link to your unique Affiliate link.

Step 3 – Use our Blogs and Articles from the Press centre page as Reference for your Original Content.

Your articles must be original in structure and content, however, it is always useful to do some research and find out about other house-sitter and homeowner experiences.

Try to create rich and relevant content, full of the key search terms like: house-sitter, house-sitting, pet-sitter, pet-sitting, house care, house carer, home-sitting – no doubt you can think about the many terms we use every day to describe what we do. Using your own rich content will be very attractive to the search engines and that will help us all to benefit.

Once you have written your content you can submit your blogs and articles to online magazines and newspapers, ask for guest blog posts and so on.

Further reading from our blog posts

And here are some of our blogs that might be of use in giving you rich content and inspiration when you are preparing your content:

  1. TOP TIPS – A homeowner’s brief to a house-sitter
  2. TOP TIPS – To help you prepare for a dog sitter / house-sitter
  3. TOP TIPS – For Cat-Sitters and Cat-Owners
  4. TOP TIPS – Building the Homeowner and House-Sitter relationship
  5. VETS TOP TIPS – Vet Matthew Bayliss Says Relax Cat It’s Only a Sitter
  6. VETS TOP TIPS – Vet Matthew Bayliss On Preparing for the Pet House-Sitter 
  7. VETS TOP TIPS – Vet Matthew Bayliss Tips for House Sitters on Rabbit Care 
  8. BLOG – House-Sits Offer Free Accommodation 
  9. BLOG – A Personal House-Sitting Experience in Paris
  10. BLOG – House-Sitting in Spain – Pet Friendly House-Sitting Family

Step 4 – Write and Submit a Feature Article about House-Sitting for Publication – Don’t forget to Using your Affiliate Links.

The London Economic – Plans to Escape London or entrenched in Pet Sitting Arrangements?

The Good Life France – p 20-23 inc. Holiday in France, Like A Local

The Good Life France – p 32-33 inc. One Hour From Paris

Step 5 – Classified Adverts

Housesitmatch Affiliate
One of the adverts available for your use

House-sitters can save money, travel the world affordability, and live like locals in new cities and countries. Here is an example of a classified advert:

Live or Travel Rent Free

House-Sitters Urgently Needed

You can receive rent free accommodation for keeping homes and pets secure while the owners are away. This is a real opportunity, and it is more than just an opportunity. Thousands of homeowners are looking for responsible people world-wide to help protect their homes while they are absent. Could you help?

Click here for instant registration. With HouseSit Match

Please remember when you register as an Affiliate with HouseSit Match you will receive two requests to opt-in to our special affiliate news emails. Please remember to double opt-in, to ensure you get notification of our creative updates and handy blog articles. Thank you!

Step 6 – Display Adverts available for every HouseSitMatch Affiliate

Finally, use any or all of the display advertisements from our HouseSitMatch affiliate marketing creative library, on your website linked with your tailored link.

It’s as easy as that!

Join us today and start earning your HouseSitMatch Affiliate Rewards!

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